Day-by-Day Astrology: Snowden Vanishes From Work. Part 3


Prior to his transfer from Hawaii back to the US mainland, Snowden had been working for Booz Allen Hamilton, an Advisory, Financial, Consulting firm who, in this case, had a contract with the government. Snowden had left his contract job with Dell just so he could be better positioned to snoop through NSA’s files.  Following additional training, and working as a System Administrator with the ability to access any government computer at any location, Snowden was able to continue his search and acquisition of many documents and data.  

We will first look at his May 13, 2013 Moon-to-Sun Return chart for this period.


This is a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return in the 2nd house. The ‘theme’ for this placement is typically related to money and cash flow, acquired possessions and dress accessories.  Some-times this house relates mostly to self-esteem and pride.

Note the Solar Eclipse just ahead of the Asc. position. This is likely to be activated as the angle advances over the next six days (19 degrees minus 13 degrees for the Ascendant). The Part of Fortune activates the n/Mars-n/N.Node (actions that involve others).  We can jump over from natal Mars to transiting Mars; t/Mars-Asc. opp t/N.Node.  This doubles up Mars and the N.Node which greatly dramatizes these symbols of how Snowden will act (Mars-Asc.) relative to others (N.Node relates to associations with others).  This is Snowden’s private, secret war.

n/Moon-Desc. indicates the past is somehow linked emotionally to how he is treating others (OTHERS IN AN ABSTRACT FASHION).  Perhaps this is linked to his mother’s divorce when he was a small child, a lack of one-on-one attention, a feeling that some form of justice was denied to him.  With n/Venus-opp-n/MC, perhaps he is always looking for a new proof of being valued.  So, this chart sets the theme for the next few weeks.  His life provides the context for which we have to judge this and his advanced charts over the next several days.


This is Snowden’s Return chart ADVANCED several days to May 20, 2013.  On this day, Snowden vanished.  He had taken a leave from his work. This was the last anyone saw him in the U.S. in terms of his work associates.

What has changed in the past several days? The progessing Ascendant has contacted the Solar Eclipse point and is now conjunct t/Mars.  He will act on this date, starting a series of events that will shake the world.  t/Sun conjoins n/Asc-opposite n/Jupiter; Snowden has a large agenda involving others.

This large agenda is magnified by t/Jupiter-n/Mars-n/N.Node.  Isn’t it amazing how, for important events, the chart speaks so clearly, repeatedly, so as to make its point?  The t/PoF-t/Moon squares the t/Jupiter-n/Mars-n/N.Node and the n/Neptune.  His vision for what he is striving for is becoming real.

In the big picture, Snowden has had his first Saturn Return.  He is at that point where he has assessed his life and has decided that he needs to leave his mark upon the world.

During the next several days, Snowden will be busy completing his plans and positioning himself such that he can enact those plans.  His story now gets very complex in terms of how others are brought into his game.  Up until now he had been busy procuring data and documents from government files without being caught by the most sophisticated agencies who created, stored and used that data.  That was an extraordinary lone-wolf type of operation.  Yet, that was simple compared to what would happen next.

I will be returning from a few days vacation on Friday the 14th.  The next posting will likely be that following weekend.



















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