Kidnapping & a Bittersweet End and Beginning


The local news can be a great resource for the student astrologer.  This is a story that began 18 years ago and ended on Saturday, January 14th, 2017.  The young lady in the middle, Kamiyah Mobley, was kidnapped from the hospital room where her mother (on the left) had just given birth to her.

In this case I have a birthdate of July 10, 1998.  The birth place is Jacksonville, Florida.  There is no recorded time available to me so I will use a “noon” birth time.  This is an acceptable practice when using t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return charts because the daily rate of advance for the Moon (12 or 13 degrees) is so much faster than the Sun’s movement (slightly less than one degree).  When one does the math it becomes apparent that everyone born on a given date will have the same Moon-Sun Return chart with the MC being within +/- 7 degrees of their correct-if-known birth time.  We can live with an approximate MC and Asc.

Following her kidnapping, her mother maintained hope that her baby was all right, that whoever had taken her would treat her well.  She kept up the tradition of a birthday party every year, praying for her return.   The baby was taken to South Carolina, 175 miles up the eastern coast of the United States by a Gloria Williams.  She had arranged for false identification and had used nurses clothes to enter the hospital and kidnap a little girl.  Ms Williams lived and worked in Walterboro as a Social Worker.  She raised the little girl and provided a normal life for the child.  Following is the birth chart for Jacksonville, Florida


Kamiyah was a full moon baby, the Sun in mid-Cancer, the Moon in early Aquarius.  Since the birth chart is untimed, we can only look at the planets and their aspects.

  • Sun opposite Moon: One’s self-interests are often compromised by emotional issues requiring one to develop maturity and balance earlier in life.
  • Moon conjoining Neptune: High sensitivity, emotionalism, being deceived easily by your own feelings, artistic and dramatic inclinations.
  • Moon square Saturn: A classic sign of a structured childhood or of limited opportunities and family struggles that make an impression upon a child.  As an adult, control over emotions is achieved by self-discipline and caution.
  • Mars conjoining Vesta: Great amounts of energy are often expended to gain a goal.  Those who hold-back when angry or challenged have to be dealt with.  Who is ‘real’, who just acts a part, who is not worth the trouble they cause — these are issues to be answered.
  • Mars-Sun-Moon, an ordered sequence: Lends itself to forcefulness and an ability to channel energy to help others.  Conversely, difficulty in being focused and consistent may prevent easy achievements of one’s goals.
  • Jupiter opposed Juno: Not a common aspect, family relationships can involve legalities or questions of honesty and trust.

These fragments of insight appear to fit into the life of Kamiyah in various ways.  At this point in time we know few details of her life.  Those details will be covered later.

The devastated young mother was left without her first child.  That hole in her life was not filled by the ritual birthday cake every year, nor by the consolations of family and friends.  Still, there was hope.

In 2016, and in early January, 2017, tips and leads came together.  A DNA test was conducted.  After 18 years a missing child was found, living as a ‘daughter’ to a Gloria Williams in Walterboro, SC, 175 miles north of her birth place.  Gloria Williams was a social worker who provided a loving home for her child.  When the news broke, Gloria was arrested, and Kamiyah was reunited with her biological family.  The event was both tragic and confusing.  The mother she knew and loved was behind bars.  A very happy stranger was hugging her.  The t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return chart of Jan. 11, 2017 is shown below.


These charts work well with untimed birth charts.  The ratio of Moon-to-Sun movement means that everyone born on a given day has the same chart MC within several degrees.  The birth time is of less consequence.  Here we find many interesting patterns that will affect this two week period of her life.

  • t/Moon-n/Sun at the MC:  Kamiyah’s life status and image will be of foremost concern to her.
  • t/Pluto on the IC, opposite t/Moon, n/Sun:  Powerful forces will bring change and disruption, ending a life phase, starting a life phase.  With t/Sun nearby, she will be making key decisions for herself.
  • t/Sun in 4th square t/Jupiter-opp-t/Uranus:  Excitement and new opportunities will have to be dealt with.
  • t/Part of Fortune (PoF) conjoins n/PoF:  Technically in the 6th house, but just as likely close to the Descendant, change and chaos will result from relationships in her life..

These are the angular planetary placements, the only ones we initially assess to grasp the chart and the period’s meaning.  Three days later her life would change, her ‘mother’ arrested, her biological mother coming into her life.  This would be Jan. 14th, 2017.


On this date three powerful planets come to the chart’s angles.

  • n/Sun at the MC:  Kamiyah will deal with her self-interests and life’s goals.
  • t/Pluto on the IC:  Powerful changes can reshape her life at this time.  Others will bring or cause these changes.  (This is an outer planet, others are often the ‘agents of change.’
  • t/Uranus is on the Desc.:  Developments involving others will suddenly arise bringing excitement into her life.
  •  . . . and, t/PoF conjoins Ceres:  Ceres represents parent-child relationships, major life cycles and milestone moments.

This will be a day to remember.  The PoF represents the Moon-to-Sun relationship.  Sun in the 4th house of new starts and family affairs, Moon in the 11th house of community and support from others.  This mirrors the wider community of legal, health and enforcement officers whose joint efforts resolved this 18 year charade.

Gloria Williams, the kidnapper, was arrested.  Kamilyah found her self being hugged by smiling strangers, her biological parents.   It was a confusing situation for this 18 year old girl.  Her ‘mother’ was arrested — they had a most brief farewell.  A new set of parents was on the scene with smiles and questions.  She was undergoing confusion and the need to deal with quick adjustments.  She would be taken from a long-familiar home and community setting to a new and unfamiliar place.

In this context we can look again at the Advanced chart and better appreciate what the chart shows us.  Natal Sun at the MC; her self interests and core character would be on display and lead her towards choices and a public role.  Transiting Uranus and Ceres at the Desc. angle speak of change and excitement (Uranus) relating (Descendant) to parent-child relationships (Ceres).  Transiting PLuto at the IC relates to total change and upsets in her life, an abrupt ending and a forced-upon-her new start in life.  And don’t forget that transiting Part of Fortune.  Many astrologers ignore this symbol of the Moon-Sun relationship and where it can express itself.  Here it contacts natal Ceres, the natal mother.  The ‘doubled up’ symbolism of transiting and natal Ceres should not ever be understated.

This is an exciting chart to examine relative to the story behind it.  I cannot stress enough that all astrologers have a great source of study material at hand when using their local news sources.  The chart symbolism here is so strong that the use of simple keywords and short phrases clearly describes the day-by-day situation of the subject.  Astrology can be simple, easy, quick to grasp — and most of all, fun.  Dave.






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