An Everyday News Story: Depressing, Grim, Instructive

The Internet, Cable TV, Radio, Magazines and Newspapers are full of event-related stories involving people in dramatic situations.  Many of these are fruitful explorations for astrologers. One such example arose the other day.  News concerning a lady officer on the Tulsa, Oklahoma Police Department came to my attention.  Her name is Betty Shelby.  She had been on the police force since 2011.  Her charts and a video of the incident she was involved in are provided.

Betty Shelby photo-1

She and her partner were on patrol September 16, 2016 when they responded to a call concerning a car stopped in the middle of the road which was causing a traffic problem.  They came across a man standing beside his car.  The car was in the middle of a street, its doors open and the motor running.  A man was nearby.  The events immediately after the arrival of Shelby and her partner are in dispute.  The core situation seems to be that the arriving police asked the driver what the problem was.  The answer indicated that the car may be about to blow up, although the reason for that statement was not clearly evident.  The driver was asked to approach the police and to show his hands.  At this point the various views of what happened next become unclear.  The account of the two officers are in conflict with some of the photos taken at the scene.  A hovering police helicopter pilot had his own opinion of what he saw.

What was definite is that Shelby’s partner tased the driver and Shelby shot the driver.  A smear of blood marked the driver’s position near the car’s driver’s door. It was almost three minutes after the fatal shot was fired before anyone knelt down to offer aid or help to the victim.  The police had created one more incident of white policemen shooting an unarmed black man.  Demonstrations and gatherings followed over the next several days.

Let us first examine Betty Shelby’s natal chart.  Her birth was on February 3, 1974.  A “noon” time is used.  The date of birth was found on a court document for her arrest in this incident.  One often has to do a bit of searching for dates.

BSnatalTulsaOK natal chart

Since I will be using t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return chart to follow this incident, the use of a “noon” chart time is quite acceptable.  All those who are born on a given date will have a similar MC position within some 7 or 8 degrees.  This makes the chart “workable.”

Because this is a natal chart with a ‘noon’ birth time, the MC, Ascendant and Part of Fortune cannot be used. 

Of note is Sun square Mars, indicating a brash manner in one’s expression. Couple this with Mercury squaring Neptune, suggesting difficulty in discerning what people say or how they mean what they say.  Brashness, haste, uncertainty, lack of initial understanding. 

Now, let us fold in Moon conjoining Saturn; difficulty in relating to others, slow to react.  With this Moon-Saturn pair conjoining the Moon’s South Node, we have a reliance on training and past practices to guide one’s expression of this pairing.  And then we have Venus square Uranus; distrust of unusual situations that are difficult to assess and to balance conflicting issues.

Note that these ‘statements’ are slanted relative to how one might approach their police duties, not how one would react to a lover or choosing an automobile to buy.  We have several strong square aspects in this chart plus the single Saturn-Moon-S.Node conjunction.  We have no opposition patterns which would suggest a recognition of differences or the need to negotiate.   We have one major trine from Uranus to the Saturn-Moon-S.Node grouping.  In light of the strength of the square aspect patterns and single conjunction we might now reconsider our earlier statements and apply a more difficult set of attitudes toward the basic make-up of Officer Betty Shelby.

A dash-cam video of this incident, plus an overhead video from the helicopter, shows two police officers approaching a vehicle parked in the middle of a road.  A man was walking back towards the vehicle, some 20 feet in front of the officers.  The man reaches the vehicle and stands next to it.  Two more officers approach the other two officers, all of them still some distance from the man.  The man falls to the ground, apparently shot from some 15 or 20 feet away.

The video may be viewed from this link.

The Department of Justice opened an investigation.  An autopsy revealed significant amounts of PCP in the victims system.  Terrance Crutcher, the victim, was known to have a drug problem but he was living a normal life as a father, he had a job, he sang in the choir of his church.  And, while he apparently walked away from the officers who were telling him to stop and place his hands on the vehicle, the video does not seem to show any threatening moves being made.  The distance between the officers and the victim was not close enough to suggest immediate danger to the officers.

At this point, before posting the event charts in the next blog post, it seems that we should look at this natal chart again.  Why was Officer Shelby so quick to fatally shoot Terrance Crutcher from a distance of 15 to 20 feet when no threatening moves were made?   We will examine the event charts in the next posting.







That date was taken from an arrest warrant taken out against Officer Shelby for shooting an unarmed man.


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