Political Intrique, Guilty, No Direct Penalty

photo-lagardeChristine Lagarde, IMF Director Found Guilty of Negligence.

This event, these charts, require a sensitivity to the context of Lagarde’s life and activities. In 2007, while Ms Lagarde oversaw an arbitration case between Bernie Tapie and the bank Credit Lyonnais, Lagarde ruled for Mr Tapie to receive some 45 million. The French public was upset by the size of the award.  She had an opportunity to modify that award but declined to do so after the fact because it would have spawned new lawsuits against Mr. Tapie. In 2011, Ms Lagarde became director of the International Monetary Fund located in Washington, D.C. in the U.S.

France’s special court for addressing criminal cases against government officials decided to take up challenges to the 2007 award to Mr. Tapie.  They held the trial and today, Dec. 19th, 2016, issued a guilty verdict relative to her decision.  Mr. Tapie will have to repay his award.  Ms Lagarde leaves court with no actual punishment indicated.  While no fines, jail time, or action by the court against her will apply, the finding may damage Ms Lagarde’s ability to run the International Monetary Fund at this sensitive time.  Greece is having problems maintaining financial stability, the British are leaving the EU, and tough times are ahead for the IMF.

With this context of Ms Lagarde’s life in mind, let us now examine a t/Moon-opp-n/Sun Return chart and an Advanced chart for her court verdict.  The natal planets are located in the outer wheel, the transits are inside.  This permits computer software to “advance” or rotate the inner chart as desired.


The theme from the book, Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2, says, “Management of resources such as money, real estate or a joint project.  Accounting for past practices and personal actions.  Changes in plans, emotional issues. The disbursement of resources.  Supporting the needs of another,  A personal transition and/or crises.  Reflecting on one’s self-esteem.”  This book statement may have been written a couple of years ago for just this one occasion, it fits so well.

n/Saturn-Asc., t/Chiron-IC:  In this two week period limitations of various sorts will be felt by the chart-subject.  These will require some adjustments dictating changed practices.  This n/Saturn-Asc. squares n/Pluto in the 9th house of international affairs.  Ebertin notes for this pattern, “Being placed in cumbersome and difficult circumstances . . .”  This same n/Saturn also squares t/Mars; being attacked under difficult conditions.  This same t/Mars opposes n/Pluto (noted earlier).  Hidden motives and old information is used in this attack.

While there is no other angular planets other than n/Saturn and t/Chiron, we can play astrological hopscotch and bring in other symbols to help fill out the details.  Remember, this is both a daily chart and a theme-chart for the whole two-week period to follow.  Astrological hopscotch is a jumping process leading from a significant or angular planet, either natal or transiting, to the other version of the same planet, transiting or natal version.

Lets jump over to t/Pluto which conjoins t/Mercury; the attack and difficulties will be linked to words and decisions made.  Let us jump to the n/Asc. which we see squares t/Venus and n/Venus.  This doubled-up Venus is generally favorable — which proved to be so in this case with the lack of a court-ordered punishment.  Let us now peek at n/Chiron at 3 Aqaurius.  We find it having no major contacts, suggesting that changes will not affect her daily life.

We can now look at the trial’s conclusion, Dec. 19th, 2016 in Paris.


n/Saturn at the chart’s Ascendant:  This is a serious and defining moment.  Let us look a little deeper as the only other angular planet is t/Chironn/Saturn is at the midpoint of t/Jupiter and t/Pluto.  One’s success is tarnished.  Let’s jump over to the natal version of this planet pair; n/Jupiter-n/Pluto which opposes t/Mars and has a square-and-a-half (135 degrees) aspect to t/Pluto.  It is all tangled up.  Mars can be brutal when combined with Pluto.  In this case the politics within France was influenced by Germany’s dismay over the original ruling which had an effect upon the reserves behind the Euro as well as affecting the availability of funds from the IMF for other purposes.  This was no simple case.

Yet, the Venus-return pattern in a broad square to n/Asc. seems to have protected Ms Lagarde from personal fines or other direct limitations.  In all Advanced charts, one of the players we have to always note is the t/Part of Fortune.  Here, t/PoF opposes t/Saturn-t/Sun-n/N.Node.  Limitations affecting her personally, or her responsibilities to others (Saturn-Node) is up in the air.  It may happen, it may not.

Time will be required to see if Lagarde’s position within the IMF will be affected by both the ‘guilty-but-unpunished’ finding of the court and the political maneuvering behind the scenes by parties within both France and Germany.  Dave







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