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Cosby arrested

Bill Cosby’s arrest for Indecent Assault has been the subject for these several views using different astrological charting methods.  In this post, the now-familiar t/Moon-n/Sun Return format will be used. Pictured to the left is the actual arrest, Dec. 30, 2015.

The t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return of Dec. 26, 2015 is shown below.


t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return, 4th house has a theme ofOne’s home or personal values are open for assessment or negotiation.  Support comes from a team or another close to you. . . work and home life merge or create conflicts in resources or efforts.  How to balance public life to suit one’s personal life. 

Most notable in this chart is the natal angles realigning near the Return’s angles. This is like a mini-rebirth, one will face a new ‘life potential’ a significant change in how their life’s direction proceeds.  Take special note of this ‘return of the natal angles’ to the chart’s angles.  This pattern occurs in precession-corrected Solar Returns in one’s 39th and 78th year.  In those cases, I have hundreds of charts in which the subject has either died in one of those two years or has escaped death or has gone on to do something notable with their life.

With t/Uranus-Asc., excitement and sudden changes will affect Cosby on a personal level. Also note that t/Moon-n/Sun opposes t/Pluto-t/Mercury;  allowing for the general place-ment of t/Pluto, we have a doubled up Mercury-Pluto combination on the vertical axis! The only way to interpret this, in the context of all the allegations of sexual drugs and rape at this time, is that life-changing, devastating, irrevocable news will be forthcoming for Cosby.  t/Mars in the 7th has been contacted by t/PoF; Cosby will be ‘attacked’ or challenged in some way.   Let us look at his advanced chart for Dec. 30th, 2015.


Four days later than the Return chart, the angles have advanced.  We find t/Sun-MC, n/MC, t/Pluto claiming the spot light.  Career, public image, dignity, reputation and catastrophic change is all suggested for this day.

Asc. conjoins n/Asc., t/Uranus — all squaring the n/Sun; Changes in Cosby’s daily life experience affects his reputation with sudden impact.  t/Mars-Desc. adds to his being charged or attacked, depending upon how you want to shape this event and situation.

Note the Solar Eclipse of Sept. 13th and Lunar Eclipse of Sept. 28th, both in the prior months to this Return and Advanced chart.  The Solar Eclipse highlights his social contacts with others and how he utilized them.  The Lunar Eclipse links into n/Saturn and his sense of self-constraint.  The sextile aspect to n/Venus points to this being on his mind, perhaps as a conflict that he couldn’t resolve.  Note the broad conjunction of t/Venus and t/Saturn opposing n/Venus and trining n/Saturn.  Apparently he was quite aware of what he was doing, that it conflicted with his values, but he kept of doing it in spite of the internal conflict.  In this broad sense, he may be no different from many others who have to battle their personal demons day-by-day.  Yet, this battle was such that his choices of how to conduct himself should have been very different.  The price that he was paying was far less than what his victims were paying.

This is one astrological view of these charts and this situation.  The upcoming trial will define the actual nature of this situation.  At that time, we will see how the truth from the trial lines up with the astrological indications.  Dave.













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