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There have been several approaches in my recent postings to viewing the singular event in comedian Bill Cosby’s life — his arrest on Dec. 30, 2015 for indecent assault.  After decades of projecting himself as a ‘goody-two-shoes’ overly nice character, a darker side of Cosby has emerged through the claims of sexual mis-conduct by very many women.  How that plays out is yet to be determined in the courts.

In this posting, the use of midpoints will be briefly considered.  Midpoints are complex and time consuming to process compared to Moon-to-Sun Returns — one has to do some ‘work’ in order to use them. Below is a ’90 degree wheel’, a device that has been used for decades by those who emply midpoints in their astrological practice.   This is merely a 360 chart wheel ‘folder over’ into quarters so that 90 degrees are portrayed.  The first 30 degrees represent Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, the second 30 degree segment covers the fixed signs, the last 30 degrees covers the mutables.  The natal planets are shown on the inner ring, solar-arc prog’d planets on the outer ring, the transits for Dec. 30, 2015 have been marked within the 90 degree wheel.


For quick and easy tracking and predictive purposes, we have a whole different situation here with this type of charting.  In an earlier posting, Cosby’s natal chart was looked at.  Using his ‘midpoint’ view of the chart, I have extracted five patterns that represent the most exact patterns to open this discussion.  The notes offered are taken directly out of Ebertin’s ‘Combination of Stellar Influences” book.

  • Pluto = Mars/Saturn (0d, 01m)  Brutality, rage, injury, harm.
  • Mercury = Sun/Pluto (0d, 05m)  Intellectual supremacy, prudence, objectivity, orator.
  • Mercury = Venus/N.Node (0d, 05m)  Discussion of love issues with others, making contact, love union.
  • Saturn = Moon/Pluto (0d, 09m)  One sided emotional life, inhibitions, mental and emotional suffering.
  • Saturn = Mercury/Neptune (0d, 09m)  Dark thoughts, pessimistic, egotistic ideas, morbid sensitivity.

These are the ‘closest to exact’ midpoints in his natal chart.  By themselves, the capture quite a bit of the Cosby character that we have come to know.  Positive patterns point to his mental acuity as a comedian and his ability to touch others with his words.  His TV shows were in a family setting and dealt with interrelationships and being sensitive to the needs of others.  Now, contrast that with some of the negative indicators.  These are the issues we didn’t readily see in his public life, yet the news tells us of situations that can be the result of these.  A one-sided emotional life, inhibitions, mental-emotional suffering; these all fit with the act of seeking physical contact with others — although not by drugs and coercion.  Dark thoughts, pessimism, egotistical ideas, morbid sexuality (all as found in Ebertin’s book) would fit with the many claims that have brought him to this point in his life of investigation into his sexual conduct.

It takes some time to cast and review midpoint charts for just these few selected items.  If we look at the Solar Arc progressions to the natal planets (looking for only very close to exact patterns) we might note the following. (** Ebertin doesn’t include Chiron in his book).

  • Sun = Moon/Pluto (0d, 007m)  Sensitive nature, exciteable.
  • Mars = Neptune/MC (0d, 00m)  Act without a clear understanding, bring wrong ideas into reality.
  • Saturn – Sun/N.Node (0d, 03m)  Lack of adaptability, reserve, inhibitions.
  • Neptune = Moon/Chiron (0d, 03m)  Uncertainty over needed emotional adjustments.**
  • Pluto = Neptune/N.Node (0d, 09m)  Exercising bad influences onto others.  Upset over anti-social conduct by others.
  • Asc = Mars/N.Node (0d, 10m)  Personal contacts made/sought with others.
  • Asc = Jupiter/MC (0d, 05m)  Seeking a happy relationship, harmony, sociableness.
  • Chiron = Moon/Asc (0d, 04m)  Seeks to modulate personal relationships, sensitivity.
  • Chiron = Venus/Pluto (0d, 07m)  Adjusting situations relative to ideas of love and controlling relationships. **
  • N.Node = Pluto/Asc (0d, 04m)  Sharing destiny with another, entering into unusual situations.

By now, we are realizing that there is a lot of detailed work to be done when using midpoints.  They are revealing, and accurate.  But, you don’t just casually pop them up onto your computer screen and immediately see what the story is.  We can fit much of the above into our ideas about Bill Cosby but some we can’t.  We know him through his public image, but we don’t really know him.  So, we have to be more careful here in what we say or assume.

Looking at the transiting planets for that day (but not the midpoint structures between the transiting planets) that might directly contact other planets, we can note the following:

  • t/Mercury, t/Mars contacts n/Uranus; Angry words, accusations bring upset/change.
  • t/Moon is close to solar arc Venus;  Emotions and reactions to relationships.
  • t/Chiron contacts solar arc Neptune;  Ideals and fantasies need to be reassessed.
  • t/N.Node contacts n/MC;  Associations with other affects one’s public image.

The transits are easier to deal with.   When working with midpoints, one has lists of all the combinations of planets to look at and mentally assess.  If looking at a span of time, the 90 degree wheel can be moved forward or backward, and then one has to search for new midpoints that come into being for that date.

The Pro’s and Con’s of using midpoints.  The good thing is that they many combinations present clear messages — the bad thing is that the number of messages is often hard to combine into an interpretation.  The bad thing is that there are too many possible or likely combinations to look at.  Unless you seek out exact or close to exact combinations (as I have done above), you don’t know where to start.

Astrologers who use midpoints often do their preparation work before the client comes in for a consultation.  That’s nice.  But, what happens if the client take the conversation in a whole new and unexpected direction?  Is that preparation work wasted.  Time is money.  Will a client pay for the time required to prepare for a consultation?  Does the astrologer have the time to devote to that client on that date?

We have to be very selective in matching our astrological tools to our practices and expectations.  Dave.











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