Guilty As Planned, What Was The Point?


There he stood, same blank look on his face as had been displayed during his trial.  Standing near a rear door in the court house, flanked by two guards, perhaps or perhaps not, thinking about the just-pronounced words of the judge and jury.  Guilty of 33 counts for murder, etc.  Then, he is taken down the steps and into a police car to be returned to his cell.


This occurred yesterday, Dec. 15, 2016 just outside of Charleston where a year and a half ago he had killed nine after sitting with a bible study class at Charleston’s most famous church; the  Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C.  That shooting was called into the police at 9:05 PM, June 17, 2015. After reloading and shooting more people, Roof decided to let one live so his story could be told.  He then attempted to shoot himself, but the gun was empty.  He lest and left for North Carolina later that night.

In this posting, I will use the shooting date and time as the base-chart, and then look at the t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return of that shooting relative to the multiple guilty verdict delivered yesterday. But first, the shooting chart.


Chart for June 17, 2015 at 9:05 PM, Charleston, SC. at the time of calls made to police about the shooting at the church.

Note the T-square of Moon-opp-Pluto, square Uranus.  This is essentially a cardinal T-Square.  Note also Sun-Mars in the 6th, square Chiron and inconjunct  Saturn.  As an event chart, much can be said about this chart.

  • The T-square (Moon-Pluto-Uranus) tells of a high emotionally charged situation. Fanaticism, a fighting mentality, a sudden upset, a crises at hand.
  • An assertive will and intent was present (Sun-Mars-inconj-Saturn) that spurnned any sense of limitation or conventional structure.  In fact, this ‘will or intent’ within Roof was inconsiderate of convention.  The t-square pattern showed a strong rebellion against society.
  • That Sun-Mars pattern squared Chiron; there was a sense of something needed to be ‘made right’ in this pattern.  Roof was making right the perceived damage of the black community against the white people in his world.  The fact that he could see this, along with the white supremacists he communicated with and was inspired by, and others could not was a point that was lost upon him.  He had to fix the problem that was obsessing him.

Most of us will ask ourselves, “How could a young man of 21 years of age, living in an area all of his life, come to such a warped viewpoint.  He was not homeless, had not been denied food and shelter, had a family and friends, was not being personally and daily put into humiliating or degrading situations.  Where did this hate come from?  Like those who had become radicalized in Europe and had joined Isis in Syria, many come into contact with hate groups with local members or through the Internet, and they become as sharply radicalized as any other person in another country.  Those who remain along and out of daily active contact with friends and family are often drawn to fringe elements.

Let us look at the t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return of Dec. 14th, the date the trial ended.


The trial for Roof ended, the jury was sent home to rest.  They would report the next day and begin deliberations.  Roof had no witnesses called on his behalf.  His lawyer did not contest the charges.  What he had done was known to all and could not be contested on any rational basis.

  • In this Return chart the shooting-Moon was at the MC; public attention was focused on this date on what had occurred 18 months earlier.
  • t/Mercury at the IC conjoined shooting Pluto-opposite-shooting Moon-MC.  News and talking about this brutal public assault had both ended and would start anew.
  • t/Part of Fortune-Descendant squared this Moon-Mercury-Pluto combination.  Chance and change, perhaps chaos, would prevail in this period.
  • The Sun-Mars of the shooting chart was now replaced by t/Sun-t/Saturn in the 3rd house; a ‘severe will’ would manifest itself in this period.
  • t/Jupiter-shooting MC-opp-Uranus in the first-seventh house axis, and squaring the shooting Part of Fortune.  The court of law (Jupiter) would contest the unique efforts of Roof to initiate a race-war (his stated goal for the shooting) and his attempt to sow disruption and upset (both Uranus and its square to Part of Fortune) would show itself to the world.

Let us now jump to the very next day, the 15th of December.


What a difference a single day can make.  In court, the jury was charged by the judge, they left and deliberated, they came back two hours later.  One by one, each of the 33 counts was read and the verdict given by the jury; guilty, guilty, guilty  . . . guilty.

  • t/Moon had come to the day’s MC and the shooting Moon position.
  • t/Mercury opposed this Moon-Moon and conjoined shooting Pluto.  The deliberation addressed the depraved actions (Pluto) and the emotional rejection of the public (Moon-Moon).
  • t/PoF (7th) square shooting/PoF (4th), changes hoped for were not obtained.  The changes brought a new result (t/PoF-IC) then what had been striven for (shooting PoF in the shooting/first house).
  • t/Sun opposing shooting/Sun:  a contest of wills and intent was at hand.  Roof’s will and intent (shown as the shooting Sun-Mars) was up against the jury’s will and intent (shown as the Sun-Saturn combination). The 3rd house represents his peers and local talking, communication as well as news reporters.

There will be, in another several weeks, a penalty phase for this trial in which this same jury will consider the level of punishment.  Death, life without parole, or some other form of punishment will be decided.  At that trial Roof’s lawyers will be much more active, trying to paint him as a deranged, under emotional influences, and deserving some lesser form of punishment than death.


So, what was the point of this shooting?  He had come to hate black people.  He had shot and killed nine.  He left one alive to tell the story of the shooting.  That same person was in court, facing him, telling the story of his actions.  OK.  So, what now? This was not the moment to cause the hoped-for uprising against the citizens of his state.  That should have occurred (if it ever was to happen) shortly after the shooting. Was he asking himself why and how it had all gone wrong.  Was his effort, his life, a wasted effort and a wasted life?  It was.  But it cost so much to so many others.  Was he capable of seeing that, deep inside himself.  We do not know.



















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