A Daring Mars, An Adventure To Share

Steve photo 1A ‘short story told long.‘  A life-long astrological friend has known of my devotion to cyclic and return charts for decades, for t/Moon-n/Sun Returns for the past four years, yet had shown no interest in my methods until the 2nd edition of my book was released a couple of months ago. She does not use precession-correction, and uses tropical zodiac charts only.  Today she commented on several charts including those for the death of my mother a couple of decades ago.  I promised her that I would post a non-precession-corrected set of charts to see how they played out.  Following are charts for Steve Irwin, a naturalist from Australia; these charts are not precession corrected and are cast within the Tropical zodiac.  If you, the reader use standard (not precession-corrected) charts within the Tropical zodiac, please comment and let me know of your results and level of satisfaction with that approach.

Steve family photo-2Australian naturalist Steve Irwin became internationally known through his TV show, the Crocodile Hunter.  He and his wife Terri featured hands on interaction with all of Australia’s animals.  Steve was especially daring in his work with crocodiles and other dangerous beasts. Unlike the previous two people covered in this series about Mars-Ascendant people, Steve was not angry and bombastic like Trump nor physically dangerous to others like Charles Whitman.  Steve was everyone’s best sense of what Mars might be in terms of physical actions and attitude.  He was fearless, adventurous, and often in harm’s way.  Best of all he was likable.  Irwins’s natal chart is shown below.


Most notable is Mars-Ascendant opposite N.Node and square Neptune in the 10th.  This indicates his recklessness.  The opposition to the N.Node points to his appeal and seeking of approval from others.  The square to Neptune in the 10th indicates both his ideals which he makes his career of, and the idealism of his interaction (with animals) within dangerous settings.

The Sun-Chiron-Venus grouping opposite Part-of-Fortune and Pluto is interesting.  The positioning of himself (Sun) seeks to evoke ‘chance and change’ (Part of Fortune) in what others see.  Chiron-Venus suggests a need in arranging and reviewing his sense of balance and harmony through dangerous (Pluto) circumstances that cannot be fully relied upon (chaos, catastrophic events).  These oppositional patterns fit with Mars opposite N.Node.  So, this chart simply paints a picture of a daring man seeking adventure and involving the public in his personal daring.

The chart below if a ‘non-precession-corrected t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return for August 24th, 2006, relocated to Cairns, Australia which is near the Great Barrier Reef where he would die several days later.



This chart has a ‘new moon’ with t/Sun-t/Moon-n/PoF-n/Uranus opposing n/Sun in the 5th. A theme for this positioning involves seeking support for a public program that informs others, changes in the structure of one’s work and career, balancing one’s personal needs against what a program needs.  Given the natal Sun-Chiron grouping it is interesting to see here t/Chiron-n/Saturn-n/Asc square n/MC.  This Chiron contact links Irwin’s vital interests and character to the need for caution and concerns over his life goal of promoting wildlife issues as a naturalist.  Combine this with the t/PoF at the chart’s Ascendant and you have indications of a severe upset being possible.  All of this, and yet the chart’s angles are not closely populated except tor the Ascendant.

When we have a chart where only a few factors are involved, even though they are dramatic, it becomes necessary to carefully look at each day’s Advanced chart.

Steve Irwin was exploring the northern area of the Great Barrier Reef in the area of Cairns, Australia.  As he was swimming above a sting ray in shallow water, the sting ray whipped his tail upward, jabbing Irwin in the heart area.  Irwin pulled the barb out of his chest, was pulled from the water and died.  One can say that he died while doing what made him happiest, yet he died from misjudging the dangerous position he was in.  Steve was an adventurer who worked in the wild with the animals who lived there.  There was always a possibility of injury or death as he worked at bringing the needs of animal and the environment before the public.

SINPCAdv9-04-2006The non-precession-corrected  Advanced chart for Sept. 4, 2006, located near the Great Barrier Reef where he died, is shown below.  The vertical chart angles are highlighted by the great T-square of t/Saturn-opp-t/Neptune-both square to t/Jupiter.  Each leg of the T-square has a natal planet involved; n/Mars with t/Neptune, n/Neptune with t/Jupiter, n/N.Node with t/Saturn.  We can view the basic T-square as indicating the realities of his water-idealism is contrasted by his desire to expand upon his dream, to find and present a major adventure to his TV audience. When we fold in the fundamental dangers involved (Mars-IC) in seeking to reach out to others (N.Node-MC-Saturn) and of seeking to accomplish too much (Neptune-Jupiter), we can see that this is a pivotal day in his life.

Does the chart specifically indicate his death?  No.  However, we can add in a couple of other factors that my long-time friend utilizes, and which I have not introduced in this blog site, the use of Arabian Parts.  At 13:56 Aquarius, at the IC-n/Mars position of this chart is the Part of Sudden and drastic change.  At 2:10 Scorpion, at the n/MC position, is the Part of Tragedy and Fatality.

I have made a practice of not including the Arabian Parts, the Sabian Symbols and Transneptunians in my charts on the basis that if you add a zillion items, all you are doing is looking for anything that justifies the event as a verification of the chart.  I am always trying to explore and apply basic astrology in simple ways.  Being right 90% of the time with dependable tools is better than being right 100% of the time with a wide choice of false validations.  That said, I am interested in the practices of others.  If you use Arabian Parts, Sabian Symbols or Transneptunians, please let me know.

The role of Mars-Ascendant with Sun-and-Moon in a full moon phase relationship.

Sun opposite Moon (with Moon 180 to 215 degrees ahead of the Sun) phase natal placement introduces an ‘oppositional’ element into the basic character-personality map of the individual.  With Mars-Ascendant also present, these subjects would be expected to have several common characteristics.  With three charts that can now be compared, lets review these charts for their common expressions.

Trump:  Mars-Asc., Moon-opp-Sun in the 10th house.  With the Sun seeking to make its mark for Donald by public image, stated values and career focus, Mars at the Ascendant adds a great deal of energy to this character and life-style focus.

Whitman:  Mars-Asc., Moon-conjoining-Sun on the IC-4th house.  Relocated to Austin, TX, these chart elements become a framework which Whitman has to adapt to.  With his problems with gambling, flunking out of the officer program, being discharged from the service, Whitman was facing issues relating to his belief in himself, his use of resources.  He was angry at himself and seemed to project it out against the world.  The random shootings from the clock tower may represent a lack of focus for his anger.

Steve Irwin; Mars-Ascendant and Moon-opposite-Son in the 2nd house.  Irwin’s full-phase Moon played into the ‘awareness and appreciation of others’ theme.  The second-house Sun leads us to consider his personal values and self-esteem.  With his Sun actually opposite his Part of Fortune, we have our first major clue as to how his Mars may function; Irwin took chances, challenged himself and became highly confident.  The Mars-Ascendant was square Neptune in the 10th, he had adapted his Mars to work through an aura of idealism and drama.  This Mars was also opposite N.Node, suggesting a need to impress and touch others.

So, we have had Trump as an example of an angry and bombastic person, Whitman as one who had to strike out at others (spreading death) for deeply personal and not-understood reasons.  And now, Irwin, who powered his way into the natural world and took us along on his daring adventures.  So, three different Mars-expressions.  More will come following this post.  Dave.



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