Part 1 of 2: How Two Men Finally Met

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Konrad Reuland was a National Football League player.  Not one of the well known stars of the game, but a strong, healthy and capable player who grew up loving sports.  His early life started in Illinois where he attended school prior to high school.  He loved sports and sports figures, especially Rod Carew.  Like all boys his age he collected baseball cards and followed all the sports teams he could.  He played baseball and basketball.

His family moved to California where he started high school in Santa Ana and played on the basketball team as they won the state championship.KonradReulandinLA His natal chart, relocated to Los Angeles, CA is shown above.   His Jupiter-N.Node-Sun are placed in the 10th, representing his sense of buoyancy, openness to others and strong belief in his goals and life path.   Jupiter squares Neptune, making his attainment of success a story of fluctuation.  Sometimes real, sometimes not so much.  Solid success would be tough to hold onto and nail down.   Moon opposite Uranus (and less so Saturn) points to his response to challenges and proving that the status quo could always be changed.  Mercury squaring Asc.-Chiron and widely square Saturn points to one who always looks to make adjustments and seek constant improvement  In this line of thought, we note Part of Fortune square Mars in the 12th; thoughts turn to action, quiet action that expresses itself as practice and preparation as a means of surprising others with his displayed skills.

Following high school, Konrad went to Notre Dame where he played football for two years.  He transferred to Stanford Cardinal (in California) where he played football in his Senior year.  Following college he played for four National Football League teams, mostly on their practice squads with short stints of actual play.  He played with the San Francisco 49ers, New York Jets, Indianapolis Colts and the Baltimore Ravens.  He completed his active football career in 2016.

Most likely connected to his sports activity, Konrad suffered a brain aneurysm on November 28, 2016.  Our story starts at this point.  Konrad has a t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return on Nov. 24, 2016.  This chart will be one of the most instructive you will see in some time on this site.


Of immediate note is n/MC near the chart’s MC and n/Asc. near the chart’s Asc. angles.  Whenever natal angles realign with Return chart or Advanced chart angles, one can expect a major shift in life’s direction.  This is almost always serious stuff.  

t/Saturn-Desc. opposes n/Asc and t/Asc.; This is not the best news to go along with a natal-angles realignment chart.  When life hands you lemons, you are supposed to make lemonade — a delicious summer drink.  Not so with Saturn.  Especially with natal Saturn close by — Konrad was approaching his first Saturn Return!

Now, with a Return chart we have to keep in mind that the angles will advance and may cause “close to aligned aspects” to become “closely aligned aspects.”  What do we have in this category of “almost exact” contacts?  We have: t/MC to n/MC, t/Asc. to n/Asc., IC to n/Part of Fortune, Desc. to t/Saturn, t/Mercury to n/Saturn, t/Sun-square-t/N.Node.  

The chart already has t/Moon-opp-n/Sun (a condition of the Return chart), t/Moon-square-t/Venus-t/Pluto (which adds complexity to the Return chart).  An eleventh house Return-Sun typically points to community projects, role modeling and mentoring others, among many things.  The square of Venus-Pluto has a sinister note to its presence.  Sinister because Pluto is associated with death, transformation and irrevocable change.  Venus seeks balance and harmony, but is also a susceptible partner when close to Pluto.

On Nov. 28th, Konrad’s Advanced chart brings many of these ‘almost exact’ aspect together — and, he suffers an aneurysm in the brain.  This is a common injury for football players and others who suffer severe battering and hits to the head.  Let us look at this Advanced chart.


Many aspects in the Return chart have become ‘perfected’ in this chart.  Note the two MC angles; exact.  Note the two Asc. angles; exact.  “Life changes on this date.”  Look at the two Part of Fortune symbols; t/PoF moves some 13 degrees each day and will pass over the chart’s Asc.  The chart’s IC angle is within two degrees of the n/PoF.  A ‘doubled-up Part of Fortune’ denotes chaos, chance and change.  

t/Moon will conjoin t/Sun on this date, a new Moon indicates low vitality just prior to a burst of spring energy.  But, at this new Moon point, it is low energy. 

So, what exactly indicates a brain aneurysm in this chart?  I don’t know.  I am not big on medical astrology.  What I do clearly see here is a life-changing condition based on the angular realignment, the upcoming Saturn return, the doubled-up Part of Fortunes, the almost new Moon condition, t/Pluto-squaring-n/Sun.

So, I’ll invite some comments here.  What do you see that would indicate a break in a brain’s blood vein or artery?   The surprising ending of this story will be covered in the next posting.  Dave 














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