Trump: Firing His Way To Innocence?


On May 9th, President Trump fired his FBI Director, Comey.  In previous TV interviews Trump had repeatedly said the he had complete confidence in his FBI Director.  This was believed due to Comey ‘timely’ announcements during the Presidential elections regarding the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails.

Sessions photo

A few weeks ago the U.S. Senate had finally confirmed Jeff Sessions as the Attorney General.  It was believed that Sessions would do whatever Trump asked of him.  Before confirmation, political and public pressure upon Sessions moved him to the point of recusing himself from any actions related to the investigation of the Trump Yates photoelection team.  

Before Session could take up the reins of office, Acting Attorney General Sally Yates had gone to the White House to advise the staff and the President about the past actions of General Flynn.  Flynn had been named as Trumps National Security Advisor.  The information was received but not acted upon for some two weeks.

Over that two week period, news of Flynn’s actions with the Russians was slowly coming to light.  Trump reached a point of being enraged and embarrassed — he did what he does best, he fired Yates Bharara photofrom her position before she could testify before Congress.

Several weeks earlier, Trump had fired the U.S. Attorney for New York who was actively investigating Russian intrusion into the U.S. Election and the hacking of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails and the DNC’s e-mails — all of which were published by WikiLeaks. This Attorney General, Preet Bharara, was very aggressive.  Trump apparently did not want him looking into the electional hi-jinks by the Russians or the involvement of the Trump team.

Comey photo

Comey, shown in the center of the photo at the left, was overseeing the probe into the Trump election team, the Russian involvement, and other undisclosed issues.  The day before he was fired it was reported that a number of subpoenas had been issues and delivered to a number of Trump associates as the FBI’s counter-intelligence (Spy) unit was seen to be increasing the intensity of its investigations.  This apparently rattled Donald Trump

Consider this pattern:  Bharara launched a strong investigation into the election processes and the hacking of Clinton’s e-mails, and the Democratic National Committee’s e-mails.  Comey was investigating these issues also.  Charara was fired by Trump.  Sally Yates as Acting Attorney General had warned Trump about the actions of General Flynn (Trump’s National Security Advisor) which broke the law and exposed him to blackmail by the Russians.  Nothing was done with that information until leaks to the press raised the pressure.  Trump fired Yates.  Then Comey’s group started issuing subpoenas to key Trump election officials and aids.  Trump fired him.

Lets look at the May 9th Advanced chart.


In the interpretive process, I have often noted that two Suns (one natal, one transiting) which are in hard aspect to each other often indicate a clash of minds or difference of opinion.  I thought it would be interesting to take note of the n/Sun positions for several of the key players in the Trump upheaval going on within the nation’s capitol.

First, lets look at only Trump’s Advanced chart for May 9, 2017.  

  • n/Pluto-Asc:  The exercise of power.
  • t/Sun-n/MC:  The making of a decision, setting a goal.
  • t/Moon-IC:  New worries, upsetting news and a changing situation.
  • t/Part-of-Fortune-square-t/Mercury-t/Uranus:  Upsetting news and papers are playing a role in how work (investigation) is being carried out.

This gives us the sense of what could be on the President’s mind on this date.  Now we can look at the positions of the other player’s natal Sun positions.  Comey’s natal Sun conjoins Trump’s natal Moon, opposes Trump’s natal Sun.  Because this Advanced chart is derived from a Moon-to-Sun Return chart, Comey’s Sun is also opposing that Return point — adding great emphasis to his interaction with Trump’s chart.  What should we make of this?

Trump liked Comey very much while he was a candidate.  Comey’s seemingly ham-handed announcements about investigating Clinton’s e-mails really weakened her campaign.  The announcement days prior to the election further damaged her.  How could Trump not ‘like’ Comey?  

Now, after the election, Comey’s team was investigating Trump and really making headway in terms of collecting information from key team members.  At this rate, the whole story would be revealed within months.  Trump was reported to be highly enraged over these developments.  Comey was fired.  However, the investigation will go on.  Will Trump’s pattern of heavy-handedness place a ‘chill’ over the investigation?  What about the House and Senate investigations?  And, finally, what about the media and their unending pursuit of leads, leaks and innuendo?  Trump cannot fire his way to innocence.  Does he think he can intimidate the government?


Edited to add . . .

Comey’s Sun opposite Trumps Sun points to differences of opinion and the conduct of one’s life.  It seems that initially Trump’s Moon conjunct Comey’s Sun was the first hint of how they might get along.  The Moon gravitates to the Sun.  Once Trump was in office and also threatened by the course of events, the opposing Sun’s became more important than the Moon-Sun contact.

Remember that Trumps fear of rejection, of not being the greatest, of being ‘lessened’ in some/any way is what drives his most basic actions.  All of this is behind whatever it is that his election-team did that involved the Russians.  Tramp does have some real personal problems . . . loans from the Russians, money laundering involving some of his overseas properties, lawsuits from private parties whom he can’t roll over.  The question of how much and how long he can hide these unsavory issues has yet to be determined.  Can he fire enough people who are investigating him to bring investigations to a halt?























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