The Chart Mirrors Life; Life Mirrors the Chart

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I had given a hint about my next series of posts in my last post, BUT, something came up in the news.  I just had to explore and share this with my readers.  Newscasts provide so many great examples of astrology and life moving forward hand-in-hand.  Two days ago, May 30th, 2016 on Monday, two event occured involving Donald Trump, presumptive Republican Party nominee for President.  Let us first look at his recent t/Moon-opp-n/Sun Return.


Most notable in this chart is t/Moon-n/Moon near the IC angle with t/Moon-opp-n/Sun in the 4th-10th house axis.  The theme for this pattern involves a sense of personal concern about one’s public image.  Now, add the emotional power of the two Moon’s, and you have a worried man.

Secondly, note t/Jupiter-t/N.Node at the Asc. angle;  Jupiter represents expansion, N.Node indicates associations, the Ascendant portrays our stance in the world and attitude.  Here, Trump is feeling ‘larger than life’ and concerned about his connections to others and how that affects him, personally.  We can also note t/Chiron-t/Neptune-Desc.; presenting us with a pattern of trying to make adjustments (Chiron) under confusing situations (Neptune) that relate to reaching out to others.  In summary we might say, “this period will present emotional situations and concerns over managing his public image of remaining larger than life before the public while having to deal with confusing pressure from others while trying to make adjustments on the fly.”  Now, let us advance this chart to Monday, May 30th.


Two significant events occurred on May 30th, 2016 for Donald Trump.  Basking in the glow of being the presumptive nominee for Republicans as their future President (hopefully).   Advancing the Return chart to this date reveals some strong patterns that mirror what happened this day.

First:  documentation on the claims of fraud regarding the practices and claims of Trump University were released on Monday.  Promised course and educational content was not provided and many were induced into paying additional amounts of money beyond the initial contracts.  This was something that was of great concern to Trump.  He wished very much that this never came to light.  In order to obscure this image-damaging documentation, Trump engaged in some verbal slight-of-mouth.  Second:  Trump had a press conference in which he made statements, blatantly insulted various press-reporters, refused to answer many questions, and made statements that he wished to make.  When asked if this was the way he would conduct press conferences if he was President, Trump responded that it was and that the reporters should get used to it.  Obviously, these outbursts gathered a lot of attention but did not fully draw attention away from the Trump University documentation release.  Donald now had two big problems on his hands.

In the Advanced chart for this awkward day, first note that the chart’s MC had advanced to the n/Sun position; Trump’s character and intentions were in public view on this date.  Secondly, note that t/Chiron-t/Moon-Descendant points to making an emotional adjustment in how one relates to others.  Trump was very red-faced and noxious in his response to being asked “if this is the way he would run a press conference as President.”  Third, t/Mars is on the natal IC angle; defensiveness is the order of the day.

Fourth, t/Part-of-Fortune conjoins n/Mercury while n/Part of Fortune opposes n/Mars-n/Ascendant.  Remember that Mars at the Ascendant in the natal chart?  The two PoF’s involve Mars and Mercury and the Ascendant — all of which indicates angry words!

I normally do not pay much attention to trine-patterns.  Yet, here t/N.Node-Asc. trines t/Mercury trines t/Pluto.  We might see this as an intensity in using words to control what was said and hopefully reported.  Oh, everything was reported.  And Donald was on the bad end of all the publicity over the past two days.

This is very much a case of the chart and Trump’s life mirroring each other.  I promise I will get on on with the promised-hinted subject for the next posting series.  Dave

























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