Trumps First Weeks In Office, Part 3

Trump photo-1We are examining Progressed Daily Angles charts derived from Donald Trump’s precession-corrected Solar Return for 2016.  These charts are advanced using the MC-Solar Cycle (my term) that was embodied within Cyril Fagan’s method of working with Sidereal Solar Returns.  These Tropical charts are like their Sidereal cousins since they are corrected for the changes caused by the recession of the Tropical Aries point along Earth orbit as measured in the Tropical zodiac.  This photo of Donald Trump was taken at a happier period.

Trump 2-13-2017 PSSR-J

In the above Progressed Daily Angles chart for Feb. 13, 2017 we see that the MC has advanced to 2:05 Pisces.  t/Saturn is just above the Desc. angle, n/Moon is below some 3 degrees.  More importantly is Trump’s n/Mars-n/Asc at the IC angle along with the t/N.Node.  And we have n/Sun-n/N.Node just above the Asc. in the 12th house zone of the chart.  Finally, not so close to the MC, we find t/Sun 7 degrees behind the MC and t/Neptune 9 degrees ahead of the MC — the MC being at the midpoint of t/Sun-t/Neptune.  There is a lot to consider on this date.  So, what happened?  Trump met with Justin Trudeau, P.M. of Canada who epitomizes everything that is different from Trump.  And, yes, lest we forget, General Flynn (Trump’s campaign advisor and National Security Advisor resigned due to the news emerging about his illegal and inappropriate contacts with the Russians.

So, let us examine these factors in the chart, one by one:

  • n/Mars-n/Asc at IC angle, along with t/N.Node:  Trump has established a strong attack-reaction mode when things do not go his way.  The presence of the t/N.Node at the IC suggests an ending/start of a relationship — in this case, the end of a formal relationship that Trump often bragged about.
  • t/Sun-t/Neptune=MC:  We can take this right from Ebertin’s book, Combination of Stellar Influences.  “Being sensitive, weak, ill or impressionable.  A negative out look.  Periods of depression, hyper-sensitiveness or mental and emotional stress.” By this point, less than a month in office, Trump was already being attacked from many quarters.  His tweets were angry.  
  • n/Sun-n/N.Node lie just above the Ascendant:  n/Moon and t/Saturn oppose this pair.  If Trump’s association with another leader (N.Node-Sun) is what he has put on his calendar, that is being counterbalanced by the change in his organizational line-up (Moon-Saturn) due to General Flynn’s departure from the White House.

So, the chart mirrors the events in Donald Trump’s life.  Let us move ahead some 11 days.  The MC has moved ahead 14 degrees in those 11 days, about what we would expect.  So what has changed in this Progressed Daily Angles chart shown below?

Trump 2-24-2017 PSSR-J

The angles have lost their planetary presence!  Only n/Mercury-Asc. is present as an interpretive guide.  n/Mercury is in the natal 11th house, here it is found on the rising degree — the Ascendant.  So, desparate to find something else, we can look for t/Mercury!  There it is at 27 Aquarius, opposite n/Mars-n/Asc., widely opposite t/N.Node.  So, let us break this down:

  • n/Mercury-Asc.;  Communications, talking with others about one’s personal views.  This n/Mercury squares n/Neptune; indicating that Trump’s words do not always line up with truth and clarity but are subject to being misunderstood or dramatized for effect.  We have seen that often, almost daily. 
  • t/Mercury in the 9th house, opposing n/Mars-n/Asc.-t/N.Node:  This is a time to give voice to his views, to do so strongly and to lay out those views for others to share and follow (the opposition pattern).  
  • t/Mars can be taken into account since n/Mars is activated:  t/Mars-t/Uranus is in the 11th house of (political) community, opposing n/Jupiter-t/Jupiter, squaring t/Pluto, and squaring n/Saturn-n/Venus.  Trump is laying out a strong set of views to a friendly political group while creating a conflict involving loss and endings (Pluto) and tough-love (Saturn-Venus).

How did all of this play out in the real world.  Trump gave a strong address to PAC (a friendly group of conservative members and politicians) while deciding to bar members of the Press at the White House who had been very vocal at pushing questions and demanding answers from his beleaguered Press Secretary.  This only exacerbated the war with the Press and media in general.  Chief among those who fought back against Trump was the TV show, Saturday Night Live.  Actor Alex Baldwin had taken to impersonating Trump.  Now Press Secretary Spicer was being characterized also in very derogatory ways.  It seemed that everyone had adopted a laughing resistance to Trump’s political world.  It would only get worse.  

This is likely the end, for now, of an examination of S/R and Progressed Daily Angle charts.  I hope you enjoyed exploring this form of cyclic charting.  Dave. 




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