Now, For Some Confusion

The previous post used a precession-corrected Solar Return for 2015, cast for Bill Cosby.  This chart was progressed or advanced using Cyril Fagan’s system which more-or-less alots 1.25 degrees per day between the Solar Return date and any event date in the following year.  The actual amount of advance is technically determined by subtracting the Sidereal Time of the earlier Return from the Sidereal Time of the latter Return and adding 24 hours.  This results in something like 30 hours of calculated time.  This equates to a day’s full revolution (360 degrees) plus a quarter-day of revolution (our leap-year value) to obtain some 450 degrees of advance.  For any day between Solar Returns, we proportion the time or the distance to get a daily MC value.

In this posting we will use another approach to advancing a Solar Return which is advocated by Marion March and Joan AMcEvers in their book series, “The Only Way To Learn Astrology.”  They advocate using the actual shift in MC position from one Solar Return to the next Solar Return as the total amount of possible MC advance in one year.  This distance is proportioned to any event date between the bracketing Solar Returns.  I should note that they use Tropical zodiac, not-precession-corrected Solar Returns.  The two Solar Returns for 2015 and 2016 are shown below for Bill Cosby.
BCSR2015tropicalThis is Cosby’s 2015 Tropical Solar Return. The MC is at 21d26m Scorpio.








This is Cosby’s 2016 Tropical Solar Return. The MC is at 14d09m Aquarius.







According to March and McEvers, we need to divide the difference between the MC positions, which is 82d43m.  We divide by 365.25 days (in the astronomical year) and end up with a value of .2264658 degrees per day.  From July 11, 2015 to Dec. 30, 2015 there is a difference of 172 days.  We multiply .2264658 by 172.  This is the value of the MC position we want for Dec. 30, 2015.  We are looking for 270d23m08s or Capricorn 0d23m.  This chart is shown below.













We take note of the t/Sun near the chart’s MC and also the natal MC position.  This points to one’s career and public image being subject to scrutiny.  t/Sun squares n/Saturn, as it does in any of Cosby’s charts for this day.  The progressed SR Asc. is near t/Uranus, showing surprises and changes coming his way.  Cosby also has a Lunar Return on this day, a condition that would be shown in any form of Return or Daily chart.

  • At this point we have reviewed a Diurnal chart for Cosby’s arrest.
  • We have looked at a Moon-to-Sun Return and Advanced chart for his arrest.
  • We have looked at a precession-corrected Tropical Solar Return and Advanced chart for the date of his arrest.
  • Now, we are looking at a not-corrected Tropical Solar Return and Advanced chart for the date of his arrest.

We could look at Progressed charts or Solar Arc Directed charts.  However, what we are dealing with here is the usefulness of various chart methods to see which one is easiest to read and offers symbolism that describes, for each of us, the events of the day.  Which would you choose to use?  The one type of chart we haven’t used so far is a non-corrected Moon-to-Sun Return.  We also have not used a t/Moon-to-n/Saturn Return chart.  We can look at any other form of chart that the reader wishes to suggest.  The problem with comparing chart types is that we might be faced with having to change our mind about which is the better one for us.  Dave.






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