Terrorism: The 9-11 Attack


We have looked at the first attack on New York’s World Trade Center in the last post.  That attack featured a truck bomb designed to take out the foundation of the World Trade Center.  In this post we will look at the second World Trade Center attack of Sept. 11, 2001.  Instead of a chart timed for the actual attack, the prior p.c. Solar Return and the PDA (Progressed Daily Angles) chart for that date will be used.  The precession-corrected Solar Return of the 1982 Saturn-Pluto conjunction will be used.  Cyril Fagan’s PSSR (Prog’d Sidereal Solar Return) method — applied to a Tropical zodiac format — will advance that Solar Return to the Sept. 11, 2001 date.  RIYAL for Windows software will be used.  It is more accurate for this work than any of the major software applications available on the market.


The above chart is cast using Kepler and is the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction of 1982, located for New York City.  This chart has been examined in the prior posting and is included here for the reader’s reference.  Following is the 2000 p.c. Solar Return, cast using RIYAL and set for New York City.


Note the slight difference in the ‘conjoined’ Saturn-Pluto conjunction (inner wheel).  This is due to RIYAL’s practice of treating a natal chart (in this case the Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart) as a Sidereal chart cast against a Tropical zodiac.  When precession-corrected from 1982 to 2000, the result is a small modification.  This doesn’t affect the chart accuracy, in fact it is the mathematically correct way of calculation.  For those who want to explore this, go to the RIYAL site and examine the publications there, especially the RIYAL manual.

This chart is notable for n/Saturn-n/Pluto-Descendant-t/Mercury.  News, opinions, travel and conversation about a situation involving devastation and irrevocable change being applied to all things Saturn (building, structures, institutions, conventions, limitations, rules, disappointment, depression, etc).  

The Solar Return Suns are in the 7th house of partners and enemies, self projection and how ‘others’ are seen.  n/Sun conjoins n/Mercury-n/Venus (how we view our surroundings and comforts).

Edited to add:  An important interpretive feature for Solar Returns and Progressed Daily Angles charts is “the CD or Co-Descendant.”  Using the arc-distance from the Asc. to the MC (113 degrees in this case), we can extend that same arc-distance from the MC towards the Desc. angle area of the chart.  This leaves us at a point of 2 Libra.  Why is this point so important?  It places the MC of the chart at the midpoint of the Asc. and the CD point.  We can interpret this as the Asc. (how we act or respond) is dependant upon how our goals and decisions (the MC) is affected by the CD and any planet located there.  The CD point then represents a point of “intrusion” where a planet at that point can modify or change our goals and life-direction.  In this case the CD point at 2 Libra is host to transiting Mars.  Look at what we have!  t/Neptune-MC, t/Mars-CD, cycle/Mercury-Desc., and cycle/MC near the Asc.  Aggression works with ideals and deception to involve a message and travel that will affect our individual actions and response.

S/R Jupiter conjuncts the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction MC.  As I noted earlier, Jupiter is a planet that seems difficult to define-interpret well.    Note that t/Jupiter opposes t/Pluto.  It might be ‘safe’ to state that the Saturn-Pluto Terrorism cycle is ‘ripe’ for a full form of expression.  “The Time Has Come.” 

An ‘away from the angles’ feature is the Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart’s Moon square to t/Saturn.  Being in the middle houses, this ‘dampening-of-public-perception’ factor is not normally included in one’s interpretations.


The Solar Return advances about 1.25 degrees per day.  This rotates the Solar Return chart a full 360 degrees in 9 months, 2 weeks time.  There is a popular essay on the MC-Solar Cycle that has a lot of views in the menu section.  In this case, the Sept. 11, 2001 date is slightly more than 9 months, 2 weeks.  The Capricorn 14 MC of the Solar Return has now advanced more than 360 degrees to Aquarius 6.

t/Neptune is on the Advanced charts MC, squaring the conjunction chart’s Mercury in the 6th house.  Confusion and deception (Neptune) are linked to plans and travel (Mercury).  With 20-20 hindsight we can equate the symbols to the secret plans to take an airplane for use in conducting terrorist’s purposes.  The Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart’s MC is at the Ascendant; the goals and plans of terrorism will be acted upon.

Note that Mars-Mars is in the 8th house.  Again, typical ‘Sidereal’ interpretive practices do not give much emphasis to middle-house placements, only angular houses.

Edited to add:  Again, we need to note the CD point in the chart.  Since this is my own discovery, the software does not provide the CD point for us.  We have to mentally place that where it belongs.  With Asc.-to-MC arc distance being 113 degrees, we extend that same distance from the MC towards the Desc. area of the chart.  Our CD point ends up at 13 Libra — a point occupied by t/Mercury.  So, we end up with Mercury symbolism affecting our reactions to having our goals or life-style changed.  As we know, Mercury represents travel as well as messages.  For the 9-11 terrorists, the message was delivered by a plane crashing into the trade towers of New York city.

Edited to add:  With these charting methods applied to mundane events, it is necessary to have a context to place the chart within.  Unfortunately, with a hidden terrorist agenda, we have no way of seeing ahead of time what that ‘context’ is.  So, we are  typically restricted to looking backward in time after an event.  However, when we are closely following some type of development which is in the news or otherwise known to us, these charts become quite revealing ahead of time.

















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