Snowden Meets With His Network of Reporters


On June 3, 2013 in a Hong Kong hotel, Edward Snowden met for the first time with the reporters of the Guardian newspaper whom he had followed and selected as those who would write about and disseminate his documents while parsing the operational details that could compromise the lives or careers of the people who were carrying out the ‘unlawful’ activities disclosed.  This meeting had been planned by Snowden for months.  All involved were taking a personal risk in the dissemination of this material that Snowden had gathered on the activities of the NSA and the policies enacted by the U.S., U.K., and by Canada, Australia and New Zealand to a lesser extent.

In this posting I will be using charts produced by the StarFisher software program for which instructions in its downloading and usage have been included in the menu above. In these be-wheel charts, transiting bodies are shown in the inner wheel, natal bodies are shown in the outer chart wheel.


In this t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return, 8th to 2nd houses, we have a theme, “The management of resources . . or a joint project.  Accounting for past practices and personal actions.  Changes in actions. . . A personal transition and/or crises.  Reflecting on one’s self-esteem.”  This, taken from chapter four in my book, nicely sums up the situation for Edward Snowden.  It was almost as if this ‘theme’ was written for him at this moment.

Note t/Mars-Asc.; taking strong, personal action of an aggressive nature.  Jumping over to natal Mars we find it conjoining n/N.Node, t/Mercury, t/Jupiter;  Acting (Mars) with others (N.Node) to bring forth a large (Jupiter) message (Mercury).  The interpretation is almost too simple.  Yet, in these Return charts, such basic interpretation approaches are all that is needed in order to reflect the basic actions in our daily lives.  Even the actions of Snowden in this revealing on national practices of spying.

The other angular-house planets include n/Venus-IC (basic values and efforts to even the playing field), and n/Jupiter-n/Uranus in the 7th (a significant and surprising revelation) also contribute to the story of what this two week period will entail for Snowden.  And that is all we would need to say as an astrologer if we were talking with Edward Snowden about what this next week or so would bring to him.  We would, at that point, move through each day’s charts with a click of the mouse.  We would be following his life day-by-day.  Let us now look at an Advanced chart for June 3, 2013, the day Snowden met with Greenwald, Poitras and (later) MacAskill.


As noted in the earlier posting, Greenwald and Poitras found Snowden in his hotel room. The shades were drawn, take-out food containers were everywhere, his several lap-top computers were present, and Snowden was dressed very casually.  They were excited after reviewing the documents they had on the long flight from New York, but their initial conversation was more about introductions and Snowden’s reasons for doing what he was doing.  It was important to him for them to know his motivation and plans.  Poitras proposed an interview, an audio-visual interview.  Snowden was surprised but readily agreed to it.  First, let us look at the Advanced chart for June 3, 2013.

t/Mars, due to its movement, remained close to the Ascendant; Snowden’s personal war was going to continue full-force.  t/Sun-n/Mercury signified his intent (Sun) to talk about his goals (Mercury).  t/Part-of-Fortune would contact the IC angle on this day, so changes would soon come in actually starting his efforts to disseminate his information.  Snowden was actually quite relaxed and comfortable, inspite of his nervousness at meeting the journalists for the first time.  We can take note of t/Venus-n/Sun.

As a background feature, we can note the square between t/Uranus and t/Pluto in cardinal signs.  Changes in institutions (Pluto-Capricorn) would be forced suddenly (square to Uranus) before the public (Moon-Uranus).  As it turned out, Snowden did not plan on trying to hide who he was.  He recognized that he would be hunted down as soon as this information became public.  He planned to escape safely to another location.  We will follow his actions over the next few days, as well as the actions of the Guardian staff in releasing the data, and the reactions of others in government positions as this story continued to break into the headlines.  This is what ‘day-by-day’ charting is all about.

If you will permit me to editorialize a bit, conventional astrological practices based on the use of a natal chart, a progressed chart, and a transit chart just are not ideal tools for being able to to track someone’s life day by day.  The natal chart is often read as ‘potential’ by new and early studies students.  It is not ‘potential’ when one is an adult — it is hard and fast adopted forms of expression based on the person’s life experience up until that point and their assumed attitudes and circumstances in life.  The progressed chart is not a good ‘up close and personal right-now-at-this-moment’ delineation tool as it is better suited to identifying trends and overall developments during this year of life.  And the transits don’t always help much because they are just transits and have no supportive format to show how and if they may impact the person at that time.

Compare that charting approach to t/Moon-to-n/Sun Returns.  The natal chart is used, but is used as a ‘this is who I am’ chart.  The context of the subject’s life is taken into account in the use of the natal chart.  In other words, the chart’s symbols are highly ‘personalized.’  The transiting part of the chart is not just a transit chart, but it is cast within a cyclic relationship between the t/Moon and the n/Sun position.  This is a “change affecting one’s life” relationship.  The t/Moon is the change, the n/Sun is one’s lifestyle and intentions.   Change affects the persons flow of daily life.  The Moon-Sun Return and daily charts show the changes and the means of rectifying change so that a ‘balance’ of some sort can be maintained.  Life has to go on. 

I urge each reader to consider this form of astrological practice for following their own life and the life of family and friends.  This method is so much cleaner and effective than trying to apply planetary hours, detriments, aspects between planets, and all of the complexities that are thrown at us by the astrological magazines and blog sites.  Astrology can be fun, rewarding, and simpler than one has been led to believe.  Within a few days my book, Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns, will be on Amazon with a “look inside the book” feature that will allow you to see for yourself just how this amazing astrological approach to life can be utilized by yourself.  This is the most effective and gratifying astrological predictive tool I have come across in over forty years.  Dave.
















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