Trial for Hate Crime & Mass Murder Commences


Pictured here is the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church of Charleston, S.C.  It was here on June 17, 2015 that Dylan Roof, a white young adult, walked into a bible-study class, sat for an hour after being welcomed into the group, and then stood and fired some 60 shots, killing nine and leaving three alive to tell his story of hate.

This posting will present two themes: First, to present the charts and the story of Dylan Roof’s coming to trial, and second, to illustrate some basic interpretive concepts relating to Moon-to-Sun Returns.  Today, Dec. 7, 2016, Roof’s trial starts.  Charts are set for Charleston, S.C. where the murder of nine happened.


We first note the house location of the t/Moon and n/Sun; here in the 5th to the 11th houses.  I will modify the book’s theme for this placement to meet the extreme situation at hand. “Caught up in a project involving others which involves future actions. Disappointment.  Unease between personal and public life situations.”  We can catch the idea of this 5th to 11th house opposition. Roof is caught up between his own reckless actions (5th) and community (11th) concerns.

One closely angular planet dylann-in-custody-photogrouping is found in the chart, t/Saturn-t/Mercury at the 7th angle.  A highly structured conversation is about to start — that is what a trial is.  Note the n/Ascendant in the 7th!  His personal life is of concern to others — the jury and the community.  There are angular houses with planets not overly close to the angles.  t/N.Node is close to the recent eclipse point at 9 Virgo, as it should be.  It opposes t/Neptune-n/Saturn in the 10th.  This ‘doubles up’ Saturn, making the structured conversation the focal point of the chart.  Because t/Mercury is angular we have to jump over to n/Mercury.  We find n/Mercury-n/Mars at t/Chiron’s position.  First, Mercury becomes a doubled up planet, adding greatly to the emphasis on the structured conversation (the trial), as well as Roof’s ‘anger’ involved in the hateful shooting of black church goers.  t/Chiron links to n/Chiron at the recent eclipse point.  Another doubling up of a planet, Chiron, indicating adjustments of a major nature have to be addressed.

What this chart illustrates:

  • A seemingly simple chart can tell a very strong story once we delve into it.
  • A few angular planets, Saturn and Mercury at the Descendant, define the story in very clear terms — a structured conversation, or a court trial.
  • Doubled-up planets add great emphasis to the theme of what they mean.  In this chart we have Saturn, Mercury, Chiron all emphasized.
  • Simple key words for a ‘planet’ can be used to effectively summarize a situation in most cases.
  • The house placement of the t/Moon-and-n/Sun provide a ‘theme’ statement which is useful in framing the chart’s meaning.

Let us now look at today’s chart, Dec. 7th, 2016, as the Federal trial starts for Roof.  There is some background to this story that we can consider.  Another shooting took place in the Charleston, S.C. area shortly after Roof’s killing rampage.  A policeman shot a black man who was running away from him in a park.  It was claimed by the defendant that he was in fear of his life even though the running man was quite far away and running to put distance between them.  The man was killed.  Hours before Roof’s trial started, that defendant in the other trial had a ‘hung jury’ due to a lone juror not being able to consider him guilty.  The whole state was up in arms over this unbelievable turn of events.  This does not bode well for Roof’s trial.


As the trial starts we find that the ‘quiet’ nature of the Return chart has changed greatly.  The Solar Eclipse point and t/N.Node opposite t/Neptune-n/Saturn at the MC becomes the sole focus point.  We have moved from the personal axis (the Asc.-Desc.) to the vertical axis (IC-MC) of one’s basic principles and life status-goal.

The mixture of Saturn and Neptune seldom seems to bode well, interpretively.  We find ‘idealism’ meeting ‘reality.’  When an individual’s idealism meets the world’s ‘reality’, the world holds sway over the individual in most cases.  Roof has a demonstrated history of anger against the black community.  How that came about so strongly in a very young man is another story.  Let us stop to consider what we will be looking for in an Advanced chart.

  • We always look for closely angular planets.
  • We check out the t/Sun, t/Moon, t/Part of Fortune (t/PoF).
  • We look for doubled-up planet patterns.

We have noted t/Neptune-n/Saturn opposite t/N.Node and the Eclipse point.  Note the t/Sun conjoining t/Saturn; one’s intent and well being is coming upon restrictions and harsh situations.   Now note t/Moon squaring the n/Asc.; his emotional and security or self-preservation thoughts are being challenged (the square) by his actions (Ascendant).

Finally, note the t/PoF which has just passed his n/PoF (chaos and internal panic) and will contact his n/MC on this day (realization that his life goals and status) is up for big changes.

That’s it.  When we take these charts step by step, they become relatively simple to understand.  The only thing we have to do for this chart and for any chart we study is to know the ‘context’ of the subject’s life at this point.

Roof had posted social media material showing his affiliation with the ideals of hate groups.  He had photos of himself in various forms of dress implying his militant approach to hating black people.  He walked into one of the most famous black churches in the U.S. and sat in on a bible study group for an hour.  Then he shot and killed nine, leaving three to tell his story of hate.  He fled the state but was arrested soon after in North Carolina and returned.  Now, one and a half years later, he is standing trial in Federal court because the state of S.C. does not have a hate-crime law and the death sentence penalty.  Roof is facing a dire personal situation.  Meanwhile the whole Charleston, SC community, has come together.  Roof’s message of hate has been rejected.












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