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The local news sources often publish stories that touch us deeply.  This is one such story.  It is also any example of how we can use ‘un-timed’ chart data to study, learn and practice astrology.

This is part of Demarlon Thomas’ story, a story that ended for him at age 31.  Demarlon had been involved in selling dope for a local distributor in the Saginaw, MI area where he was born, grew up, and died.  When caught, he was sentenced to prison.  After serving 8 years, his sentence was commuted by former President Obama just before Thanksgiving, 2016. Demarlon was sent to a half-way house where he was to stay and learn how to move back into full civilian life.  He was due to resume that life in March, next month.  On the evening of Jan. 23rd, armed men entered the half-way house where he was staying, gathered the residents in the living room under gun-point, and executed Demarlon.  They left.  No others were harmed. 

I will use a “noon” chart to construct a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return and Advanced chart for this shooting.  As I have said, so many times, these Moon-to-Sun Returns are ideal charting tools for untimed births.  The daily-rate-of-advance for the Moon is some 13 degrees, the Sun’s rate of advance is 1 degree at most.  This ratio means that the Moon can transit the Sun’s position, no matter where it is in that single degree of daily travel, within two hour’s time.   On average, within an hour’s time if the actual birth time was known.  This means that the “noon” chart’s MC position will be within a half-sign or 15 degrees of correctness.  

So, let us see how this works out.  Below is Demarlon’s t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return for Jan. 15, 2017.


This is a fifth house Return; normally related to creative thinking, sports, children and the pursuit of love or challenges of a physical nature, and of gambling.   In this case, none of that fits.  We need to note n/Sun-t/Moon-t/N.Node opposes t/Palas-t/Neptune-t/Venus-n/Moon.  All of this is interesting, but first let us look at t/Sun and the two Moon’s.

  • n/Moon is where and how we are likely to react, what we fear, how change affects us, to whom we empathize, etc.
  • t/Moon shows were change is coming from.
  • n/Sun is our life-style, view of the world, intentions and attitude.

“Full Moon” people have to contend with these issues each month.  They also have to contend with t/Moon-n/Moon opposite n/Sun each month.  In the first case, the logic and intentions of their life at that period are likely to face emotional changes and changes due to past events.  In the latter case, the two Moons opposing the n/Sun point to others emotional actions causing confusion for them.  In either case, one can be uneasy at these times.  Let us look at the angular factors.

  • n/Node-n/PoF at Asc.  In Return-Advanced charts the N.Node represents ‘others and associates.’  The Part of Fortune (PoF)  represents ‘chance and change.’ Together we see this associating with those who will bring chance and change into your life.
  • t/Sun-MC;  Either yourself or others having/taking authority over you will act so as to influence your life’s goals or status or reputation.
  • n/Vesta-t/Vesta angular at IC and Desc.  This indicates a strenuous work environment or challenge, a situation where you are required to focus all of your attention and efforts on achieving a goal.
  • n/Venus-n/Ceres-n?MC-4th opposite  n/Jupiter-10th;  Feeling supported and helped by virtue of a commutation and a place in a transition house seems to promise opportunities for you.
  • n/Saturn-7th;  A period when a taskmaster seems to be on your shoulder.

So, here we have a relatively young man who has had a long prison sentence commuted by the President of the United States and has been place in a ‘safe’ transition house so as to better prepare him for the life he wants to live.  Is he happy?  Oh, yes!


On the evening of Jan. 23rd, gang members arrived at the transition home, placed everyone in the living room under an armed guard, the others went upstairs to find Demarlon Thomas.  They executed him in his room.  Why?  Those answers have not yet emerged.  He wasn’t killed in prison.  One can surmise that another gang member who was arrested at the same time felt that Demarlon was responsible or gave testimony that implicated others.  In any case, BANG, he was dead.  The gang departed, hurting nobody else.

The MC had advanced from 18 degrees to 27 degrees Aquarius in those eight intervening days.  This brought n/Venus to the IC, opposite t/Sun.  n/Venus-IC is often found in this type of charting when the events relate to death.  It is as if Venus is playing a role in how one balances out the good and bad of life and can harmonize with the spirit world.

In Advanced charts we also look for the t/Moon and t/PoF, especially when the angles are not positioned at/near an angle.  t/Moon-n/Uranus-7th house; Others will bring sudden and surprising changes into your life.t/PoF is at six Aries  with no direct, major aspects.  He was killed in the early evening, some 7 or 8 hours later.  In that time, the t/Moon and the t/PoF would move some four degrees (relative to the chart time of 12:38 PM).  This would put the PoF close to the midpoint of the Asc. and MC — known as the “here and now” factor.  Given that we are working with a “noon” birth chart and a close-but-not-accurate-MC, this is pretty exact.

The point of this exercise is to demonstrate that the local news can bring interesting stories to the astrologer.  The astrologer is, in turn, able to find solid interpretive meaning in these “noon-based-charts.”  You cannot do this with many other charting methods !
















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