Snowden’s Revelations Spread to Britain’s David Cameron

Three daBritish Prime Minister David Cameronys before Edward Snowden vanished within the dense urban jungle of Hong Kong to avoid arrest, the Guardian digital news team released an Oct. 2010 Presidential Directive to create a listing of targets for a cyber attack.  This news release was scheduled for June 7th, 2013.  The White House was also advised that their program called Boundless Informant would be the next release subject.  “Boundless Informant” was a program that allowed NSA to collect the volume of information transmitted by any country.  As an example of how penetrating this program was, in March 2013 the NSA collected 97 billion (with a B) data points from computer networks worldwide.  This story was so complex to explain that it was actually not released until several additional days of work could be put into it in order for the story to be easily understood.  It was at this time that Obama was meeting with his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping.  There had been difficulties between both countries as the U.S. was accusing  China of cyber-spying.  Now a new perspective was being added to the charges and counter-charges.

The White House was now paying attention to the Guardian’s release and management of these documents acquired though Snowden.  It was against this backdrop of a panicked U.S. Administration trying to cope with embarrassing and hurtful releases of sensitive information, and their efforts to find and apprehend the leaker, that Snowden left his hotel room.  In the following days he worked with his lawyer to find asylum in other countries while also making arrangements to leave Hong Kong.

Prior to his being able to leave Hong Kong one of several more stories of cyber-spying can be introduced.  On June 16, 2013 the U.S.Guardina released a story about TEMPORA, a program which interacted with other programs and involved the UK’s part in spying.  Britian’s GCHQ (their NSA function) was tapping into transmission cables that passed between Europe and the US and was a full blown partner with the US.  Some of these documents revealed that Prime Minister David Cameron was about to host a G8 Summit.  It seemed that the delegates at other conferences had all been individually hacked, allowing the US and UK to have advance information about programs and bargaining points.  This proved to be a real embarrassment   David Cameron’s charts for that June 16th, 2013 information release are given here.

dcmopps6-03-2013Chart for June 3, 2013 t/Moon opp n/Sun Return for David Cameron.

Of immediate note is Cameron’s natal angles very near the Return chart’s angles.  This always signifies a major crises point in one’s life.  The t/Moon opposes n/Sun in the first house; Cameron’s actions are seen to directly affect the integrity of others.  This is a highly personal situation.  This t/Moon had conjoined t/Uranus earlier that day, t/Uranus opposes n/Venus, his ability to relate to others was being challenged suddenly.  t/PoF conjoins n/Jupiter-n/Moon; one’s openness and receptiveness to/from others will be upset during this cycle.

Let us now move to the Advanced chart for June 16th, 2013 to see what this embarrassing day offered Cameron.


The Asc. conjoins n/Venus while the MC approaches t/Venus.  Obviously, his ability to relate with well with others is at stake.  How will he handle his personal actions relative to the professional-diplomatic requirements of his representation of his country?

We can note t/Mercury in the 10th conjoining n/PoF; his words will not be well received.  Playing astrological hopscotch, we can jump our attention over to n/Mercury and find that it is conjoined by t/Saturn; communication will be limited on this date.

In fact, t/PoF-IC-t/Pluto implies that personal trust in Cameron will be shattered.  t/Uranus at the Desc. angle backs this up.  A frost will chill relations on this day.

These charts are an excellent example of how clearly the events of the day are shown and explained so clearly within the context of the subject’s life.  For any person, on any given day, the Return and Advanced charts show the areas of life and the energies of life that are in play.  Typical key words for each/any of the angular planets suffice to describe what is going on.  The Mercury cited here relates to talking, communicating, documents, news and information being shared.  Venus cited here relates to trying to balance life, finding bonds with others, establishing valued relationships.  It is all that simple.       Dave


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