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The news broke early this morning.  Tom Brady, quarterback of the New England Patriots football team, was turned down on his effort to appeal a finding by the National Football League Commissioner.  Brady was determined to be guilty of tampering with the pressure of footballs used in the play-off game in the 2014-2015 season.  Roger Goodell issued a four-game suspension for Brady.  This was taken as a personal insult to Brady and to the Patriot’s team.  The cold weather during that play-off game has been demonstrated to account for the small amount of deflation found in the game balls.  The Patriot’s won that game in the last few seconds of regulation time due to a interception at the goal line.

The natal chart of Tom Brady is available from a number of sources,  the charts used here are relocated to Boston, Massachusetts, the area where the Patriots are based.  There seem to be two or three news reports each day involving people whose birth dates can easily be found on the Internet, through Wikipedia, or from one of the astrological databases.  In those cases where a birth time is not known, a ‘noon’ chart can be used with t/Moon-to-n/Sun Returns.  The resulting chart’s MC will be within 15 degrees of the MC of a known birth time chart due to the ratio of movement between the faster Moon and slower Sun.  Below is Tom Brady’s most recent t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return.


This July 6, 2016 Moon-to-Sun Return in the 12th house has a theme which my book relates to “Shaping the future . . . advocating for public service or policies . . . wrapping up a joint endeavor with others. . . . being isolated or working alone behind the scenes.”  The appeal by Brady and the Players Union against the Commissioner was not heard, in effect, keeping a lower court’s ruling in place.  Brady would have to sit out four games.

A most important feature in this Return chart is the n/Ascendant at the IC angle.  When natal angles are found at Return or Cyclic chart angles, a significant situation is indicated.  The n/Asc. indicates one’s natural personality and attitude.  Found at this chart’s IC angle, we can infer that Brady will have to face a new situation that will require him adapting his attitude.  The chart shows that the recent Solar Eclipse position opposed t/Jupiter-t/N.Node.  Jupiter can be an uncertain symbol to interpret — it does represent legalities and courts, the opinions of those in power.  Jupiter opposite Sun-Moon (eclipse) can signify an opportunity denied or out of reach.

In these charts, the t/Sun, t/Moon and t/Part of Fortune (t/PoF) are always indicators to pay attention to even if they are not angular.  The only angular planets in this chart are t/Mars and n/Mercury at the Ascendant and IC angles.  t/Mars is an attack, n/Mercury is the receipt of news.  Today’s news attacked Brady’s hopes.

The chart below is Advanced to today’s date, July 13, 2016.


Today, n/Mercury has come to the Advanced chart’s Ascendant along with n/MC.  News about Brady’s professional status is the focus of the day.  t/Neptune-Desc. is opposite, an unclear situation is offered by another.  Since t/Neptune is angular, let us skip over to n/Neptune which is in the 4th conjoining t/Saturn and opposing n/Mars.  This complex pattern combines a lack of clarity (Neptune) with a definition of reality (Saturn) that is subject to criticism and anger.

Now, let us use those three standby symbols, t/Sun, t/Moon, t/PoF.  t/Sun conjoins n/PoF; the book indicates that self-interests (Sun) are enhanced or ruined.  t/Moon conjoins n/Uranus; a lack of warning, upsets and public involvement.  t/PoF opposes n/Jupiter indicates political affairs, legalities and court action.

We can view all of the news story elements in the chart.  It is important to note this!  When we do a ‘predictive’ chart before an expected date or a soon-to-arrive period, we look for the ‘context’ of the subject’s life.  In this case, a couple of weeks ago, we would have asked Brady about the general flow of his life.  He would have indicated that he was in the midst of preparing for the upcoming football season and that he had entered an application to an appeals court to hear his claim that Roger Goodell had overstepped his authority in his imposition of a four game suspension, that procedures and evidence had been wrongly dealt with.  With that said, we astrologers would have looked at the recent t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return and advanced the chart.  What would we have looked for?

  • The advancing Ascendant contacting n/Mercury (news) and n/MC (status).
  • t/Sun contacts, in this case t/Sun-to-n/PoF.
  • t/PoF contacts, in this case t/PoF-opp-n/Jupiter
  • t/Neptune contacted by the advancing Desc. angle

So, if we can see, after-the-fact, the elements of the news story in the chart, we can expect to have the context of the subject’s life tell us what to look for in a chart cast ahead of time.  Yes, we need to have confidence in how we practice astrology.  We need to use conventional, typical ‘everyday’ meanings for the planets.  In my book, Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2, I provide a comprehensive listing of two planet combinations that offer ‘everyday’ meanings typical to this form of charting.  These two-planet combinations include Sun, Moon, Part of Fortune, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto with each other and with the Ascendant and MC.  The interpretations given are taken from the 100+ charts included in the book.  Those in the UK, with its falling exchange rate, can obtain my book for relatively little compared to U.S. dollars.  I probably have no profit margin left for books sold in the U.K.  For others, Amazon offers the book at discount prices (the discount is off their portion of the sale).   Dave




















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