Cosby: When ‘Private’ Becomes ‘Public.”

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Bill Cosby’s public image has long been solid and admired by the American public. While many of us who are older recall his days in comedy, most remember him for his role as head of the Huxtable family on TV that dealt with a host of on-going family problems.  Much of the show took place in the family living room on a long couch.  Show characters would leave and enter through the front door or up the stairs.

Huxtable family

Between his TV shows, educational programs, comedy and movies, Cosby was associated with being a solid role model for family values.  Imagine the shock and public dismay as rumors of sexual misconduct began to hit the newscasts.  With that news came background stories of many women with claims of being taken advantage of, others stories of hush-money and quiet deals to suppress allegations by women, recent and in the past.

We will commence the review of Cosby’s charts for Dec. 30, 2015 when he was arrested and charged with Indecent Assault.  We will start, for this posting, with a Diurnal chart.  Diurnal charts are one of the more simple predictive tools that we can utilize.  The natal chart, for locations at/near the birth locality or for a relocated place if one has moved, is the basis.  We construct a transiting chart for a given date/year, using the time taken from the birth chart.  A bi-wheel chart is then constructed and referred to.

What does a Diurnal chart do, show?  Retaining the birth time, but defining a new date for the Diurnal chart advances the natal chart angles at about one-degree per day.  This rate of advance is actually 360 degrees in 365.25 days.  If we pick a date in any year that is 90 days following one’s birth day, the Diurnal chart will have advanced some 89 or 90 degrees at the MC.  The transiting planets will be shown in their proper place for that date.  The following Durnal chart for Bill Cosby on Dec. 30, 2015 will be examined.  This date is some 5 1/2 months after his birthday.  The MC will have advanced somewhere around 5  1/2  to 6 signs from its 11 degrees Capricorn position.

BCDiurnal12-30-2015arrestThe Diurnal chart is shown in the outer ring.  The MC has advanced from 11 Capricorn to 14 Cancer. The planets in the outer ring are transiting planets.  We can note several simple factors in this chart.

  • t/Sun is approaching an opposition point to n/Sun.  The end of each year will always represent a challenging time for Cosby.  Because his n/Sun is at the natal IC, not only will the Sun’s oppose each other at the end of any year, transiting Sun will oppose natal Sun as well.
  • t/Uranus at n/Asc.; his very individuality, quirks and eccentric actions have come to the fore, have been revealed in the light of day.
  • t/Moon has conjuncted n/Moon; One fears and vulnerabilities are foremost in his mind.  Both natal and transiting Moon are opposed by t/Neptune at 7 Pisces, and part of the natal Neptune grouping.  Fantasy, deceit and rumors abound.
  • t/PoF conjoins n/PoF; a sure sign of chaos.
  • And, to cap it all off, diurnal/MC opposes t/Pluto.  A public transformation will occur.

So, there we have a Diurnal chart.  It is all very appropriate.  One capable astrologer, who is a close friend, runs Diurnal charts for every chart she runs.  This, along with Solar Arc directions, using the 90 degree wheel, are her two predictive tools.





















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