No Angular Mars at Birth, Mars Appears At BREXIT Vote.


David Cameron, the UK’s Prime Minister was a fierce supporter of the UK remaining as part of the European Union.  On July 23, 2016 the UK voted to leave the European Union.  Cameron rightly stepped down as he could not oversee the complex dismantling of British ties to Europe.  On Sept. 12th, he announced his retirement from the Parliment — he had stepped down from the Prime Minister’s position shortly after the vote, taking his seat within the Parliment again.  His t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return of June 14, 2016 is shown below.


There are three natal planets that are angular; Neptune (4th), Mars (1st), and N.Node (10th).  This suggests that this period will see events not attributable to him will occur. The t/Moon-n/Sun Return takes place in the 3rd house of news, negotiations, talking. The long awaited vote is indicated by this 3rd house  t/Mars, 11 degrees from the IC, but still angular, contacts natal Neptune.  This is symbolic of all the rumors and disinformation that was put out during this election.


By the time of the referendum, the general sense of the public mood was already apparent.  As the votes wer counted, Cameron and others realized that Britain’s role in the European Union was about to end.

When we diurnally advance the Return chart to June 23, we find a more active chart.


This is a more active chart.  t/Mars-IC-n/Neptune points to an emerging state of confusian.   n/Mars-Asc. is still operable.  This double’s up Mars, increasing the stress and cofrontation.  Note t/Sun-t/Venus at the n/MC; ‘balance’ has come to the electorate, an almost even split, but a few percentage points shifting to the “leave” side.  Note also the opposition of t/Moon to n/Moon across the 6th-12th houses.  An institutional service has solved a health issue, the vote has polarized the content and the dissatisfaction of the people.  For a democracy, the solution has occurred.

So, these charts illustrate the situation where a planet has no influence in a chart — except when it does.  Cyclic charts have a way of introducing us to moments when we individually share in the ups and downs of everyone else.










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