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This posting will initiate a series that explores the Mars-Ascendant patterns in the charts of public figures.  The series may be interrupted at times to cover news stories or to vary the subject matter.  

Prior to leaving on vacation I was thinking about all of the violence that was evident in the world around us.  Terrorist attacks, street shootings, political verbiage . . . these were all signs of Mars’ energies.   Using a astrological database I called up a listing of public figures having natal Mars on their natal Ascendant.  Some of these people used their Mars-Ascendant pattern in obvious ways, others were not so obvious.  Upon returning from vacation I find the current copy of Horoscope Magazine featuring Richard Nolle’s “Mars Max Cycle” theory.  Coincidence?  Nolle finds that when Mars is close to Earth, as it presently is, (Mars is opposite the Sun from the perspective of Earth), angry incidents such as wars, violence and terrorism increase.  The presence of coincidences (my study and Nolle’s article) demands attention.

If one wished to do a mini-study on Mars-Ascendant people it would seem that some form of a qualifying agent would be useful.  Consider the current Republican Party political nominee for the office of the U.S. Presidency; Donald Trump.  Mars on his Ascendant can be seen in his belligerent speech.  Any intimation of being slighted by another heralds an immediate counter-attack.  Trump talks impetuously, often having to later restate his words and shade the meaning given to those words.  This almost every-day occurrence hurts him, politically.  So, how might we screen or filter those having Mars-Ascendant qualities of overly aggressive, bombastic actions and words?

Looking at Trump’s natal chart we note a “full Moon” pattern.  Perhaps this is an auxiliary pattern, being an opposition, that provides an expressional foil for Mars-Ascendant’s seeming need for an adversary of some kind.  In considering a “full moon” pattern I will be using Dane Rudhyar’s eight-phase ‘Lunation Cycle’ approach wherein he divides the zodiac circle relative to the Sun into eight 45 degree segments.  The segment that is 180 to 225 degrees ahead of the Sun is considered the full moon phase.  This will be discussed later.  Seven of the thirty two listings in my short Mars-Ascendant data set have a “full Moon” pattern.  They are:

  1. Donald Trump, businessman turned politician
  2. Prince Rainier of Monaco, King of Monaco
  3. Francis Ford Coppola, film director
  4. Steve Irwin, naturalist
  5. Christian Dior, fashion exec.
  6. Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, wife of John Jr.
  7. Jeff Bridges, actor

Also on the list, but not with a full moon pattern, is Megan Fox the Fox News journalist with whom Trump trashed and fought with during the Republican candidate’s debates.  Mars versus Mars.

So, let us nail down the basics.

MARS-ASC.  A fighting spirit, according to Ebertin.  Rex Bills, in his Rulership Book, notes these keywords (among many):  acceleration, accidents, aches, action, adrenalin, adventurers, aggressors, agitators, ambition, anger, the army, arson, attacks, battles, blood, breakage, carnage, challenge, conflict, courage, cruelty, cuts, . . . the list goes on and one, but the ideas are clear.  When we combine the chart Ascendant with Mars we expect to find a personality expressing the qualities of Mars quite strongly.  Only some of thos qualities are typically expressed.  For example, Trump talks with anger, Steve Irwin acts in an adventurous manner, Christian Dior was creatively expressive.

Sun opposed Moon, the full Moon pattern.  Opposition, conflict, partners for better or worse, negotiations, cooperation, associates or enemies, male and female . . . these are some of the many recognized indications associated with this pairing, this opposition.  The full moon provides perspective, clarity and recognition as well as representing the use of these and other qualities as a ‘giving out or disseminating understanding and help to others.’

Let us start by looking at the natal chart of Donald Trump.

DTnatalchartIn this chart I have included the four asteroids and the transneptunians-Uranian bodies.  n/Mars hovers just above the Ascendant, three degrees away.  Sun in the 10th opposes Moon in the 4th house.  Because of the full moon pattern, the Part of Fortune is near the Desc. angle where it opposes Mars!  The PoF indicates chaos and change involving others.  Mars at the Asc. indicates that ‘The Donald’ (as he likes to be called) will undertake to define and control the chaos and change.  As noted in the definitions attached to Mars, ‘negotiation’ is one attribute of Mars.  Trump is famous for his book, The Art of The Deal which advocates methods of conducting business negotiations.   With Sun-opp-Moon,  an adversarial approach may be evident in how man-woman relationships are conducted.  Trump has many incidents on public record of saying or treating women badly.

Let us look at a recent event in which Trump speaks out to counter the words of another.



