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Another day-by-day example of how to pull interesting charts out of news headlines.

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DJ Zedd will be presenting a concert on April 3, 2017 as part of a protest against President Trump’s travel ban.  “I try to be somewhat quiet about political issues unless I think it gets out of hand,” Zedd told CNN. “I feel like if there’s a change I can make — there’s something I can do to help — that is when I decide to speak up.”

The charismatic Russian transplant is pictured here.  The April 3rd concert will be promoted by the ACLU and entitled, “Welcome.”  A fitting protest rejoinder to the travel ban.

Lets us look at his t/Moon-opp-n/Sun Return for a few days earlier than the concert.


Before seeing anything else, my eye is drawn to the closeness of the  Return chart’s MC to the natal MC.  Note, that the natal MC is based on a noon chart, the MC could be anywhere in the zodiac’s 360 degrees.  Yet, it is here.  The Return chart’s MC, without regard to the actual natal position, will be accurate within several degrees because of the Moon’s rapid rate of advance in ratio to the Sun’s slower pace.  Everyone born on this date will have a similar MC position in their Return chart.  That said, the chart does indicate that the MC will conjoin the noon-natal-MC in several days after this date.  Keep that in mind.

n/Pluto-n/Asc. is near the Return Asc.  Transformative plans are being made.   t/Mars is at the Desc. angle; Zedd will be reaching out, making his mark on others.  t/Sun-t/Venus is in the 5th house indicating a creative effort, a fun event — for him, a concert.   The t/Moon-opp-n/Sun in the 10th indicates a cyclic theme of making a statement, measuring up to one’s image and reputation.

t/PoF and t/Jupiter conjoin n/Venus in the 12th house of the chart, indicating his taking an opportunity (Jupiter) to make a change (PoF) by bonding-influencing (Venus) others.  This is the purpose of the “Welcome” concert.  Let us look at the concert date chart.


We can see that the ‘noon-natal-chart’ MC is conjoined with the Advanced chart’s MC.  This normally suggests a life-inflection point.  If we also look at t/Ceres at the Desc. angle we are reminded that Ceres often marks a major life cycle point as well.  Now, note the t/PoF at the IC; another “chance and change” indicator.  THIS CONCERT WILL BE BIG.  A huge success.  Wi;th both the natal and transiting North Nodes lining up with the vertical axis of the chart, a lot of public opinion and energy will be released on this date for those attending, listening and following this concert and the music world.  If there is any court challenge and ruling likely to occur after this event, I’m sure the event will have some influence on public opinion and perhaps the court’s rulings.

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