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Yesterday, July 15th, 2016, and nine days after his t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return of July 6th (see the previous post) Tom Brady made an announcement that he would not further contest the ruling of the National Football Leagure Commissioner.  He would accept the imposed four-game suspension.  His only option was to appeal to the Supreme Court of  the United States.  The lower court cases were all about the right of the Commissioner to judge, decide and impose punishment for a perceived or actual infraction.  The case, as it was developed by the Player’s Union and lawyers, was never about the misreading of evidence that Brady had deflated the footballs in the championship game.  That evidence was shown to be wrong as the prevailing winter temperature was easily related to the slight lowering of the football’s pessure to just below the minimum level.  No, the case was wrongly formulated to attack the Commisioner’s right to judge, rule and impose punishment.  On that basis, petitioning the Supreme Court was not likely to change the outcome.

Let us now look at Brady’s advanced chart for July 15th, 2016.



For Advanced charts we first look for angular planets, and then for t/Sun, t/Moon, t/PoF contacts, then doubled-up planets or mutually-aspected  planets.

Angular planets include n/Mercury-n/MC at the Ascendant with t/N.Node nearby.  This implies announcements or news about one’s status and public image, and how relationships may be involved.  Note t/Neptune-Desc.; an unclear or disappointing relationship, confrontation brings a lack of resolution.  t/Moon-t/Saturn bracket the IC angle; frustration and depression will be evident.

Now, n/Mars is also angular but I wish to treat it as part of an opposition to t/Saturn while noting that t/Mars (3rd house) squares n/Saturn (12th house).  This mutual aspect connection emphasizes the Mars-Saturn symbolism.  At it’s most basic meaning, Mars and Saturn are a ‘stop and go’ pairing; action is put on hold, steps taken are cautious, the expression of anger is channeled, long-term revenge is advocated.

We still need to assess the role of t/Moon, t/Sun and t/PoF.  These three do not have to be angular to be significant.  t/Moon-IC looks like holding one’s emotion from public view.  t/PoF-t/Pluto looks like seeing this event date as a fundamental catastrophe, an all-out war to be waged.  t/Sun-n/PoF points to a future of change and chaos.  What we have here is the makings of a one-man declared war on football in general, the Commissioner as a specific symbol.  Starting in the 5th game, if the Patriot football team can live up to his demands and level of play, Brady is likely to go on a smash and win streak, heading again for the championship, riding roughly over any team he encounters.  It should be quite a season.





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