Part 2 (of 3 parts, now): How Two Men Met.

After writing out Part 2 of this story, I decided to stretch the story out and make it into three parts instead of just 2.  The following charts for Konrad Reuland are very interesting.  So, the suspense, for most of you, about the second man will have to wait another few days to be revealed. 

KR photo-2

In part one of this posting series we left Konrad Reuland in the hospital on Nov. 28th, 2016\. He was suffering from a brain aneurysm.  This was very serious and the doctors were not able to successfully deal with it.  This still young, and otherwise healthy, athlete clung to life despite the increasingly poorer prognosis by the doctors.  On Dec. 9, 2016 his last Return chart occurred, a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return in the 6th house. 


The sixth house has many meanings including those that pertain to health.  That part of the theme given in my book, Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2, that relates to health is, “Dealing with illness, inability or awkwardness.  Making adjustments.  Visiting (or the involvement of) health professionals.  Food or care services are offered or needed.”  All of this statement applies. 

t/Pluto squares this Moon-to-Sun position, symbolizing the struggle to deal with a transition under extreme conditions.  Since the n/Sun is part of this Return chart’s structure, let us astrologically hop over to the t/Sun.  t/Sun squares n/Mercury and t/Chiron; the interior message and understanding is that ‘adjustments’ are not going to suffice in this situation.  The trine between the natal and transiting Sun’s point to smoothing out this time of transition.

Note n/Pluto on the Ascendant, square the IC angle.  The fourth house of endings holds t/Mars, t/Part of Fortune and n/MC.  Since the n/Part of Fortune (n/PoF) opposes the n/MC, the natal 4th house and chart’s 4th house becomes highly significant.  t/Mars’ energy is contested by the square to n/Mars at 29 Taurus.  The t/PoF opposes n/PoF.  There is a lot of ‘struggle’ in this chart.

Everything came to a conclusion a few days later.


On Dec. 12, 2016 Konrad Reuland died.  t/PoF conjoined n/Sun on this date.  t/Moon conjoined n/Mars on this date.  t/Sun conjoined t/Saturn and n/Saturn on this date as Konrad approached his first Saturn Return.  And, the advancing chart Ascendant was now in close contact (31 minutes of arc) to n/Pluto.  The cosmic clock had sounded the stroke of midnight. 

It is useful to take a moment to review the ‘timing’ of the experiences/events that are suggested in the Return chart.  Which of the following days, when we ADVANCE the Return chart, will an experience/event happen?  For most Return charts and normal everyday life situations, several days within the following 12 to 14 day period may contain ‘triggers’ to some of the angular planets in the Return chart.  In this case a number of interconnected and recombined patterns were all activated on or about this date of Dec. 12th.

  • t/Moon to n/Mars
  • Ascendant to n/Pluto
  • t/Mars to n/MC
  • t/Moon square n/PoF and n/MC
  • t/PoF conjoining n/Sun
  • t/Sun conjoining t/Saturn and n/Saturn

At this point, I am going to add a “Part Three” to this posting series, and drag out the suspense another couple of days.  At that time we will see how the second man entered into this exceptional story.  Dave.









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