Trump & Merkel; Not Quite Friends

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oAngela Merkel of Germany visited Donald Trump at the White House on March 17, 2017.  Up until this point Trump had a history of not putting his best foot forward, so to speak, with leaders of foreign countries, never mind our close and valued allies.  Not to abort his record for this event, he made comments prior to March 17th and followed up later with more comments.  Perhaps his greatest negative moment came when he passed on the mandatory handshake at the pre-meeting photo opportunity.  Awkward, to say the least.  He ended the day’s meetings at the afternoon press conference where he made a crude remark about his claimed wiretapping by the Obama administration giving him something in common with Merkel (who had her phones tapped by U.S. spy networks.  Merkel just looked at him in disbelief.

Later, remarks about NATO being carried by the U.S. and the allies defaulting on their share of the costs only revealed Trumps lack of knowledge about how NATO is run and financed.  All in all it was a ‘bummer’ of a meeting.  I thought I would share the Advanced charts for both Merkel and Trump (both relocated to Washington, DC).


Merdel’s Moon-to-Sun Return (6th house) of March 8, 2017 has been advanced to March 17, 2017, the date of the meeting at the White House.  A sixth house Return indicates work to be done, adjustments to be made, dealing with an uneasy place and situation.  Note Merkel’s natal MC-Uranus-Sun in this 6th house setting.  In Germany this grouping would be in the 2nd.  Here in the 6th it does not bode well for having a firm and open discussion as a leader.  t/Sun is opposed by t/Part of Fortune (PoF), not a sign of a predictable meeting of the minds.  Merkel’s n/Sun opposes n/Chiron.  Here in this day’s chart, t/Sun and t/Chiron are traveling together.  We might choose to see this as meaning that n/Sun-opp-n/Chiron (seeing a need to adjust or fix things in others) now has to deal with t/Sun-t/Chiron (dealing face-to-face with the problem).

Merkel’s daily MC-t/Moon demands some public support.  I believe she got that from a perplexed American public, just not from the fearless leader himself.  Given that the two Moon’s, natal and transiting, are squaring each other, it is tough to sort out who is cheering for who.


Trump’s t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return (8th house) of March 5, 2017 has been advanced to March 17th, 2017, and is shown above.  His n/Mars-n/Asc is in the 10th house, he sees himself as being in charge of this meeting.  t/Mars is at the Desc. angle; he will take charge of any exchanges.  Trump’s Mars is expressed in an assertive manner, he will not be gracious on this occasion.  With Ceres at the IC angle, this will be a milestone event, more like a tomb-stone event.  It is hard to imagine that Merkel left the D.C. area with happy memories of a warm meeting.  Her own n/Mars, as a sense of her presence and command, has t/Saturn conjoining it.  Instead of patience, and slow progress, it seems that astrologically she felt highly hampered and rebuffed.

Trump’s t/PoF conjoins his n/Mercury, squares his t/Mercury-t/Venus.  Clearly, he did not shown much charm on this day.  This t/Mercury-t/Venus is opposed by n/Neptune, so it appears that Trump’s mind was not on this meeting.  As we know, there was a great deal happening during this period — the health care bill was under fire, there was a campaign rally being held to shore up his public image, he was being battered by the press over his crazy claims about wire tapping, and Congress would soon take up hearings on the whole question of intelligence examinations into the campaign and Russia’s involvement.

These charts are presented merely to show how they can mirror events.  Other than a poor political and social performance from one who should be able to do much better, this is not overtly and immediately earth-shaking.  However, it plants more seeds of distrust and dislike that could have easily been avoided.  A distinct lack of tack and misunderstanding of how to be President is evident.  We will have to hope that the German’s are more mature.





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