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Cosby SR JIn this posting we will again be looking at Bill Cosby and his arrest on Dec. 30, 2015 — except that this time we will be using a precession-corrected Solar Return for July 13, 2015 as the base-chart and we will advance the chart using the “PSSR” approach developed by Cyril Fagan as part of his Sidereal practices.  These charts are cast in the tropical zodiac.

In the last posting a Diurnal charting method was used to look at the Dec. 30, 2015 arrest of Bill Cosby for indecent assault.  Above is Cosby’s 2015 Solar Return chart.  The natal chart is shown inside, the transits outside.  This is a powerful chart !  Note that the n/MC is at the MC angle, the n/Asc. is at the Asc. angle.  Whenever a natal chart’s angles realign with the Solar Return chart’s angles we are dealing with a “born-again” chart.  Now, note that Cosby was born in 1937.  Every 39 years, if one remains at or near the birth location, the Solar Return angles will return to the natal chart’s angles.  This also can happen in/near the 78th year.  In mid-2015, Cosby was 78 years old.  Since many of us move about over the course of a life time, it is possible, even likely, that our Solar Return angles can re-align with our natal chart angles at any time.  This is something to watch for.  A couple of years ago, I reach a search on Astro-Databank for people who had died in their 39th year.  After a couple of minutes my printer started printing without stopping.  I shut it off after 500 names of well-known people had been listed.  So, this was going to be a very eventful year for Bill Cosby!

t/Uranus is on the Asc.; Upsets and challenges will help define his individuality.  t/Mercury and t/Mars at the IC;  angry words and actions will affect his stability in life.  t/Pluto in the 10th, 6 degrees from the MC; transformation, harshness and intensity will be part of his life’s focus in this year.

Once we have a Solar Return before us, the question becomes “when will something happen?”  I have long advocated the use of RIYAL as the best software for calculating Solar Returns and in-between daily charts.  One of the unique features of RIYAL is a “hit list” for the annual period starting with the Solar Return, such as is shown below.

Date-Hit List

This is a portion of the annual Hit List produced on-screen by RIYAL.  Note in this example that Jan 3, 2016 is highlighted.  This is not important for our use here.  Note the information given:  Date, Progressed Moon Position, progressed MC position, progressed ASC position, ARMC in degrees, and any angular “hits” on any given date.

The user can highlight Dec. 30th, 2015.  Upon doing so, a “pop-up dialog box” will ask you what type of chart you want for that date — a bi-wheel with the transiting angles aligning the chart, a bi-wheel with the natal angles aligning the chart, or just a transit chart.  I chose the transiting angles as a chart aligning choice.  The following chart popped up.

BC SR 2015 001

This is the Dec. 30, 2015 progressed daily angles chart which is derived from the Solar Return.  In the 5 1/2 months since the Solar Return, the MC has advanced from 7:51 Capr. to 6:34 Leo.  This moved the natal MC from near the Solar Return MC to the 3rd house position where it is midway between t/Sun and t/Pluto — more signs of upheaval occurring on this date.

There is one factor which this chart, or any other chart calculated by any other software will not show you.  This is what I call the “CD” point.  The CD or co-descendant point is determined by taking the Asc.-to-MC arc (84 degrees in this case) and applying it to the MC position in the direction of the 7th house.  Subtracting 84 degrees from the MC position of 6 Leo will place the CD point at 12 Taurus where it conjoins n/Uranus!  What does the CD point mean?  The CD is where “life” intrudes upon you, unasked, uninvited, unexpected.  In this case disruption, surprise and individuallity-defining events will happen.

In the past several days — note the Asc. is 3 degrees past t/Mars, Desc. is 10 degrees past n/Asc., MC is 8 degrees past n/Pluto, the IC is 9 degrees past t/Mercury — a lot of activity was conducted on the legal front as lawyers made the cases, pro and con.  However, it was on this day that the Judge ordered Cosby’s arrest.  Since t/Uranus-at-the-Asc. was so important in the Solar Return chart, it is only fitting that n/Uranus be contacted and activated by the CD point in this daily chart.

Unlike the recent emphasis on t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return charts where rapid movement and mutliple planets seem to be the rule, the Solar Returns and their progressed daily angle charts (which advance about 1.25 degrees per day) seem to offer only a few planets at angles for us to base our interpretation on.  With all Return and cyclic charts, it is most important that we keep in mind the context of the subject’s life.  Even if only one or two factors are evident, they offer deep meaning (as well as ‘timing’ ) if we keep the person’s life context in mind.  

In a following post, we will look at this event date using another form of cyclic charting.  For those who are interested in Solar Returns and how to use them to find event-dates during the coming year, I urge you to investigate RIYAL, and to check back through the archives of this site.

I’ll leave you with on more nugget of information about Solar Returns.  Over the course of the year, from on Solar Return date to the next Solar Return date, the Sun will advance the 360 degrees of the zodiac circle.  However, the MC will progress faster, some 450 degrees (360 degrees plus 90 degrees).  Remember our 1/4 extra day each year that we save up and use as part of “leap year?”  The MC progresses-advances 5/4’s of a circle to the Sun’s 4/4’s of a circle.  This results in some interesting phenomena.  The Solar Return MC will reach its opposition point in 4 months and 3 weeks (with some variation).  This date will often prove to be a ‘challenge’ point for you.  At 9 months, 2 weeks, the MC will return to its prior Solar Return position.  This date will often be a time or resolving any challenges or a time of celebration.  With a Sept. 13th birthday, I find that early February often brings difficulties into my life.  I used to go on vacation at that time of the year to avoid them.  Early June is often a great time of the year for me.  You should check this out for yourself.






















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