Exploring Solar Returns and Prog’d Daily Angles (PSSR) Charts, Part 2

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This series of posting explores the use of precession-corrected Solar Returns and Progressed Daily Angles charts.  Sidereal astrologers refer to these as Solar Returns and PSSRs (progressed sidereal solar returns).  Both the tropical version used here and the sidereal version make use of the MC-Solar Cycle.  The essay offered on this site’s menu is the most popular choice for readers.

I will be presenting two more Progressed Daily Angles charts in this posting for us to consider.  The first took place a little more than a week following Trumps first day in office, on Jan. 29th, 2017.  This daily chart is shown below.

Trump 1-29-2016 PSSR-J

Trump was eager to demonstrate his presidential power.  Two event occurred on this date.  First, he authorized (and it was carried out) a raid on Yemen to obtain intelligence data and kill terrorists.  Second, he was thwarted by a Federal District Court Judge who put his ban on immigration on  ‘hold.’  So, let’s look at this chart.

  • The MC angle has advanced just past the transiting Sun.  The MC and t/Sun will remain close since each advances at rates that are close to each other.  n/Sun-n/Uranus-n/N.Node is in the 1st house; suggesting that Trump’s goals and image will move into an action zone.
  • Natal Pluto is near the IC angle, opposite the t/Sun.  The IC angle will slowly pass out of orb and aspect to n/Pluto as each day comes along.  Playing our game of astrological hopscotch, we will turn our attention from n/Pluto to t/Pluto-t/Mercury in the 9th.
  • n/MC, which was on the Asc. in the Jan. 20th Inauguration chart, has now faded into the 12th house as the Asc. angle moves onward. 
  • Natal Mars-Asc. is deep into the 4th house, giving it some angular credibility.

t/Sun-MC is a time to reach for goals, to establish one’s public image.  With the n/MC now in the 12th house, any actions taken will be somewhat in the background, not part of Trump’s personal efforts.  With n/Pluto-IC, Trump’s personal proclivity to be dominating and in control will be a consideration at this time.  The t/Pluto-t/Mercury will have to do with things signed, conversation, travel, movement  and any control or power that can be exercised over those activities.

Trump’s ordering of a shore-raid in Yemen to gain intelligence and kill terrorists did not go well.  There were far more terrorist-fighters there than had been expected.  The team had to retreat with a loss of life and little of value having been gained.  Not a good result.

Trump’s travel ban was held up by a Federal District Judge.  What has been absolutely needed for security and to protect the country (Trump’s words) was now a dead issue for a period of time.

Trump 2-09-2017 PSSR-J

Trump’s Feb. 9th, 2017 Progressed Daily Angles chart is shown above.  We can note the following:L

  • The natal Uranus-N.Node-Sun grouping has now come to the Asc.   t/Sun is now 5 degrees behind the MC angle, and has no interpretive effect.
  • Trump’s natal Mars-Asc. is now conjoining the IC angle.  This ‘doubles up’ the influence of the Ascendant.
  • n/Moon is at the Desc. angle.  t/Moon opposes t/Mercury from the 3rd house.

Trump’s eccentricities, personality, and manner of dealing with others is all on display today.  He issued Executive Orders seeking to affect the line of succession to the Presidential office, three Executive Orders addressing law enforcement, reacted against the Court of Appeals for upholding the ban on his efforts to stop immigration from specific countries, and reversed his campaign pledge on the “One China” policy.   Putting the One China policy in a questionable status was seen as a ploy to bring pressure on China.  Trump just gave this up.  Some negotiator. 

With the ‘doubled up’ influence of the Asc. and n/Asc. angles, Trump was tweeting and attacking the ‘fake media’ and others for working against his efforts to put a travel ban into effect.  As of four months later, that or any other ban still has not become effective.  The use of Executive Orders seems to be one of the few actions this President feels he can accomplish.  His administration has not learned how to work within the system.  It does not work without the system.



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