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Donal Trump photo 4Our local news sources offer us many opportunities to practice or study astrology. Last weekend, on July 2nd, Donald Trump again found himself in the middle of a news mess.  He had used a illustration of Hillary Clinton face, superimposed on a field of money, with a six-pointed red star in a tweet sent to a racist fringe group.

DT tweet image

This was quickly picked up by a number of special interest groups and labeled as being anti-semetic.  The red, six-pointed star was seen as being the Star of David.  This was immediately reacted to by all sides in the political arena.  The issue was highlighted by Trump’s people removing the illustration from the tweeted message, and by Trump saying that it should have been left there and that it was easily defended.  All of this, of course, extended the news story and displaced any ‘political’ messaging of the campaign.

Let us look at his t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return charts. *** t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return for July DTMtoS7-02-2016anti-semetic2nd, 2016 has Moon-to-Sun in the 4th house; “Promoting yourself, changing your personality, making an effort to work through a transition, . . . expanding one’s place or the integration of past and future conditions. . . something ends, something starts.” This is taken right out of the book. This fits with his tweet showing Hillary Clinton’s face on a back ground of money with a message within a six-sided start. Everyone jumped all over this as an anti-semetic statement. The fact that it was initially tweeted to a right-wing extremist fringe group gave it’s anti-semetic flavor some credence. Looking further at his Return chart (which sets the theme for the following two weeks) we find t/N.Node at the Desc. and n/N.Node near the IC — both will be activated by the advancing angles in a couple of days. This interprets, within this type of chart, to “fundamental changes brought into relations with a group of associates (or population segment). Since N.Node is conjunct n/Sun, his ability to connect with others (the Art of the Deal, etc.) is at play here. We can’t consider the Desc. angle without considering his natal Asc.-Mars combination — he tends to be very combative and aggressive.

Since he is a businessman, we should note his n/Jupiter approaching a phase-angle square to n/Saturn. Jupiter is close to leaving the ‘Crescent phase (45 to 90 degrees ahead of the slower-moving Saturn) which indicates that he will be fighting to leave his generation’s status-quo and parental values behind him. The next Activist phase (90-135 degrees) indicates he will be engaging in struggle against the normal way of conducting one’s business life. With t/Jupiter conjunct t/N.Node at the Desc., we can see that his business persona (does he have any other persona?) is linked to how he treats others. Note also that the n/Moon opposes this Moon-Sun Return position, adding a great deal of emotional content to the period in his life. Emotions equate to haste and reaction.

The tweet has been taken down. There has been no official comment — the campaign often ignores bad feedback and lets it die down (hopefully). In any case, it has had a terrible response from specific groups who take offense to these remarks (like 90% of the population).

DTAdv7-0-2016anti-semeticLet us look at his Advanced chart for July 4th. The chart is posted below. The angles have advanced in two days time such that t/N.Node-Desc. and n/N.Node-IC are more-or-less exact; difficulties in how one’s basic values are imposed on others causes conflict.

Note t/Neptune and t/Part of Fortune at the Asc.; his personal actions are at the root of this confrontation. t/Jupiter-t/N.Node squares t/Pluto in the 11th; community relations take on a personal color. (Note that all of the hard aspects in the sky above us really do come down to haunt us on a daily, highly visible basis.) Since Trump’s Asc. (how he tends to act) conjoins n/Mars, let us look at t/Mars — which squares his n/Asc-n/Mars! He is in a combative mood these days. The natal Mars-square-Part of Fortune does not help his cause — he tends to be reckless. Finally, note t/Mars opposes n/MC. Fighting for what is his is his current mode of action.

I would expect this issue will go on for a few days due to the angles having to yet advance to his n/Moon position. At that point t/PoF will advance and conjoin t/Uranus. Look for a strong reaction at that point.

As a point of information, keep in mind that Trump has ‘loaned’ his campaign millions of dollars. In the past he has taken donations and used them to pay back his loan to himself. Tricky. NOW, those who would normally donate to his general campaign are holding back since they believe their money would go directly into Trump’s pocket and not be used to promote his candidacy. Consequently, Trump is broke in terms of campaign financing and cannot produce advertising that counter the attack ads that Clinton is pouring upon him during this period. No wonder his polls are going down, hers are going up. This is why he is using social media to gain attention. Rallies and tweets are what he is depending upon. With n/Uranus in the 3rd, he may well have to continue in this mode for awhile.

With Trump’s birth data being readily available, and his volatile comments coming to us so frequently, he is an excellent example of a news-figure providing us astrologers with plenty of substance to study.  Hillary Clinton is also highly news-worthy,  Her birth time is in question — an evening or a morning birth? — so, I’ll have to do a little study on her two charts to see which fits.  Then, we can use her news stories to provide an interesting set of charts for study.



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