Snowden’s New Home in Moscow

edward-photo-4-9-29-2016Snowden’s New Home in Moscow

With a cascading flow of upsetting revelations, Russia provides Edward Snowden with a home, a place to operate from.  The U.S. was dismayed, fearing that all of Snowden’s collection of secret documents would soon be in Russian hands.  Three weeks after landing in Moscow, and being unable to move to another location, Snowden was able to meet with a small group of reporters and civil rights activists.  He was in fine spirits, made his points as to why he did what he did.  Snowden assured everyone that he was in firm possession of his collection of documents and that Russia had no access to them.

A chorus of official denouncements issued.  An official message was conveyed to Snowden, advising him that he had broken the law and was not considered a well meaning whistle blower.  Glenn Greenwald interviewed Snowden twice in July and was told that no material had been taken from his computers.  Snowden’s encryption expertise was apparently sophisticated enough to keep his computers safe from prying.  Snowden had his supporters, including a Republican Senator from New Hampshire, Gordon Humphrey.  Snowden replied to Humphrey, in part, “Thank you for your words of support.  I only wish more of our lawmakers shared your principles — the actions I’ve taken would not have been necessary.  The media has distorted my actions . . .  My intention, which I outlined when this began, is to inform the public as to that which is done in teir name and that which is done against them. . . I have not provided any information that would harm our people — agent or not — and I have no intention of doing so.  . . . Edward Snowden.

On July 24, 2013 a Russian official noted that Snowden’s status was still unresolved.  Snowden would stay at the Moscow airport.  39 days after landing in Moscow, Russia granted him a one year’s temporary asylum.  That date was August 1, 2013.  Snowden’s t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return for July 20th, 2013 is shown below.


Note the latitude distortion of the MC axis relative to the Ascendant axis.  Of most interest is n/MC at the IC angle.  The book, page 160, notes for this placement; “Choices to change, to modify, to scrap a public plan or image. Making a new start for the future.”  So, the obvious expectation for this cycle is a new direction for Snowden’s status.  Nearby is n/Mercury; we might assume that some discussion between Snowden and Russian authorities was going on.  Snowden’s n/Venus was at the Desc. angle, t/Venus in the 7th house.  Good relations had been established.

With all of this said, let us look at the t/Moon-n/Sun house pattern.  Moon is in the house of the future, the community.  n/Sun is in the 5th house of chances, risks and personal challenges.  The book theme for typical life situations and this pattern says, “Support for a public effort or program, joint ventures, or training of others.  Start/completion of financial ventures, losses or gains relation to one’s career or work or use of resources.  The desire to be with friends or active in the community.  Balancing the needs of self and others.  Community support for personal affairs.”  The theme statement does reflect Snowden’s position in spite of that situation being very unusual.

There are other interesting patterns in this chart, but none are angular.  We can let our examination remain at this point.  A new direction would emerge for Snowden.  Good relations with his host country were established.  The theme notes a start relative to his career or use of resources.  He was balancing the needs of himself and others.

Let us now examine Snowden’s advanced chart for August 1, 2013.


t/Venus-Desc. opposes t/Chiron-Asc.;  A ‘balance’ is to be established.  These transiting bodies are in contrast to the natal bodies along the vertical axis; n/Neptune-MC, n/N.Node-n/Sun-IC.  This vertical pattern pits practical-and-intended policies against uncertainty and non-clarity of status.

With Advanced charts, we use transiting Moon, Sun and Part of Fortune along with any angular planets.  Here, t/Sun opposes n/PoF; Snowden feels that he is walking a tight rope of chance and change.  t/Moon conjoins n/Mercury-n/MC; reactive feeling and uncertainty is thought about and expressed.  t/PoF opposes t/Mars-t/Mercury; Others are taking action and making decisions.  He will have to go along with this.

On another personal subject.  The many essays provided through the menu-bar have received heavy and continuous interests from my readers.  It is my intention to review these, to edit them, and to refocus them to better reflect a “Day by Day” theme or flow of life.  The concepts of Returns charts and cyclic charts is easy to grasp, but there is evidence that this simple and direct system as astrological charting and interpretation is too different from mainstream astrology for some to grasp.  Therefore, it seems essential that I revisit and improve my writings that provide guidance to the visitors to this blog site.  As these rewrites begin to be posted in the coming months I would hope that comments from my readers will be given to help guide this sharing process.  Dave.


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