Snowden Again Vanishes


Once the several meetings between Snowden and the Guardian Staff had filmed an interview and arranged for the encoded transfer of documents to the Guardian in New York, Snowden made plans to disappear from his hotel in Hong Kong before the U.S. authorities could arrest hi,.

Pictured above is one scene from Hong Kong harbor.   We have been reviewing Snowden’s actions in Hong Kong and the U.S. Guardian’s actions in New York and with the White House during the first days of releasing documents on the government’s use of phone and data records.  Let us take note of these incidents:

  • June 3, 2013.  Documents are shared with the Guardian’s staff.  The first release of a document occurred at 7 PM in NYC following a notification to the White House.  Verizon was specifically named as a cooperative party.
  • June 4, 2013.  The Guardian notified the White House that more releases were coming.  More companies would be tagged as cooperating with the government.
  • June 5, 2013.  Snowden was happy that CNN, among others, had picked up on the story of phone records being shared with the government.
  • June 6, 2013.  Snowden’s demeanor and attire changes as he views the results of his work to reveal government programs.  A video was prepared of him.
  • June 7, 2013.  The Guardian published the Presidential directive of Oct. 2012 that identified specific overseas targets for U.S. retaliation.
  • June 8, 2013.  The NSA program, Boundless Informant’ was revealed.

On June 9, 2013 Snowden had a t/Moon-n/Sun Return in the 4th house.


This offers a ‘theme’ of fundamental changes involving (from the book) . . . “promoting yourself, changing your personality, making an effort to work through a transition . . . expanding one’s place.  Something ends, something begins.” All this would be in question over the next two weeks.  t/Nepune-Asc. indicates a vague, idealistic or misunderstood set of actions.  t/Mars-IC-t/Sun conjoining n/Mercury indicates action, intentions, news and movement.  Having both the natal and transiting Suns in the fourth house does strongly point to shifts in one’s life.  t/Jupiter is deeper into the 4th and conjoins n/N.Node and n/Jupiter, again augmenting the feeling of major changes involving others.

I would like now to move to an Advanced chart for the next day, June 10, 2013.


When evaluating an Advanced chart we typically pay attention to the t/Moon, t/PoF, t/Sun and angular planets.  We also note any “doubled-up” planets.  Sometimes the answers are evident.  At other times we have to dig a bit.

t/Neptune-Asc. is most striking.  Drama, illusion, deceit, ideals all come to mind.  We need to look for more indicators.  t/Mars-IC-t/Sun squares t/Neptune; strong actions and intentions initiate a new game in Snowden’s life.  t/Venus-t/Moon-t/Mercury oppose t/Pluto, all squared by t/Uranus.  This complex pattern involves a strong and personal statement (Venus-Moon-Mercury) playing a role in a social bomb-blast (Pluto square Uranus) that causes great upset.

So, we have looked at this Advanced chart and noted the angular planets, t/Moon, t/Sun. We now look for t/Part of Fortune.  We see t/PoF conjoining n/PoF in the first house.  Since we are looking at a ‘conjoining’ we can say that Snowden himself is the cause of a great amount of change and chaos.

So, what changed on this day?  Snowden packed his bags and computers, then vanished from his hotel.  The U.S. authorities were trying to reach him, legalities were involved in seeking his arrest and return to the U.S.  Hong Kong was dragging its feet, wishing this situation would resolve itself.  t/Neptune-Asc. is most symbolic for this date when he moved out of his hotel and vanished from the sight of the authorities.

Snowden was in hiding.  He did not leave Hong Kong on this date.  He was working with a lawyer trying to set up an asylum situation.  He had planned on establishing the release and publication of his material.  He had planned on making himself known to the public.  He had planned on finding a safe haven but could not do that prior to the release and publication of the secret documents he provided to the Guardian and would continue to feed to the Guardian.  During this period from when he went into hiding and the date when he actually chose to leave, Snowden frequently changed his location, often staying in private houses to further thwart tracking.

Having established procedures for communicating via encrypted messages, the Guardian staff and Snowden parted company.  Yet, the story continued and it touched many people and leaders around the globe.  We will next explore some of those happenings.

More of his story will continue in the next posting.





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