You Can’t Ignore Martine Le Pen, Can You?

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Le Pen has had good ratings in the polls but has been, seemingly, discounted as not being able to reach enough of the vote to at least make the top two having less than 50% of the upcoming election on April 23.  Ah, we forget that the world turns smoothly but that the subject of politics does not turn smoothly.

Consider the events in Sweden where those who had been asked to leave the country did not do so and have now committed terrible acts of violence there.  Even the peaceful Swedes are upset of the events that those who have taken up residence in their country have betrayed the hospitality offered them.  For most citizens, those who come to join their ranks as fellow citizens should assimilate and adopt the broad cultural aims of their new country.  Yet, for both good and bad reasons, many cannot or do not fully take on their new citizenship.  Instead they continue to live as detached visitors.

It is possible that these and related issues will play into Le Pen’s election process over the next week or so.  Let us look at her April 4th debate chart and then at her later chart for April 23rd.


The horizontal axis has t/Neptune-Asc. opposite n/Jupiter-Desc. and can suggest a reaching for a dream quality.  This opposition pattern is squared by the t/PoF on the 3rd house side of the IC, indicating that communicative-related issues (words spoken or received) will have a ‘hit or miss’ quality.  Yet, t/Sun (not angular) is in contact with her n/N.Node, showing that her passion and intentions do connect with some.  t/Jupiter has just passed over her natal Asc. at 15 Libra, a point not shown on this chart — I’ll have to correct my software for that.  Transiting Moon opposes t/Pluto, good for each of the candidates in transit charts for this date — everyone’s emotions will be more intense and aware of the polarization between the various political factions.

Let us now look at the April 23rd election date for Le Pen’s advanced chart.


In this advanced daily chart for her previous t/Moon-opp-n/Sun Return in the 12th house, we would see the n/Sun-12th and t/Moon-6th orientation as suggesting a theme of “choices” where Le Pen will need to either promote her established self-interests or incorporate new and ‘current’ issues to infuse her message and to appear more relevant.  An ‘old’ message will reach her supporters while a ‘new’ message may reach some voters while losing others.  It would appear that she has to consider this carefully.

This is enhanced, in the chart, with the presence of the nodal axis along the Asc.-Desc. line.  The t/N.Node-Asc. suggests she will include new message elements into her speeches and position for the April 23rd election.  Note t/Ceres near the MC; the great mother, the French homeland, will see Le Pen wrapping herself in a call for nationalism, for upholding the core values of France. 

Transiting Neptune has moved from it’s former Ascendant position, and now appears in its natal Neptune guise at the IC angle of this chart.  This suggests a contrast of moving from the new to the old in terms of messaging.  Consider the nodal axis of the Moon with the N.Node at the Asc. suggesting a reaching out to others with her message.  Conflicts.  Does this mean that she will try to accomplish too much as the April 23rd election nears?  Will her message become less clear?











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