Snowden’s Story Day-by-Day: Part 2



Edward Snowden Before He Became An International News Subject & Revealer of Government Secrets.

In his early adult life Snowden had been an active computer user who used the on-line community to help him get started in using tools that most of us never explore.  He had also joined the US Army but was discharged because of poor eyesight.  These two circumstances permitted him to acquire a job as a junior-level security analyst. From there he was able to work his way up the ladder, applying his curiosity and intellectual skills to becoming a highly skilled computer analyst.  We pick up Snowden’s story months before he became ‘famous.’

Edward Snowden was working in Hawaii for an international company, Booz-Allen Hamilton, a financial and advisory firm who also did contract work for the US intelligence agencies.  Snowden had previously left Dell in order to position himself where he could have greater access to government intelligence.  Yes, at this time Snowden had already set out on a path to collect government secrets!  This was not a casual quick decision.  It had been brewing within his mind for a long time.  He had already developed procedures for hiding his investigations into various networks.  He had developed ways to extract and collect that information without leaving traces back to himself.

The more he learned about what was being done that was outside of the legal bounds that had been established for spying and data collection, the more he was outraged.  The move to his new company game him system administrator access to every NSA computer, and others, in the world wide network.

On March 15, 2013 he and his girlfriend, Lindsay Mills, received word that they would have to leave their appartment in Hawaii and transfer to the U.S. mainland.  Snowden would be receiving advanced training at his company’s facilities near Fort Meade.  They would be leaving on March 30th.  Below is Snowden’s March 19, 2013 t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return.



This is a 2nd house Return. The theme is (taken from the book), “In-flow or outflow of money.  A focus on resources or increasing one’s personal satisfaction, security or comfort.  Pay increases . . . the feeling of pride or self-esteem.”  Snowden’s pay would be $122,000 yearly.  Since his n/Sun conjoins his n/PoF, every Return chart is likely to indicate some level of change into his life.  With t/PoF in the 4th house, opposite the n/Asc and later that day contacting n/Venus, this was a good period to look forward to. Another natal pattern to observe is n/Sun-n/PoF opposite n/Neptune and square t/Sun-t/Venus.  Wow!  What a doubling-up of natal and transiting Sun and Venus and the PoF.  A favorable Return in spite of t/Saturn-Desc.-n/Moon squared by t/PoF.  Favorable changes helping Snowden’s plan to gain greater access to intelligence computers.


This Advanced chart is for the day of their leaving Hawaii.  Note t/N.Node-t/Moon-n/MC-Desc.  This would mark the start of new associations and connections that would help his career plans — his personal career plans.  With this t/Moon so important (being angular) we should note the n/Moon is being approached by t/Saturn.  n/Saturn-n/Pluto will be activated, in turn linking to t/Pluto at the 9th house cusp of distant training, education.  Those who feel that Scorpio, the sign on the Descendant, is ruled-influenced by Pluto will like this linkage.  t/PoF is about to contact t/Pluto, giving it more importance in indicating the growing power of Snowden’s personal efforts at exposing secrets and hidden agendas in the US intelligence community.

We can see in these examples that Snowden’s life can be tracked on a day-by-day basis using this charting methodology.  Part of our efforts in this series of postings will be to highlight the interpretive process or steps typically taken to understand these charts.  

Eons ago, astrology was ‘observational’ and required the use of fewer planets and many special relationships between  planet-signs-houses-rulerships-aspects-and-patterns to make prediction or to understand an event.  Aphorisms (specific patterns having specific meanings) were common.  The natal chart could be defined by that day’s observations.  The natal chart could be progressed on a day-for-a-year basis through further observation of the sky in the following days.  And transits could be determined through observation.  Over time, the use of tables (planet positions for a given date) were available in some cultures at some times.  This permitted the astrologer to recreate a natal chart when no observational records were kept.  However, very few could take advantage of having a day-by-day forecast made for themselves.  Such an effort would take hours and days to construct.

Today, computers help us to easily and quickly create these types of charts within minutes of time.  Yet, most astrologers still work with the tools of astrologers who worked 2000 years ago.  Those tools are cumbersome for today’s modern world!  

Consider this situation.  A client makes an appointment for a reading.  The astrologers sets up a natal chart, a progressed chart, a transit-to-progressed-to-natal chart.  These charts are then studied and notes made.  Perhaps an hour, perhaps two or more hours go into this effort.  The client arrives, the reading starts.  Then the client introduces new issues and questions into the reading–the prepared charts and notes do not address these.  Can the astrologer well-serve the client at this point?

On the other hand, a natal chart is the basis for a keystroke and clicks to present a Return and/or an Advanced chart in seconds.  The simple and clear-cut method of reading these charts permits the astrologer to immediately address the client’s needs as they are brought up for discussion.  Lengthy preparation is avoided — it is not needed.  Both the astrologer and the client are productive and satisfied.  As the client participates, their appreciation of astrology and the astrologer are heightened.   Dave.









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