Trump Is Dismissive Of The CIA’s Report On Russian Hacking

Donal Trump photo 4Dec. 9, 2016.  Donald Trump made the first of many following statements about the CIA’s report finding that Russian hacking of campaign computers, both Democratic and Republican, had occurred.  Further, this information was furnished to other parties to influence media reporting and the outcome of the U.S. Presidential Election of Nov. 8th.

On another site, I had commented on this view and statements by Donald Trump.  While there are very many daily “issues” raised by this man, these words were disturbing.  The chart for Dec. 9th and my observations bring up some subtle points of interpretation which I want to share. 

Below is the Dec. 9th Advanced chart for Donald Trump. The natal chart is outside, the transiting/Advanced chart is inside.  This is so the computer software can ‘rotate’ the inner-transiting-planets forward day by day.



Note t/Sun-t/Saturn-Desc. angle; “a professional authority (Saturn-Sun) promotes something you resist (Desc. angle).

This t/Sun-t/Saturn squares t/Chiron in the 11th. “The CIA assessment is instrumental in changing or adjusting (Chiron) something that needs correction regarding (world) community relations”. We can relate this to Russia as the 11th house is the 3rd house from the 9th house of foreign affairs.  Using relationships between houses in this way is often referred to as using Derivative Houses.  (The most complete book on this subject is Robert Pelletier’s “Planets in Houses.”)   What Russia says or did (in communication or cyber activities, a 3rd house function) affects our understanding and relations in a world context.  

The position of Trump in rejecting or fighting back against this is seen in his n/Sun being opposite the t/Sun; “a contest of wills or perspective or intent”.  This opposition of the two Sun’s attacks Trumps belief that he is very unique in his dealings with and understanding of others (n/Sun, n/N.Node, n/Uranus) and can decide/dictate everything relative to others — this pattern is in the natal 11th house.

With t/Chiron in the 11th house of this Advanced chart, this whole scenario fights against his natal 11th house perspective on his place in the world. The CIA assessment is an insult on him personally.  Don’t confuse his views with facts. 

In Summary:

  • Derivative Houses, as a technique, can add subtle and appropriate meaning to our interpretation of a chart.
  • An emphasis on a house, such as the 11th house here, in which both the natal chart and Return-or-Advanced chart also involves that house is an important factor to note.  It is much like “doubled up” planets.
  • Each year we experience the t/Sun conjoining, opposing and twice-squaring our n/Sun position.  When this occurs in a Return or an Advanced chart, this can often be interpreted as a ‘distinction between the will and intent of two people.’  The conjoining pattern suggests a similarity of views and actions, the square aspects point to a disagreement in views or a challange in one’s actions.  The opposition is almost always a total difference in how things are seen, what the solution might be.

In the days following Trump’s rejection of the CIA’s findings about hacking, he has repeatedly railed against the CIA and it’s employees.  It is astounding that he, as President-elect, will soon by responsible for that agency and all the other agencies of the federal government.  That he should publicly insult their value and work is not a good thing to comptemplate.  This person will, unfortunately, provide much to use for charting examples in the coming months.  Dave


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