Lyndon Johnson, Mars In Different Ways

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On first recollection, Lyndon Johnson doesn’t appear to be very ‘Mars like.’   The tall man from Texas, President of the United States following the assignation of John Kennedy, was somber at times, relaxed in front of the cameras, and slow speaking.

That was how some saw him. Others who knew him well had a different opinion of this man.  Before that is discussed, we need to look at his natal chart.  The data, taken from Astro Data Bank, is different from some sources which note his birth at 5:00 AM, his birth place at Johnson City, TX.  Not that much of a change in the chart, but a change.


Striking is the grouping about the Ascendant: Jupiter, Ascendant, Mars, Part of Fortune, Sun Moon, Mercury.  Astrologically, this is indicative of a powerful personality.  Note that the other angles of the chart are empty.  Neptune-Venus in the 11th is broadly opposite Uranus in the 5th.  In turn, this pattern is very-broadly square Saturn in the 8th.

Returning to the Ascendant grouping, one gets the impression of a person who projects a larger-than-life image (Jupiter-Asc.), a person who takes what he wants and is a fighter (Mars), who take’s chances and seizes on opportunities (PoF-Mars-Asc-Jupiter), who uses his personality and image to command and bully his way through life (Sun) while displaying a caring and thoughtful nature (Moon-Mercury) when it serves him to do so.

Just keeping these last statements in mind, let us note a few highlight in Johnson’s life.

  • Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, Johnson immediately enlisted.
  • He assumed the Presidency following the death of President Kennedy.  The photo of him and Mrs. Kennedy in her blood stained clothes as he was sworn into office aboard the plane taking them back to Washington, DC is very memorable.
  • His term in office started with the ‘Great Society.’  This program continued the work of Kennedy but greatly expanded upon it.
  • Johnson quickly became bogged down in the Vietnam War and its developments and effect upon the country.

From these notes, we can ready the symbols in his chart.

On a personal level, Johnson could be (and I quote from Astro Data Bank), vulgar, bearish, restless, impatient.  He would argue, threaten, twist arms (politically) and charm others as the situation warranted.  He would get things done.  In terms of domestic impact, he will likely be seen as the most effective President ever.  In terms of foreign affairs, not so much.  The protests over Vietnam, the conduct and progress of the war, led him to resign and not seek a second term.

In addition to Mars-Ascendant being the focus of this series of blog posts, I had also noted the natal Sun-Moon relationships using Dane Rudhyar’s eight-phase categories. It is time to review these relative to how they impacted the manner of Mars being expressed.  These phase-meanings were defined earlier in the series.

  • Lyndon Johnson:  A ‘New Moon’ type (Moon is 0 to 45 degrees ahead of the Sun) is strongly subjective, emotional, impulsive.  Often emotionally confused, projects feelings upon others and upon situations without regard to their effects.  We can see these qualities in Johnson.
  • Donald Trump:  A ‘Full Moon’ type (Moon is 180 to 225 degrees ahead of the Sun) is mentally objective, makes ‘deals’ happen, receives recognition, fills public needs, and can be divided against himself or divorced from reality.  These statements are clearly reflected in Trumps personality and (now) political life.
  • Steve Irwin:  Another ‘Full Moon’ type, Irwin presented himself as an adventurer, a naturalist, also a showman and entertainer, but with a focus of illuminating nature for the education of the world.  While doing unreal stunts, he was very focused on helping the natural environment and welfare of animals.
  • Michael Phelps:  A ‘Gibbous Moon type (Moon is 135 to 180 degrees of the Sun) has an eagerness for improvement of self and others, thinks about others, seeks to bring matters into some form of fulfillment, has a need to be among people who also have aspirations for self improvement.  As a young man he was told that he would never amount to anything — it became his life challenge to become the very best in what he pursued.  It took adjustment, dedication, hard work.  These are hallmarks of this phase.
  • Rosa Parks:  A ‘Balsamic Moon type (Moon is 315 to 360 degrees ahead of the Sun) displays both a need to serve social institutions and organized groups and a need to bring the deficiencies of the past to a conclusion.  Self-sacrifice can be one tool to these goals.  Preparation and action to reach the future.

So, we can see the various faces of Mars fitting nicely into the Moon-to-Sun phases as shown in the natal chart.  This is one tool for initially judging how Mars will express itself in a chart we are reviewing for the first time.  Dave










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