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This is comedian and Movie-TV actor Bill Cosby in his younger years.  He has been a house-hold name for much of my whole life. Not that I ever particularly watched his TV shows.  But, he was always present.  One of his created cartoon-real life characters that was popular was Fat Albert — a picture is Fat Albertshown at the left.  This was another Cosby creation that I seemed to miss out on due to my work schedule as my wife and I raised a young family.  What I do remember of Cosby were his radio comedy skits, particularly the one where he was himself as a young kid playing the role of a submarine Captain, and flushing the bathroom toilet to simulate the launching of a torpedo.  In any case, I am going to explore a few events in Bill Cosby’s life through astrological charts.  I will start with a brief look at his natal chart.













Bill Cosby has Aries rising, Capricorn culminating in his natal chart cast for July 12, 1937 at 12:30 AM, Germantown, PA.  Given the range of creative projects he has engaged in during his life and the single-minded manner he has demonstrated while pursuing educational degrees and managing his many business interests, the Aries and Capricorn influence is obvious.

Cosby’s Sun is in the 4th house, indicating strong family ties, values growing from childhood experiences, and one who builds on what prior experiences have provided.  This is a sensitive, emotional position for one’s Sun, supporting a caring persona.  The need for acceptance is strong, contrasting with a tendency to take everything as ‘personal’ praise or a ‘personal attack.’  Building walls around oneself is a natural instinct, but this leads to a denial of needed contact with others. Any expression of kindness by others easily breaks down his walls, while any slight can just as quickly build them up again.

The fourth house placement of the Sun requires a measure of privacy be maintained.  This helps to maintain a personal perspective on live needed for daily navigation through life.  With Mercury close to the Sun, Cosby has a curious and inventive mind and makes everything into a learning experience.  The opposition of Jupiter denotes large objectives and a wish for success.  Optimism and hope are drivers in life but restlessness and limitations brings depression and frustration.

To support his optimism and seeking of opportunities in life, Cosby has Sun in trine aspect to Mars, providing energy and self-confidence.  The Sun-Neptune sextile folds in imagination and dreams.

Cosby’s Virgo Moon adds to his natural sensitivity and shyness (shyness is something he has overcome, obviously, through his show-business experiences) and tendency to not share his feelings openly and freely.  At the current point in his life, it will be interesting to discover what has totally turned-off or turned-around his expected Moon expression.  The natural avoidance of demonstrating warmth with others is counter to his public personal that has been shown through his public image on TV and in the film industry.  The deeply critical nature of his Virgo Moon has remained, being shown through the themes of his creative shows and public service messages.

The sixth house Moon placement is shown through his TV character’s roles as ‘primary supporter’ and ‘fixer-upper’ of other’s personal problems.  The closeness of Moon to Neptune provides a sensitivity and ‘magical aura’ around his public image.  The Moon’s trine to Uranus is most often seen in some of the whacky characters he has created for his video presentations and books.  Fat Albert is a great example of this unique expression as a character.

I find the Sun-Mercury-Pluto combination in the fourth house particularly interesting. This combination points to one who is willful in their thought patterns, can visualize an end-result as a logical conclusion of expected steps-to-take.  This ability helps to take on large, complex projects with great assurance of success.  The negative side is that ‘self-centeredness’ and obsessive

Venus in Gemini fits with an outgoing personality and socialability.  The square to the Moon is problematic in that one’s personal needs and sensitivities can conflict with one’s likes and physical desires.  Disastisfaction, small irritations in how others relate to you, changes in his behavior are all complex and hard to understand — his quirks disturb both him and others, and can cause him personal discomfort in his relationships.

For someone with Aries rising, Mars in Scorpio is important to understand.  Strong-willed and passionate approaches to life’s experiences is the norm.  Others may find it hard to influence you once your course of action is decided upon.  Often your thoughts and plans are not explained to others, you expect them to just follow you.  If others don’t wish to follow you, manipulation is your way of dealing with them.  Since Mars is in the seventh house, you can see others as offering a personal challenge.  Do you charm them or batter them?  Fortunately, Mars sextiles Jupiter, so Cosby tends to convince them to do things his way.

Speaking of Jupiter, Jupiter’s position in the 10th house is advantageous for Cosby.  I have noted the Sun opposition and the perspective it gives him in recognizing opportunities.  Jupiter is also in a ninth house phase relationship with Saturn, conveying a ‘business-like’ approach to life in which everything is managed.  With Saturn in the 12th house, Cosby’s business acumen is not publically seen, but it is there.

One small ‘fly in the ointment’ issue is his Part of Fortune on the Moon’s South Node.  This can denote harmful changes in how he relates to others on a personal level, especially since this squares the Moon.  We can expect this to show up at random periods in his life as a ‘social upheaval’ event.  Projects can end or stop because of a personal problem.
Cosby is currently a big news item because of the accusations by many women of sexual misconduct involving them over a long period of time.  That will be addressed at some point.  We have to recognize that the public has seen him for decades as a comedian, as a TV dad with a large family — this show promoted strong family values and was a popular guide and image for many families in America as well as in other countries.  He was a serious academic, gaining a bachlor’s degree from Temple University, a Master’s and Doctorate from U-Mass.  He developed educational programs combining TV-video, books and instructional material.  He was a comedian and a film actor.  He accomplished a lot.  We will look at some of these activities in following posts.  Dave.





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