The Guardian Releases the First Snowden Story


This post will provide these charts and a video of Snowden speaking from Hong Kong where he was being interviewed by the Guardian staff while providing them with secret documents.

  • t/Moon-opp-n/Sun Return chart for the Guardian News in New York prior to releasing Snowden’s first story.
  • Advanced chart for the Guardian’s June 5, 2013 digital broadcast about Verizon providing the NSA with America’s phone records.
  • A “double-diurnal” Advanced chart for the actual time of the first digital broadcast of the Snowden story.
  • A video of Snowden’s remarks about his motives in releasing this material.

Edward Snowden; First Release of Material by Guardian-US

And, now, the story.

During and following the first meeting with Edward Snowden in Hong Kong, the staff there was working hard to transfer information back to the New York office.  There, Editor Janine Gibson, Spencer Ackerman, Miller and others were also working furiously to both ready the release of the news while also putting in place a strategy for dealing with the expected reactions of the various government agencies.  There were both legal and journalistic considerations.  Let us first review a little background information.

The Guardian went into operation in July of 2011.  A staff of 31 was very small when compared to other papers such as the New York Times having thousands of employees.  On June 3, 2013, Spencer Ackerman had just been hired and was spending his first day of ‘orientation’ at the Guardian’s offices.  For that whole first morning he just sat waiting as the top staff seemed unbelievably panicked over some issue.  Ackerman had spent a decade chasing down government secrecy stories, uncovering tid-bits here and there and trying to weave it all into a pattern.  At lunch, he was invited to to join Editor Gibson and Miller for lunch around the corner from the news office.  As they sat in the crowded Ed’s Lobster Bar, Ackerman was told of Snowden’s story.  He had been brought aboard the staff because of his background in working such stories and his contacts within the U.S. government.  Once the Snowden material about Verizon giving the NSA access to all of its phone records was crafted, and the plan to deal with the government had been developed, Ackerman’s first task was to return to Washington, DC and contact the White House to give them a ‘heads up’ on the story that was to be released.

On Wednesday afternoon he called Verizon followed by a call to the White House for Caitlin Hayden, the chief spokesperson for the National Security Council.  Hayden could not be reached, an e-mail was sent.  At mid-afternoon Hayden returned his call and was told of the Guardian’s upcoming story involving a secret FISA court document due to be published at 4:30 pm that day.  The Guardian’s plan was to leave the government little time to react while they made every attempt to ‘play fair’ by providing a ‘heads up’ policy of being cooperative and sensitive.  Hayden was shocked and went into action.  At four she requested a little more time to put a staff together for the government.

Ackerman and the Guardian gave her until 5:15 PM.  A whole range of agency officials were mustered for the meeting.  The government’s idea was to intimidate the Guardian with all of their heavy hitters, hoping to stretch out the process and bring further pressure against the release of the story.  After a half hour it was obvious that any mutual approach was going nowhere.  The government staff was getting irritated, shouting ensued.  Just after 7 PM the Guardian published its story.

Following are two charts, a Moon-Sun Return and an Advanced chart for that June 5th date when the first Snowden story was released.


In the Guardian’s t/Moon-opp-n/Sun Return several striking features are noted.  Keep in mind that this is based on a corporate chart, the date at noon that they went into business.  t/Mars is at the MC indicating an aggressive nature in their plans.  t/PoF conjoins t/Sun in the 10th house; they were taking a risking course of action.  Note that n/Mars is opposed by n/PoF; risks and boldness was part of their character.  Other challenges are indicated in this chart.  Note t/Moon opposing n/Sun from the 8th to the 2nd house cusps; the values of the news organization and its financial basis was  dependent upon the public’s reaction to its work.  Finally, we have t/Neptune conjoining the n/MC, the n/Chiron at the Desc. angle while t/Chiron squares t/Sun-t/PoF in the 10th.  A very integrated ball of wax showing the need to make adjustments and to keep a balance between principles and ideals (t/Sun square t/Neptune).

Although there was an espionage act in place it had not been used against journalists and the Guardian felt that their rapid release schedule would not provide the government with the time to put a restraining policy in place when considering the expected public outcry over learning of this story.

The date of the news story’s release and the meetings with the government was June 5th. An Advanced chart is shown below.


Slight but interesting changes have taken place in the chart during the past five days which indicates how useful these forms of charting are for tracking day-to-day activities.  t/PoF opposes n/PoF; this is a hall mark pattern for taking great chances.  Also, t/Moon conjoins n/Jupiter in the 9th house; the public’s reaction to something ‘big’ is linked to news from a foreign location.  The chart’s Descendant angle has edged up to contact t/Neptune; the deceit of others is an issue on this day.

The story that broke was about Verizon’s participation in providing the NSA with access to millions of U.S. Citizens phone records, as well as other records involving contacts from around the globe that involved a United States source or destination, and, as it later turned out, any data that crossed U.S. held communication circuits.  The public was shocked, the government was in full panic mode.  While no details had been given, they understood that there was other similar material that would likely become public news.

The story went “viral” as they say, being picked up by all of the major news networks and the nation’s news papers.

To further examine this important moment in the Guardian’s news-life, we can employ a technique I call the “double diurnal” advanced chart.  In this case the t/Moon-opp-n/Sun Return is diurnally advanced several days and then on a particular day we advance the chart’s calculation time, in this case 11h48m23s AM by 7h12m to reach, approximately, 7:00 PM when they put up the story digitally for all the world to read.


Rotating the Advanced chart to reflect the 7:00 PM time brings t/Mars to the Desc. angle; being aggressive with others.  t/Chiron-IC points to making adjustments in one’s practices and base of support.  n/Mercury near the MC suggests that this news outlet is fulfilling its founding goals of informing the public.  Its opposition to t/Chiron may portray its unique format of digital on-line presentation rather than the printed news.  Transiting Mercury seems to add to this picture, opposing t/Pluto which makes a square to t/Uranus; the news will tear apart the hidden nature of the NSA.  We can stretch the interpretation further but this gives us the basic story.

This story represents one of new-journalism’s finest hours.  The courage of Janine Gibson, Editor of the U.S. Guardian news, Edward Snowden and the Guardian staff who worked in secrecy to reveal the gaps between public statements and private policy and actions was astounding.  Below is a link of part of the Snowden interview filmed by Laura Poitras in Hong Kong before Snowden left that city to avoid capture.

The purpose of this blog site it to both bring interesting stories before my visitors as well as to demonstrate various forms of Return and cyclic charting practices.  I feel that it is appropriate for most capable and professional astrologers to recognize that there exists other effective forms of astrological practice that offer life-tracking and predictive tools.  I call this approach “day-to-day” astrology.  It seems more helpful to work with a client using these charting techniques with clients so that their life in the near-term can be forecast and plans made to adjust to the upcoming changes they will encounter.  Having a balanced life is preferable to chaos and running to an astrologer after the fact.  Dave.


































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