Mars-Ascendant: Kelly Ripa


Kelly Ripa, TV Talk Show Host, Movie Star, TV Soap Opera Star, Special Events Host and Producer — this lady does it all within the entertainment business.  Kelly has her natal Mars on her chart’s Ascendant, yet it is not immediately apparent in her appearance and conduct.

Her chart tells the story.  Mars-Mercury-Ascendant and the Sun-Moon phase wherein the Moon is within the 0-to-45 degree zone ahead of the Sun.  Mars-Mercury-Asc. can be seen as “active” combined with “talking” combined with “how I act” which produces one who is always performing and being herself big-time.  Kelly is always “center stage.”  Her Sun-Moon phase is that which is tagged as “the Performer.”  These people are always seeking to be seen, acting out or striving to achieve and gain recognition.  Her natal chart is shown below.


In her natal chart for her New Jersey location, we find a classic “Bucket” chart with all of the planets in the ‘personal’ first quadrant except for the ‘handle-planet, Saturn in the 9th house.  Note that I am excluding Chiron in this discussion.  Saturn opposes Venus, which is sometime problematic in our culture.  We can briefly discuss this.  Venus-Saturn pairings often provide a structure for the expression of love and relating to others. Sometimes this expresses as a ‘formality’ in relationships, or a coldness, or a reluctance to engage.  In this case, Saturn-Venus has to contend with Mars-Asc.-Mercury and the Sun-Moon phase so we can see Venus-opp-Saturn as ‘strategically using her beauty and bouncy personality in a careful business-like manner to achieve personal goals.  Note that Mercury-Asc. is associated with her career-linked MC in Gemini.

Kelly Ripa has a significant history in the entertainment industry.  One point in her life is that when she won her Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  The charts for that event are interesting for our purposes. Her t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return of Oct. 11, 2015 is shown below.


This chart has some interesting points but since it occurs the day before she received her Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, I will not spend too much time on it.  Note that her t/Moon-n/Sun is positioned in the 5th house.  My book, Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2 provides a ‘theme’ statement for this placement:  Being an actor in some way, pleasure in one’s efforts or work, parties or celebrations, hobbies, promoting new programs or products.  One’s love nature is strong.  Confidence is hh, pride in one’s accomplishments. Being true to one’s self.  All of this is highly appropriate to this period in her life.  Let us now jump to the Advanced chart for the following day when the ceremony occurred.



The Part of Fortune (transiting) is on her Asc., indicating an exciting day, in this case a positive type of exciting day.  Her natal chart’s MC sign of Gemini is on the Ascendant.  Her natal Asc. is close to the Advanced chart’s IC angle; a new experience/phase of her life will occur.  Transiting Venus and Mars (representing poise and balance) is in the fourth house of new starts and self-confidence.  Venus conjoins the natal Part of Fortune, again leaning towards a positive “chance and change” interpretation for the Part of Fortune.  Kelly’s natal Mars-Mercury is on the cusp of the 5th house of entertainment.  Note that her natal Venus-Saturn pattern is portrayed in this chart as transiting Venus-square-transiting-Saturn.  Another natal pair, Sun-Uranus is also re-presented here as t/Sun-opposite-t/Uranus.  I didn’t talk about Sun-Uranus in the natal chart — it can represent a sparkling personality.  Here, in this chart, on this day, it comes along and emphasizes its importance in this public recognition event.

In this series of charts which focuses upon Mars at the Ascendant in natal charts, I have added another component to consider — the Moon-to-Sun phase.  Understanding the eight-fold phase relationships that were introduced by Dane Rudhyar and later covered and expanded by Marc Robertson in the 1980’s, helps us to determine how Mars-Asc. might be best expressed.  In Kelly Ripa’s case it was through personal performance and a need for recognition.  Other factors tilted that towards a positive expression.

This will end this series of charts.  The next series will be of a serious nature as I will be looking at events in the life of Edward Snowden, the man who revealed the illegal acts of the NSA and federal government in terms of data and content snooping of electronic communications of virtually the entire world.  

















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