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The most recent post on Donald Trump illustrated how important it was to have the right chart for exploring the issue at hand.  For that posting about the first GOP political debate amongst the Republican Party candidates, when Trump attacked Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, I was wondering if Trump was just doing his typical day-to-day thing (a Moon-to-Sun chart?).  Or, was he angry (Moon-to-Mars), or just emotional (Lunar Return chart?).  It turned out that the right chart for him was a t/Moon-to-n/Mercury Return — he wanted to control the news cycle, be the headliner, dominate the talk show follow up cycle.  Moon-to-planet Returns are useful, but they only cover a few weeks of time — the length of their cycle.

We have a longer cycle charting approach to take advantage of known as the Solar Return.   And the ‘Solar Return’ utilizes the MC-Solar Cycle which is the most read essay on this blog-site. 

Trump photo-1

This suggests to me that many of my readers are interested in Solar Returns.  Given all of the attention I have given to Moon-to-Sun Returns since publishing the second edition of my book last summer, it is time to again give some coverage to Solar Returns.


I primarily use RIYAL FOR WINDOWS for my Solar Return work.  RIYAL is a program created by Juan Revilla of Costa Rica with a bit of help (suggestions and testing) from the many who used his program over the years.  In terms of accuracy and mathematical-concept purity, RIYAL is superior to the other available software in its calculations.  Even though it is not a full-Windows type of graphical program, once you are familiar with it, RIYAL is very easy and fast to use.  It also offers important and highly useful features.

I choose to use a precession-corrected Tropical format.  This permits me to more easily share charts with the largely “tropical” community.  The sidereal astrologers can handle any format, the tropical astrologers — well, not so much.  RIYALs charts let you place the transits in the outer wheel, the natal chart inside, with the Solar Return or the daily charts (called PSSRs) angles governing the orientation of the charts.

Since the Solar Return covers a whole annual period, from one birthday to the next, should we expect each daily-advanced chart to fully represent the events of a specific date.  That would be nice.  For someone like Trump, there are so many processes in play that determine what will come up on a day-by-day basis, so many other people and thier charts, that it seems unreasonable to expect one man’s chart to dominate the events of the day.  We will examine several day’s charts to see how this works out.

We can start with his last annual Solar Return, precession-corrected, Tropical for June 14, 2016, set for Washington, DC. where he resides, sort of, during many of these charts.

Trump 2016 SR-J

This is Trump’s 2016 Solar Return, relocated to Washington, D.C.  Although he didn’t live there at the time of this Return, all of the charts we will examine occurred at this location.  The MC is 28 Aries, the Asc. is 9 Leo, the t/Sun-t/Venus is in the 11th house.  n/Pluto is on the Asc. (natal planets are inside, transits outside).  This is the most angular planet, so the chart keys off of this symbol.  In personal ways, as an everyday expression, Pluto will express itself as “bullying.”  Pluto wants to control, to use overwhelming force to show its presence.  Given that Trumps natal Ascendant conjoins Mars, we should expect this annual period to show us a Donald Trump that is overbearing, outlandish, of strong opinion and intolerant. 

When we find a planet, natal or transiting, to be angular we should immediately look for its counterpart — in this case, t/Pluto — to see what it is doing.  I call this process “Astrological hop-scotching” (after the child’s game of jumping on one foot from one chalked square on the sidewalk to another square).  Although n/Pluto has no direct, hard aspects, t/Pluto does.  t/Pluto squares t/Moon and n/Jupiter, and trines t/Jupiter-t/N.Node.  Trump will attack the public and both attack and sooth the business community and legal system.  We saw all of this contradictory expression play out in the political campaign and the early days of his administration.

His words and conduct outrage/fascinate the public, dividing them along love-hate lines.  He attacked women and Hillary Clinton without stopping.  He berated the media, the way Wall Street Bankers played on the public, health care and taxes.  Once he became President, he reversed himself on most campaign statements.

The MC-Solar Cycle.

Once one calculates a Solar Return chart, one can choose to look at a PSSR listing, such as is shown below.  The list is for the complete annual period, the fragment below is just for what appears on the monitor screen.  The nice thing about this listing is that you can look in the RH column area and see which natal, solar or transiting planets are angular on any given date.  Clicking on the data-line for a selected date pops up a chart.  Simple.  The steps for downloading, setting up, and using RIYAL are provided in the menu choice “Chart Calculations.”

From the following illustrated page I have selected several dates and popped up a chart for each of those dates. 

Trumps PSSR list=J

The first date chosen from the annual date listing is Jan. 20, 2017, Inauguration Day.  The date listing indicates that Mars is at the Desc.  This particular listing is a bit confusing.  Yes, Mars is at the natal Descendant in the 11th house and near the Solar Return Sun position.  The t/Sun itself, on this date, is at 0 degrees Aquarius and the daily MC.  This MC position is 272 degrees from the S/R MC which occurred 220 days prior.  This figures out to be 1.23 degrees per day of MC advance.  As we know, the MC-Solar Cycle causes the MC to advance about 1.25 degrees per day on average.

The January 20th date is highlighted above.  The chart is achieved by right-clicking on the highlighted date on the monitor screen, choosing to have the transiting angles orient the biwheel chart (click on one of 3 choices), and up pops the chart which is shown below.

Trump 1-20-2017 PSSR-J

Note the n/MC on the Asc.!  My book, Personal Predictions, on page 78 gives the following meaning for the Progressed Daily Angle chart’s Asc. & the natal MC:  “This date will, if any angular planets are present, be a time of actions take and decisions made relative to improving you standing in the world, in your career or community, or within your family and personal circles.  It is a “do something” day.  Well, this man who did not expect to ever become President, became the President and was sworn into office.

When using Solar Returns and Progressed Daily Angles charts (based on the MC-Solar Cycle) — which the Sidereal Astrologers call PSSR or Progressed Sidereal Solar Return charts — we need to get used to the idea of having to derive our daily interpretations from the presence of only one or a few angular planets.  However, there are a few other ‘points’ to take note of in these charts.  One point of interest is always the Ascendant-MC midpoint which, here, is at 23 Aries, conjoining  t/Uranus and opposing 23 Libra where we find t/Jupiter and the nearby n/Jupiter!  Combinations of Uranus-Jupiter often seem to be times of celebration and surprise.  Unfortunately this point also squares n/Saturn and n/Venus; pointing to Trumps profound disappointment over the crowd size in attendance at his inauguration ceremony and the inauguration balls held that evening.  He went on for many weeks making wild claims about his crowds being the largest in history when the photos clearly showed they were the smallest in recent decades.

In the next posting several more dates will be examined using the RIYAL listing.  In the course of browsing very recent history we will have the opportunity to review interpretive methods and enjoy the simplicity and clarity of Solar Returns and their derived daily charts.  Dave.



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