Mars Plus Water Equals Steam

Phelps Photo 1

Edited to add; Aug 17, 2016. Continuing the Mars at Ascendant series, Michael Phelps is the subject of this 4th blog.  Michael is shown here holding up one of his 28 gold medals for Olympic Swimming events.

Mars-Ascendant can be expressed in many ways.  Trump was bombastic in his speech, Whitman violently expressed his Mars-Asc with a rifle, killing many in Austin, Texas.  Irwin was the quintessential male adventurer, putting himself in danger as he explored the wilds of Australia.  Phelps has expressed his Mars-Ascendant with physical effort, swimming in competitive events.

Phelp’s natal chart has Mars within 3 1/2 degrees of the Asc. with Sun two degrees behind the Ascendant.  He is destined to drive his world through his physical efforts.  Note that no other angle is activated. n/Moon conjoins the n/Part of Fortune; he will enjoy public attention but can appear moody or joyful, any expression that will gain public attention to build up his image.  With Uranus nearby, we can expect him to ‘grand stand’ any time he is before the camera or public.  He actually is a joyful person.  Edited to add:  Phelp’s n/Moon is in the 3rd of 8 phases relative to the Sun.  This is an adjustment phase.  I will combine Moon, PoF, Uranus as part of my comments.  Young Phelp’s had ADHD, a disorder most associated with young children which exhibits itself as a lack of focus and inability to maintain a level of attention conducive to learning.  He was told that he would never be able to achieve anything in life — a terrible thing to tell a child.  It seems that the PoF (change, challenge) combined with Uranus (individuation, intellect, uniqeness) prompted him to rebel and react (the Moon).   Moon opposes Chiron; one’s emotional nature, feelings and sensitivity is aroused such that the interaction with others (the opposition) spurs one to make adjustments.  Astrologers have recognized that ADHD issues are besst addressed by introducing the subject to endeavors that involve repetitive actions, rhythm.  Dance and music are typical.  Swimming is another excellent focus. 

Let us look at his Moon-to-Sun Return for his 2004 Olympics when he won his first gold medal.  His natal chart is relocated to Athens, Greece — moving his Mars close to his Sun and relocated MC.  This Return chart occurred on August 12, 2004 in Athens, Greece.



This chart features n/Mercury at the MC, n/Pluto in the first house.  Moon-Sun in the 9th has a foreign theme. This can involve location, people who speak a foreign language or a situation involving new situations or a diversity of people.  But, that is what the Olympics are.

This is not a chart that I would expect from an Olympic first-gold winner.  So, let us look at this chart.  Mercury points to communication, movement.  The square to Pluto demands great focus and intensity of effort.  t/Part of Fortune is at the midpoint of Mercury-Pluto and indicates that his physical efforts, if extreme enough, will bring changes into his life.  Playing astrological hop-scotch, we can jump from n/Mercury to t/Mercury to see what it is doing.  t/Mercury opposes t/Uranus-n/PoF, adding excitement and  personal effort to the events of the day.  Jumping from n/Pluto to t/Pluto, we find n/Moon-n/Uranus involved with t/Pluto — so Pluto is emphasized.  With the n/Moon-n/Uranus activated, we remember that t/Mercury opposes t/Uranus.  So, we have doubled up Moon, Pluto, Mercury and Uranus all active.  This quiet chart isn’t so quiet after all.

Phelps Photo 2

One can’t help but notice how happy and at-ease Phelps is during his swimming programs.  He has fun, enjoys interchanges with friends and competitors.  This is related to his Moon-Uranus pattern.



August 14, 2004 was the date he won his first Olympic gold medal.  We note in this Advanced chart his t/Moon-n/Mercury-MC pattern.  Michael’s Mercury seems tied to his swimming efforts.  t/Sun-square-n/Saturn describes the full amount of dedication and effort he puts into this day’s swimming challenges.  His t/Mars-t/Mercury is in the 10th house, his efforts towards his career will be significant.  This combination opposes t/Uranus in the 5th house of sports.

Again, these are not the charts one might expect — until we remember that swimming and the Olympics are just the public dates in a multi-year cycle that involves daily efforts in the pool, local, national and international competitions.  While the Olympics are a public event and a fun time to meet with his fans, the public, his competitors, it is another day in a continuing  succession of days in the pool.  Exciting for the public, routine for the swimmer in many ways.






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