Escaping Prison The Easy Way

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Those readers in the U.S. will likely recognize this face as that of Aron Hernandez, famous National League Football player for the New England Patriots.  The team has won five super-bowl contests, more than any other team — but the last was without the services of one of their stars, Aron Hernandez. Hernandez has been serving time in prison for the murder of a friend who played minor league ball.  Over the past many months, Hernandez has been on trial for the murder of two others in Boston.  He was, a few days ago, found to be not guilty in that second trial.  The photo above is taken from one of many photos of him at trial.  His natal chart is shown below.


This is a ‘noon’ chart, the angles are meaningless.  We can note the close grouping of Mars-Mercury-Sun-Pluto in Scorpio;  Mars will greatly energize the three very closely grouped Mercury-Sun-Pluto.  This trio marks a flexible yet intense will.  He will be open to compromise but will never give up.  He will take what he can, when he can, and not wait for later opportunities.  While seeming to be non-aggressive, this pattern denotes one who will stop at nothing.  We can also take note of other groupings such as Venus-Uranus and Saturn-Neptune which opposes Jupiter, and Moon-N.Node.  Let us briefly touch on each of these groupings.

  • Venus-Uranus points to a love of excitement and surprises, a hope that what one does spontaneously will work out somehow.  
  • Saturn-Neptune is a dour pairing that is little relieved by Jupiter laying opposite in Cancer.  Happiness can be fleeting or tempered by worry or thoughts that distract from the time-at-hand.  In all of his photos. Aron is always looking sideways for something else, seldom straight ahead.
  • Moon at the N.Node points to a need for assurance and support from others close by.  Aron had friends, other than his team mates that he hung around with, friends from a sullied past who did not fit with his then-current role as a successful football player.

We will now look at his t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return for April 12, 2017, one week before his final act in life.  This chart is set at the prison in Shirley, Massachusetts.


For noon charts, the use of Moon-to-Sun Returns will provide a workable MC and Asc. angle chart.  Everyone born on this birthdate will have the same chart with angles that are within 7 degrees of accuracy if we used a timed chart rather than a noon chart.  That is what makes this charting method so useful.

t/Moon-n/Sun in the 11th has a generic theme for common everyday events that reads as “contributing to joint ventures having a public benefit.  Training others, supporting creative efforts . . . teamwork . . .changes in the financial structure of a career  . . . including others in the community.”  Clearly this theme that was slanted to typical everyday life is not at all appropriate to Aron Hernandez in prison or for the suicide of a week later.  

I note t/Sun in the 4th house indicating a completion and/or a new start.  A few days later he was found not-guilty of a second charge of murdering two men in Boston.  That trial had gone on for several months.  With Sun conjoining Uranus, the final jury verdict came quickly and surprising in it’s outcome.  Many had expected a guilty finding.  After this Sun-Uranus pattern, note the t/PoF opposing the n/Uranus position.  Surprises are expected.

The Advanced chart for April 19th, the date of his suicide by hanging himself with his bedsheets tied to the window bars is shown below.


In this daily Advanced chart we note Jupiter-MC opposite Uranus-IC-square which is a classic “freedom” pattern.  t/Sun conjoins t/Mercury in the 4th near n/Part-of-Fortune; a singleness of purpose that will act spontaneously.   

Now, we have to note Venus at the Asc. and also Venus before the IC.  Why?  Venus, in certain patterns is a reliable death indicator.  Let us look at this more closely.  We noted that t/Sun-t/Mercury (our self, intent, thoughts, plans) conjoins n/PoF.  Now, note that the t/PoF opposes t/Venus; a sudden need to balance things out and to find harmony.  Couple this t/Venus with n/Venus at the Ascendant angle, the place where we experience things and act upon them.  All of this interplay between natal and transiting patterns is what I call ‘astrological hopscotch.’  Hopscotch is a children game of jumping from chalked-on-the-ground squares upon one foot to the other foot to reach the end of the several squares in the pattern.
























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