The Blind Sheik & Terrorism


On Feb. 18, 2017, Omar Abdel-Rahman, known as the Blind Sheik, died in prison at Butler, NC.  He was a radical, preaching hatred for many around the world.  An Egyptian by birth, he ended up in the United States through a series of blunders by both Customs and the State Department.  Here in the U.S. he both raised money for extremist groups and produced tapes promulgating terror attacks and giving attack instructions. wtc-1993-bombing-photo-2

Although he never directly participated in a terrorist attach here in the U.S., he was considered a terrorist leader and the instigator behind the Feb. 26, 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center in New York City.  The bombing was set to blow up the underpinnings of the Trade Center.  While great damage was done, the size and placement of the explosive’s truck was not sufficient and placed properly to topple the building.

In this post I will be discussing ‘terrorism’ from an astrological view. We need to have a ‘starting’ time and place for a ‘terrorism’ chart.  That is most easily done by looking for a t/Saturn-t/Pluto conjunction.  Previous to this attempted destruction of a symbol os American Capitalism, such a conjunction occurred on Nov. 7, 1982 at 10:00 PM, cast for New York city.


We can immediate spot the Saturn-Pluto conjunction at 27:36 Libra near the IC angle of this chart.  The Part of Fortune opposes this conjoining suggesting the change and chaos can be carried out by ‘others’ at any time under any conditions.  Squaring Saturn-Pluto is both Neptune and Mars.  This seems like a reunion of the ‘bad guys.’  The Saturn-Pluto conjunction occurs every thirty years or so, the actual interval varies depending upon where in its orbit that Pluto is located at.  Saturn’s sidereal period is some 28 years, so any conjunction with Pluto has to be longer than that.  Saturn’s harshness and Pltuo’s total application of irrevocable power being applied is significant of terrorism-defined.

We can now take a look at this terrorism ‘natal’ (conjunction) chart and the Bombing Chart for the WTC on Feb. 26, 1993, at 12:18 PM.


The Terrorism (Sat-Pluto cycle conjunction of 1982) chart is on the outside, the bombing chart is inside.

  1. Note the close alignment of the Pluto-Saturn chart’s MC with the bombing MC.  This event was very much in sync with the overall terrorism cycle.
  2. t/Mars-t/Juno-Asc. opposite n/Mars-n/Juno-Desc.  This appears as an amazing coincidence.  Since there is seldom a real coincidence instead of a synchronous meaning, let us look more closely at this.  Remember that I had said that the Blind Sheik never directly engaged in a physical attack but urged others to so under his isntructions.  Mars opposite Mars fits with this use of words to promote action.  Juno comes into this through its association with “relationships, being an advisor, having to do with the use of money and the issue of committment.”  The Asc.- Desc. axis makes it all up close and personal.  The placement of the ‘terrorism’ N.Node indicates a seeking of greater support and inclusion into the terrorist’s cause.
  3. The bombing-date chart has t/Jupiter-IC-opposite-t/Venus-n/MC.  on the 5th-11th house cusp-axis.  Jupiter is often difficult (for me, anyways) to interpret.  Perhaps we can say Jupiter represents a big opportunity to seize a chance to disrupt (the opposition aspect) the harmony and peace  of a city or collective society (11th house).
  4. The prior Jupiter-opp-Venus pattern squares t/Uranus-t/Neptune.  This outer planet combination represents the sudden emergence of collective society (or one version of that collective society).  This refers to the ideals and vision of the terrorist community as we see it.
  5. The Bombing charts (inner) MC is conjoined by t/Sun-t/Chiron.  The terrorists intentions (Sun) and goals (MC) reflected their view of being the control or parental interest (Ceres) showing their world of supporters how to deal with the U.S.
  6. t/PoF is close to the IC angle and opposes the t/Sun.  Not all will go well in terms of their intentions for this date.
  7. And finally, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction itself.  Note the opposition by the PoF and the bombing Moon.  The act of rebellion was subject to uncertainty and public reaction.  In fact, the bombing was successful but not in its intention to topple the building.  Damage, lots of damage, but no destruction-of-the-whole.  The quick response of the emergency team both led to the capture of the terrorists and the preservation of the undergound structure holding the buildings up.

In a coming posting, I will examine how this Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart worked with the charts of the 2001 WTC bombing, the attacks in London, France and Spain, and the attack on the U.S.S. Cole in the middle east.  We haven’t explored Solar Returns and progressed daily charts in awhile, and this will be a good time to refresh our practice of using them.






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