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+Saturn, in a cyclic or Return chart, can play a different role than it does in Natal charts or Progressed charts.  We tend to think of Saturn as a slow-moving director of trends that sensitize areas of our chart, setting the stage for other planets to engage in teaching us life-lessons.  However, Saturn can also be a typical trigger, a quick-hit artist, in life’s daily ‘reality checks.’  Such is the case in the trial of Ira Einhorn whom we have been covering in recent postings.  Let us look at his t/Moon-opposite-n/Saturn Return chart prior to the end of his trial for murder.


t/Moon in the 5th house opposes n/Saturn in the 11th house, both square to t/Neptune.  t/Saturn is on the Ascendant with n/Mars-n/MC.  Complex patterns can be broken down for consideration.

t/Moon-n/Saturn relates to the chances he took to avoid Saturn’s penalties and the emotional toll it placed on him.  Saturn in the 11th represents the community expectations for behavior.  The square to t/Neptune points to a struggle between the self-deception and the recognition of real-life penalties that Einhorn had tried to avoid.  But, t/Saturn-Asc.-n/Mars is active during this period in his chart.  First, Saturn is “doubled up.”  The interpretation for Saturn-Saturn is negative at best.  With n/Mars being part of the pattern, his past angry act of murder has come back to haunt him.

There is so much more in this chart.  How about n/Moon-IC; a doubled-up Moon which signifies his emotional state.  And, t/Mars-n/Neptune, doubling up both Neptune and Mars as they are in an angular house.  Wait, there is more!  t/Chiron-Desc. opposes the cluster at the Ascendant angle; t/Saturn, n/Mars, n/MC, n/Mercury.  Adjustments have to be made by Einhorn in how he rationalizes (Saturn) his angry (Mars) life (MC) and self-perception (Mercury).  His natal chart shows n/Chiron opposing n/Part of Fortune, he had fully resisted the changes that fate wanted to make in his life.  He cheated fate for two full decades by escaping to Europe and hiding there.  t/Sun-n/N.Node squares n/Chiron-n/PoF; a spot light is shown on his relationships with others.

Now, let us review an advanced chart for the date of his trial’s conclusion and sentencing.


In the intervening ten days the charts angles have advanced ten degrees for the MC, eight for the Ascendant.  n/Venus-Asc takes the stage on this date along with t/Moon-MC.  Venus is “balance”.  Moon is “un-balance” and change.

It is always interesting to look for these ‘conflicts’ in a chart.  They can tell us much.  Ira has to face the experience of ‘balancing’ his debts to society.  Note the broad opposition of t/Venus to n/Saturn.  This will involve emotional turmoil in accepting his imposed life-goals.  t/Mars conjoins n/Asc. in the 4th house; he is being attacked in a manner of speaking by a past-love-turned-sour.  The square to t/Chiron is close, and it represents the adjustments being forced upon him.  One small note.  In the Return chart, Saturn was ‘direct’ in its movement.  In the intervening ten days the t/Sun had moved ahead and t/Saturn was now retrograde.  Ira had just entered a four-month adjustment period, getting used to a life that was going nowhere, promised nothing, and denied almost everything that was ‘normal.’

Here is a hint about who will be the subject of the next blog series.Fat Albert



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