Rosa Parks, Civil Rights Activist. Part 1

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A chart left out of the original posting has been added to this post.  Dave

Rosa Parks was an attractive African-American lady living in Alabama.  The mid-50’s in the United States saw civil rights reaching a flash point.  “Jim Crow” laws made public life for ‘black’ people a miserable and humiliating experience.  Many stores were not accessible, public restrooms were few and far between unless you were ‘white.’   This pleasant-appearing lady was an official for the local chapter of the NAACP, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.  It was one way her Mars-Ascendant pattern in her natal chart could express itself.  


Rosa Parks was born in Tuskegee, Alabama.  Her civil rights story takes place in Montgomery, Alabama — the place where this chart has been relocated to.  We immediately note Mars at the Ascendant.  Moon is in the last of the eight phases defined from the Sun’s position, suggesting that she works behind the scenes and may often be found supporting others in various ways, dreaming of a better future.  But, that Moon is a first house Moon, Rosa has deep feelings and empathy that is easily expressed. With Neptune opposite the Moon, located on the Descendant, Rosa sees the best in others and idealizes relationships.  The plight of herself, her family and community must have been heart-breaking for her on a daily basis.  Discrimination could not have been pushed aside and buried within her.  Her empathy for others is mirrored by Venus-conjunct-N.Node close to the 3rd house cusp and square Jupiter.  How to find and make an opportunity to demonstrate love for another pay off?   The Part of Fortune was nearby, opposing Pluto — a loose T-square of desperation looking for a reason to happen.   Let us see how this all worked out.


Rosa, unkown to her at that time, had a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return on Nov. 21, 1955.  She was working for the NAACP at that time.  This is a second-house Return, normally thought to focus on money and comforts of a personal nature.  As noted in my Book, Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2, this placement is often about self-esteem.  Squaring the 5th house of risks and taking chances, making a physical stance or gesture, the challenge (if met) gives one a sense of confidence and assurance.  This fits Rosa’s story quite well.  The natal Mars-Asc. pattern is in the first house.  Transiting Mars and Neptune, the two primary players in her natal chart, are together in the tenth house.  t/Venus is on the Desc. and n/Venus-n/Node is near the IC angle.  And, the natal PoF opposite Pluto is laying across the horizontal axis, first to the seventh house.  Someone has placed her powder keg to close to the fire.

Rosa photo 6

On that historically fateful day of Dec. 1, 1955, Rosa used the public bus system.  Black people were required to sit at the rear of the bus.  As the bus moved along its route, the bus filled.  The driver stopped.  There was no more room for white riders. The answer was simple.  Move the black people back or, if need be, off the bus to make room for the white passengers.  The bus (photo) at the left is the very bus involved in this incident, it is now kept on public display in a museum setting.  Rosa refused to move from her seat.  Her Mars was taking a strong personal stand.  Let us look at her advanced chart for Dec. 1, 1955, the day she took a stand, the day a bus boycott started and forced changes in Montgomery, then across the state, and ultimately across the country.

This chart was added Aug. 29, 2016.  It ‘dropped out’ of the original posting.


In the ten days since the Return chart the MC has advanced 11 degrees, bringing n/PoF to the Asc. along with t/Venus, with t/Moon-n/Pluto opposite at the Descendant.  t/Mars and t/Neptune remain in the 10th.  Let us review the interpretation criteria for Advanced charts.

  • Angular planets (natal or transiting) have great expressional power.  In this case that would be PoF, Venus, Moon, Pluto being close to the angles, along with Mars-Neptune being in an angular house.  “Harmony (Venus) would be forced to the forefront (PoF) so as to cause a public (Moon) disruption (Pluto).  Sweet-faced Rosa was, afterall, a worker at the NAACP and knew what she was doing.
  • t/Moon, t/PoF and t/Sun are primary trigger elements.  We have looked at PoF and Moon.  Now, note t/Sun-t/Mercury square n/Chiron.  A plan (Sun-Mercury) to make an adjustment (Chiron) is the challenge before Rosa.  She has to remain in her seat.  She has to for the authorities to act.  They Rosa photo 2arrested her.  This battle had commenced.
  • With the n/PoF-Asc. being activated, we can consider another common step; that of playing ‘astrological hopscotch’ and turning our attention to t/PoF-t/Uranus-t/Neptune, all of which opposes n/Moon.  The whole chart is being linked together into a powerful statement.  It doesn’t take much effort to also note t/Chiron-n/Uranus opposite t/Uranus — individuality lends itself to a fireworks display.

There is much to study in this chart.  Relative to our series on Mars-Ascendant, we see here in this example that a sweet smile can hide a fierce resolve to act when the time is ripe.  This is another face of Mars.  Yet, there is more to the Rosa Parks story and the role of Mars in her charts.  We will cover that in Part Two.















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