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Part 2: Rosa Parks, Civil Rights Activist

As part of our study on Mars-Ascendant patterns, Rosa’s t/Moon-to-n/Mars chart of Nov. 19, 1955 presents us with a great example of the power of Mars within a Return chart.  t/Moon represents the changes that seem to intrude into our … Continue reading

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Rosa Parks, Civil Rights Activist. Part 1

A chart left out of the original posting has been added to this post.  Dave Rosa Parks was an attractive African-American lady living in Alabama.  The mid-50’s in the United States saw civil rights reaching a flash point.  “Jim Crow” … Continue reading

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Mars Plus Water Equals Steam

Edited to add; Aug 17, 2016. Continuing the Mars at Ascendant series, Michael Phelps is the subject of this 4th blog.  Michael is shown here holding up one of his 28 gold medals for Olympic Swimming events. Mars-Ascendant can be expressed … Continue reading

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A Daring Mars, An Adventure To Share

A ‘short story told long.‘  A life-long astrological friend has known of my devotion to cyclic and return charts for decades, for t/Moon-n/Sun Returns for the past four years, yet had shown no interest in my methods until the 2nd … Continue reading

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Mars-Ascendant Charts; Mars as the Actor

  Charles Whitman was a domestic terrorist.  A sniper.  A killer of family members, fellow students and local citizens.  He wasn’t always so inclined.  He started life in Lake Worth, FL on June 24, 1941.  Following his high school graduation … Continue reading

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