Paris Reacts to Shaking Bananas

In early October, 1925, Paris went crazy over the young American girl who danced the Charleston and other jazz dances clad only in a skirt of bananas.  The energy and personality that went into her dancing took the city by storm.

J. Baker banana costume photo

The photo at the left provides the picture that Josephine presented.  Below, I is a short posting of a U-tube video of her dance.  Paris has always had its bawdy side, risque shows and gentlemen’s parlors.  Yet, this dark and energetic dancer seems to have taken voyeurism and entertainment to a new level.  Josephine’s shows were sell-out affairs.  Later, when she moved her show to Germany, the same wild acceptance occurred.

Our first chart to examine is a t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return in the 10th house of career and goals. This is good.  Two issues need to be noted. t/Moon-conjoins-t/Juno which can be seen as a commitment to freedom and a love for her art-dance that she feels strongly about.  t/Moon also squares n/Saturn, indicating a desire to break with tradition and form.


 Angular is t/Neptune-Asc in a ‘paran-square’ with t/Venus-IC.  This is most indicative of a dramatic-theatrical action involving a new display of art-talent.  Note that the t/Part of Fortune (PoF) will contact t/Venus on this day (it moves at the same rate as the daily Moon).  ‘Chance, change, excitement’ will be part of her show.  n/Venus trines t/Venus; always a good omen for an artistic venture.  Note that n/Neptune conjoins n/Venus.  We have a ‘doubled up’ Venus-Neptune pattern which forms the main theme of this return chart.  We can forget about any other consideration.  This is what Return and cyclic charts are all about — we focus on the angular planets.  All else is secondary.

JB photo

Josephine opened to a sold-out house and every night after was sold out.  Tickets were difficult to get.  Josephine had a ‘jungle’ theme dance, she danced jazz and the popular Charleston.  All were done with great energy.  She was not above making faces, stopping and strutting about, even performing nude.  She quickly became both a millionaire and the toast of the town.

The chart below is her Return chart advanced from Sept. 23rd to Oct. 2, 1925.  The Ascendant has advanced a few degrees past t/Neptune.  t/Venus is still within two degrees of the advancing IC angle.  The t/Moon is entering the 9th house and has opposed t/Sun — this is now a full Moon.  Everybody passions are stirred up.  

I have just had to reinstall my astrological software and apologize for not having set up the charts to show the natal MC and Asc.  Both are very critical in this chart.  The relocated-to-Paris n/MC (26 Leo) is at the Asc. angle.  The relocated-to-Paris n/Asc. (12 Scorpio) conjoins t/Saturn near the IC angle.  Josephine is acting out or experiencing her career goals, dancing in Paris.  Her hard work and discipline (Saturn) has brought her to this new start and opportunity (IC angle).

In the last posting I commented upon n/Ceres-Desc. and n/Juno-MC in her Paris located natal chart.  In this advanced chart we find n/Ceres near the MC.  We find n/Juno near the Asc. angle.  

Juno and Venus, both angular in this chart, have a natural affinity to each other.  Juno is a ‘committed love’ while Venus is a ‘sensual, acquisitive love.’  Juno is said to have a linkage to money, as does Venus in a lesser sense.  Venus is more about having enjoying what money can buy, or other desireable things.  Juno has a sense of being more business-like where money is concerned.  Together, these two argue well for the financial success of her dramatic nightly presentations.

n/Ceres, in this chart, has links to t/Saturn (opposition) and n/Saturn (sextile).  t/Ceres is linked to t/Saturn (square).  When the non-personal planets link to Ceres, the mother or parent-child nature of Ceres becomes somewhat ‘occupational.’  Ceres works to nurture projects and skills such that they substitute for children.  Josephine poured herself, her whole self, into her art, her love of expression and need for recognition for her art.  Remember that in her natal chart it was noted that the Moon’s phase relationship to the Sun suggested that she needed to fight so as to establish her own identity.   It was also noted that her mother objected to her leaving home to pursue a dance and show-business career.  Josephine was going to show everybody that she could succeed.

So, in this post we have explored Josephine’s rise to sudden fame in Europe, and we have learned a bit more about Ceres and Juno.  In future posts I will endeavor to explore more of these small-body members of our astrological sky where appropriate.  If you know of a favorite public-person who has an interesting chart with one of our smaller worlds playing a role in their life-expression, drop a comment and we can all share in examining that chart.







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