Finding “charts” in the daily news

MItch McConnell

The above face is familiar to many U.S. citizens; admired by some, reviled by others.  This is Mitch McConnell, Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate and a highly partisan and effective politician.  On Feb. 7th, 2017, he invoked an ancient Senate rule that makes it wrong to impugn another Senator on a personal level.  Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren was doing just that.  Decades ago a current Senator, Jeff Sessions, had been nominated for an Attorney General position.  The wife of Martin Luther King had written a scathing letter pointing out Session’s racist views and efforts to suppress the black vote.  Warren was reading that letter in an effort to make her point that Sessions, now nominated for U.S. Attorney General, was still, if not even more, unqualified and wrong for that post.  She was forced to sit down and be silent by the invocation of this old rule.  Mitch McConnel was once again demonstrating his partisanship and absolute control over the politics of the Senate.

We can pull stories like this out of any of the multiple news sources available to us, and then study the charts to learn more about astrology or to better understand the process by which others follow their life path.  This is particularly true when only the birth date and location are known and the birth time is not available — as is the case here.

The use of “noon” charts when working with t/Moon-to-n/Sun Returns is quite doable.  This is due to the nature of the chart’s conception.  The Moon moves so fast on a daily basis compared to the slow Sun, that if we use a “noon” chart several mathematical facts become obvious.

  • The transiting Sun will only move a half degree in either direction for that date  if the actual birth time was known.  This applies equally to the NATAL SUN; it can only be a half-degree away from its actual position if the birth time was known.
  • The transiting Moon covers a half-degree of arc in one hour’s time.  That equates, in terms of chart movement by the MC, to only about 7 degrees of MC movement.  The resulting Return chart for a “noon” birth will be acceptably close.

Now the charts of Mitch McConnel for this date when he was trying to assure the passage of approving several nominees of the new President, Donald Trump, was not unusual from many other days.  The Senate is a snake-pit of changing positions, issues and gross manipulation of the facts and public announcements.  But, we can still learn much from the charts.


On Jan. 29, 2017 McConnell had a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return in the 8th-9th house.  We can see this as a 9th house position of debate or an 8th house position of shared interests. What is interesting, to me, is that this position is conjoining the t/South Node.  This S.Node position suggests that he will manage things “his way” and not take into account the interests of others.  Note the planet positions carefully in this chart as the placement of the symbols is skewed to allow them all to fit into the space available.

Note also t/Mercury-Desc. (the speaking of another) conjoining t/Pluto (the upsetting and disturbing nature of things) which describes the intensity of those speaking for and against the several nominees of the President. Now, note t/Mars-MC opposing n/Neptune-IC.  Everyone in the Senate was on the attack and the basis for each attack was not always clear or high-minded in nature.

Since this is a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return, we need to look at the transiting Sun as well.  t/Sun conjoins n/Mercury and opposes t/PoF and n/Chiron.  A complex pattern.  We might say that McConnel will recall and use the rules covering verbal addresses to cause change that will ‘adjust’ what is said — or, in this case, what is not to be said.

OK, let us now look at the Feb. 7th chart whein so much took place in the Senate.


As I said before, the somewhat shocking nature of McConnells actions on this date are not that earth-shaking in the context of how this institution is run on a day-by-day basis.  So, there is nothing overly dramatic in this chart.  But, the chart does reflect the events of the day.  On Feb. 7, 2017, McConnell’s Advanced chart shows the following:

  • t/Vesta is on the Asc.; Vesta is highly focused, signifying a workaholic approach to how he runs the Senate.  t/Pluto is opposite t/Vesta; others will be perceived as being disruptive to how he runs the Senate.  This is amplified by these two forming a T-square with t/Uranus in the 10th.  The nomination of Jeff Sessions for Attorney General was going to be very close.  Every vote was needed.  Any rebellion (Uranus) had to be squashed.
  • t/Sun-n/Ceres opposite n/PoF.  Someone else’s intentions (t/Sun) was to cast an image from the standpoint of being “the great mother” and keeper of milestone events (Ceres) as represented by Senator Warren.  Warren is one of most dramatic and outspoken members of the opposition party.
  • Since n/Ceres is involved with t/Sun, let us look at t/Ceres-n/Moon in the 10th:  The words of the ‘great mother’ (Ceres) can represent Warren or of Coretta King, wife of Martin Luther King, and her letter which was being read to the Senate.
  • t/PoF trines n/PoF.  This is a broad trine but the PoF moves so fast (13 degrees/day) that the trine is appropriate.  McConnell can manage upsets and challenges.

So, here we are.  An interesting chart that reflects the situation of the day.  History may not be changed by these events, but who knows what a nominee will do once in office.  Yet, the chart is instructive in showing how events are portrayed.  We see, we learn, we become more accomplished astrologers.




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