June 23, 2013: Same Day, New Location


Edward Snowden and his WikiLeaks escort had escaped the clutches of the United States, and with his now-canceled passport had managed to leave Hong Kong on a flight to Moscow. He hoped to be able to go on to Cuba and then Venezuela where he could find asylum.  Later, on that same day of June 23, 2013, Snowden landed in Moscow.  While his plane landed, Snowden himself did not appear.  He remained in some unidentified part of the airport. His chart for this date, in Moscow, appears below.


What I first note in this chart is that the angles are close to the relocated natal angles.  In a few days the chart’s angles will advance and align with those relocated natal angles.  This will mark a potential life-changing event.  The t/Moon-opp-n/Sun is from the 4th to the 10th house, and includes t/Jupiter at the n/Sun location.  The book cites a theme for this location; Difficulty with plans . . . Public imageis affected by stated plans. . . private and public life clash.  Renewing something essential to one’s well-being is considered.  Doing the unexpected. This is appropriate.  Snowden was having difficulty with his plans, he was being held incommunicado with no access to public media.  Russia did not know what to do with him.  Putin later referred to him as “an unwelcome Christmas present.”  The world’s press were waiting, but in vain.  

Note n/Mercury-MC opposite n/Uranus (and, n/Jupiter) at the IC, square t/Chiron-Desc.  We can twist the keywords to this pattern in many ways.  Mercury; news, talking, meeting, travel.  Being natal Mercury, this suggests that Snowden has something to say. The n/Uranus; individualism on display.  At the IC, Snowden wishes to set his story in a new light.  The square to t/Chiron-Desc.;  Snowden hopes to use the occasion to make an adjustment in his relationship to the public and his supporters and detractors.  With t/PoF conjoining t/Chiron, he sees the confusion and surprise as an opportunity.

Sucn an opportunity was to be denied for the moment.  On June 30, 2013, opportunity emerged into the light.  Snowden was allowed to apply for asylum in 20 countries.  How this would legally be managed was something else.  He was in Moscow without a valid passport and would have trouble visiting or stopping enroute to any asylum provider without a passport.  His chart for this date is shown below.


The chart angles are now closer to the relocated natal angles.  n/Mercury has passed into the 9th house, t/Mars is close by in the 10th, close to the n/MC and square the n/Asc.  This is a date when Snowden made his appeal and stood in defiance against the misuse of U.S. law and constitutional rights.  In Advance charts, we always check for the t/Sun, t/Moon and t/Part of Fortune and any patterns they may be part of.  t/Sun opposes t/Pluto; fighting the valiant fight, trying to destroy principles in defence of other principles.  t/Moon-t/Uranus in the 7th, square t/Sun, square t/Pluto;  Snowden’s whole identity and need to reaffirm that identity is visible at this moment.  He has the world’s attention.  t/PoF conjoins t/Mars and n/Mars near n/MC and the day’s MC.  Snowden will fight to make his case, to plead his position, to hope that somehow change will better affect his future.

The effect of his appeal would be quickly felt.  On July 1st, a day later, Russia was hosting a summit for Gas Exporters.  The next day, the press asked the President of Bolivia what he thought about Edward Snowden arriving in Moscow and seeking asylum.  He know nothing about this.  Upon further conversation, he indicated that Bolivia would be pleased to offer Snowden asylum.  Upon leaving Bolivia, and enroute from Moscow to Bolivia, the President’s plane was denied access to the airspace of several European countries.  Those governments, allies of the U.S. did not want Snowden to escape to Bolivia.  It was later learned that Snowden was not on the President’s plane.  The U.S. was embarrassed by an intelligence failure.  The chart for that date is shown below.


The relocated natal angles and Advanced chart angles are aligned.  This is a crucial day for Snowden.  Again, for Advanced charts we first look at angular planets and their aspects, then t/Sun, t/Moon and t/PoF, finally we can look for ‘doubled up’ planets.  t/Mars-MC-MC is angular;  a decision as to act or not to act is at hand.  The angular realignment always requires a decision, it seems.   t/Sun opposite t/Pluto, square t/Uranus;  will Snowden act in his own interests or will he shake up his world.  What will result from whatever action he takes?  t/PoF conjoins n/MC; his status is of high importance to him. He has a mission to continue his pressure on the U.S. government and its misuse of intelligence gathering.  t/Moon-square n/PoF, square t/Venus;  His feelings are guided by his values and attempt to achieve balance between intelligence gathering and the legal uses of it gathering.  He will have to change his tactics to suit the situation.

Snowden did not take the planet with the Bolivian President.  We don’t know if he could have or if the Russians wouldn’t let him go.  He would stay in Russia for awhile, at least.









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