On Thursday, July 28, 2016 at the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia, a ‘gold star’ parent of a Muslim Army officer who was killed in Iraq spoke to the convention in very impassioned terms.  Mr. Khizr Khan, an attorney who had come to this country from Pakistan and became a citizen had lost his son to a detonation of a vehicle at a checkpoint.  He defended the Muslims as patriotic citizens and condemned Trump for his remarks about Muslims, claiming he had a ‘black heart.’  This speech was riveting and went viral on TV news shows.  Trump retorted with angry words and has not let up his reactions for the past several days.  We see t/Part of Fortune (PoF) conjoining n/Mercury (words causing chaos) and squaring n/Neptune (distorting the words and meanings of Khan’s remarks) and broadening the argument so as to confuse the effects of the bad reactions of the press.  Transiting Mercury is at the n/Asc., fueling his words, adding oxygen to the fire of n/Mars, while opposing n/PoF.  Look at the combinations here  . . . Mars, Mercury, Ascendant, Part-of-Fortune . . . all of the natal and transiting versions interacting with each other.  Add this to the Sun-opp-Moon background and we have a highly non-Presidential demeanor being displayed.  There are so many other ways in which this gold-star parent’s remarks could have been replied to.  Instead, the Donald has taken several low roads and turned this into a publicity nightmare.

We can visually advance this chart from Friday, July 29th (the day after the convention speech) to Sunday (the 31st of July).  The same patterns hold.  Transiting Moon and the PoF will come to the Ascendant later this week, increasing and prolonging the effects of his bad image and political damage.

In following posts I will explore the charts of others having Mars-Ascendant and full Moon patterns in their charts.  In this way, we can all learn a bit about how Mars can express itself in one way or another.

For those not familiar with Dane Rudhyar’s Lunation cycle, the following brief comments will serve as an introduction.  I will post more on this later.


New Moon Type (birth from New Moon to about 3 ½ days after New Moon, when the Moon is 45° ahead of the Sun) — main characteristics are: a strongly subjective, emotional and impulsive approach to life; often a tendency to be emotionally confused and to project one’s feelings upon people and situations without much regard to what these actually are in themselves.

Crescent Type (birth with the Moon from 45° to 90° ahead of the Sun) — determined self-assertiveness, active faith, an eager desire to carry out an inwardly felt command or vital urge and to clear the way for its realization; negatively, a sense of frustration and of struggling against too heavy odds.

 First Quarter Type (birth with the Moon from 90° to 135° ahead of the Sun — i.e., from 7 to 10 ½ days after New Moon) — strong will and ability to organize and make decisions, to push through obstacles; self-exaltation in the thrill of activity and overcoming of difficulties; negatively, a tendency to defeatism and escapism.

 Gibbous Moon Type (natal Moon from 135° to 180° ahead of the Sun — i.e., before the Full Moon) — eagerness for improvement of self and others; ability to evaluate things and people, to bring matters to some fulfillment; devotion to a personality considered great or the need to be surrounded by people devoted to and serving the native; spiritual aspiration.

 Full Moon Type (birth from Full Moon to a soli-lunar aspect of 135° in the waning half of the lunation cycle) — mental objectivity; the ability to make ideals concrete, to receive illumination, to “image forth” what one feels, to fulfill social-religious trends; negatively, a sense of being divided against oneself or of being divorced from reality.

Disseminating Type (birth with the waning Moon from 135° to 90° away from the Sun) — ability to demonstrate to others what the native has learned or envisioned, to disseminate ideas, to fight for what he believes right, to be crusader for or disciple of a great cause; negatively, a tendency to become lost in social or moral conflicts, to develop mental confusion or fanaticism.

Last Quarter Type (birth from Last Quarter to Moon 45° behind the Sun — i.e., from 7 to 3 ½ days before a New Moon) — managerial and organizing ability in terms of broad social ideals or business improvement; an eagerness to force issues and precipitate crises, to reform and transform, to build new systems and to work hard for future goals regardless of personal cost; a tendency toward humor or, negatively, the inability to take criticism; perhaps dictatorial attitude.

Balsamic Moon Type (birth less than 3 1/2 days before New Moon, Moon less than 45 degrees behind the Sun) — eagerness to serve social institutions and organized groups, to bring the past (and its karma) to a conclusion and to sacrifice oneself for the sake of the future; a sense of personal destiny, of being led by superior powers, of finality in all things and in one’s judgements or statments; prophetic gift, perhaps.

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