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Some days it takes a lot of work to come up with charts to present and discuss on a blog site.  This may be because nothing in the news inspires you.  Or, nothing in the folder of ‘blog subjects’ where I throw lot of ideas from time to time seems interesting.  Or, like now, when I get hung up on checking something out, spend to much time on it, and realize that I’m ‘overdue’ — even though there is no deadline as such.  This is the case today.  I was experimenting with Trump’s charts and some of the really far-out episodes that have marked his new political career.  

I had just read a book by Megyn Kelly, famous for being a Fox News journalist and show host.  Many of us know her relative to that famous 2015 night in Cleveland, OH when Donald Trump fought with her and later followed up his remarks with the infamous ‘blood everywhere’ retort.  The man has no sense of respect and civility, certainly not the personality to lead and represent a country.   So, I ran a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return chart — wasn’t impressed by the chart.

Well, if he was angry, maybe a t/Moon-to-n/Mars chart would be better — I wasn’t impressed by that chart either.  The Moon-Sun Return reflects how we maintain or restore balance in our life.  Debates, for Trump, are not about balance but about making himself look big, dominating and important.  So, the Moon-Mars Return should have done the trick.  No, he wasn’t mad.  He was being tactical, strategic, seeking to make news and dominate the news cycle.

So, how about a t/Moon-n/Mercury chart, a chart that seeks to show how one is changed and seeks to change things with words, ideas, communication, control.  Donald Trump had a t/Moon-opposite-n/Mercury Return on July 29, 2014 in Cleveland, Ohio, prior to a Republican Party debate hosted by Fox News.   That chart is posted below.


“Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me” comes from a children’s poem.  Actually words can be very powerful, as we all know.  In this chart we have a cycle beginning with the following chart patterns:

  • The natal chart angles are reestablished, n/MC at the MC, n/Asc. at the Asc.; this always suggests a life change, a breakout of what has been the norm when doing t/Moon-n/Sun Returns.  For t/Moon-n/Mercury this is less severe, but it seems to represent crossing verbal lines, setting new tones in communication.
  • n/Part of Fortune-Desc., opposite t/Jupiter, t/Venus, Asc., n/Asc., n/Mars;  this complex pattern shows that Trump will very deliberately use the upcoming debate to dominate his opponents and capture the news cycle.  He will throw all caution to the winds.
  • t/Mercury-n/Pluto;  Words can be powerfully used.  Trump plans on being verbal.
  • t/Mars-n/Saturn;  Mars doesn’t like being limited.  He will challenge the rules.  The trine to t/Saturn seems to be his free ticket to do just that.  Natal Mars is being given support by t//Jupiter; a sort of “greedy grabber” combination.

The debate occurred on August 8, 2015 in Cleveland, OH.  Ten candidates were on stage, the most that the Fox TV staff figured was possible and manageable.  As it was, each would have very little time to argue their case in any comprehensive way.  One of the early questions was posed by Megyn Kelly to Donald Trump about his way of describing and demeaning women — she cited examples and had more to use if she was challenged on this question.  Trump went ballistic, he challenged her, he threatened her, it was a total verbal assault that used up his allotted time.  The debate moved on.  The audience was stunned.  The chart for this night is shown below.


  • t/Mercury-Asc.; this tight contact tells us that words will be spoken, significant words.  t/Jupiter is right behind and close to t/Mercury.  n/Mercury is squared by n/Neptune and opposed by t/Pluto;  Trumps use of words for dramatic effect is a long-practiced part of his life.  Pluto now adds punch and power to how he uses those words.  He threatened Megyn Kelly from the stage.
  • t/PoF-n/N.Node-n/Sun-opp-n/Moon;  Trumps plan is to attack everyone on the stage and any who challenge him.  Standard Trump behavior as we now know.
  • t/Moon-10th-square t/Mercury;  great passion infuses his words.  He sounds angry.
  • t/Saturn-IC-square-n/Mars-n/Asc.-t/Jupiter-t/Mercury;  Trump is following his plan.  As we now know, this is standard political debate strategy.  It has become his standard political defense and attack mode — seldom has a quiet presentation of facts or programs.  Someone is always being blamed or attacked — or someone is always attacking him which, in turn, requires firing back.

Trump had been on a roll all week long.  The performance at the debate, and the threats against Megyn Kelly were part of his strategy.  He upped the pressure the next day by commenting on the news shows that she was very angry, that she had blood coming out of her eyes, out of her — wherever.  People were shocked.  But, not shocked enough to largely rebut his performance.  He was a one-man circus.  The greatest shown in town.  

So, does these chart excursions into other formats interest my viewers.  Most send me e-mails, few ever use the comment feature of this blog site.  However you wish, let me know if you like exploring new forms of charting.  Dave















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