Shooter Targets GOP Representatives

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The morning news announced the shooting of several GOP House of Representatives members who were practicing at a baseball park for their charity game with the Democrats, an event held each year.  The shooter was identified as James T Hodkinson, formerly of Belleville, IL.  He recently arrived in Alexandria, adjacent to Washington, D.C.  A security detail assigned to one of the GOP members were both wounded but succeeded in killing the shooter after some ten minutes of gunfire.  We will look at his natal chart, Moon-to-Sun Return and the Advanced chart for this date, June 14, 2017 in Alexandria, VA.


The Moon-to-Sun phase relationship is in the 2/8 Worker Phase (as defined by Dane Rudhyar) indicating a early-life theme of a struggle to be free of the past, to find new ways forward, to strive to become a new person.  Ceres is virtually at the midpoint of Sun-Moon; a need to find ‘support’ while sorting out the masculine and feminine sides of issues.  When these types of tensions are present, a comfortable place in the middle is difficult to find or establish.  Mars has a loose square aspect to the Part of Fortune, inclining him to be a bit unpredictable in his responses.  Mercury opposes Uranus indicating a distrust of sudden developments, a push to mentally consider change as confrontational.  We will leave the natal chart with just these few comments.

Relocating his natal chart to Alexandria, VA, we find that a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return occurred on June 9, 2017, the Sun in the 3rd house.  This is the house of a ‘busy neighborhood’, of activity, talking, people interacting about you.


This is a very intense chart, all angles and angular houses are active.  Note t/Saturn on the IC, with n/Saturn in the first house — a ‘doubled-up’ Saturn indicating that the interaction of the 3rd house Moon-Sun will be negative, not positive.  This man is being judgemental on this date.  Earlier, before the shooting, Hodkinson asked if this practice team was made up of Democrats or Republicans.  “Republicans” was the answer he was given.  

t/Part of Fortune (t/PoF) is at the Desc. angle, conjoining t/Chiron and n/N.Node. Remember my comments on the PoF in the natal chart.  This t/PoF will activate the n/Mars-square-n/PoF tendencies.  We consequently notice t/Mars in the 10th house of self-image and goals.  This t/Mars squares the n/Asc., the n/Saturn, and opposes the n/MC.  He seems impelled to act.  

These few observations tells us the key themes that play upon this man’s mind during this upcoming two week cycle.  Let us look at the Advanced chart for June 14th, 2017.


As background interest, Hodkinson stationed himself along the 3rd base side of the ball field.  He had a rifle.  There were players around that immediate area as well as at third base.  His first shots were directed at 2nd base, much further away.  The GOP Representative at 2nd base was the top ranking member on the field, the Majority Whip of the Republican Party, in line for succession to the Presidential office if a calamity happened.  This fact alone, not yet discussed on the news, seems to indicate his dislike for that party’s politics.  What has changed in these few days since the Return chart?

n/Saturn is more closely aligned to the Ascendant, the Saturn-IC-n/Venus, n/MC at the IC angle, t/Chiron at the Descendant, and t/Mars-t/Sun bracketing the MC.  But, the most explosive factor, to my eye and with my experience in developing this whole interpretive system, is t/PoF conjoining n/PoF.  My book, Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2, page 135, notes in part, “. . . big changes are to be expected.  Chaos. The house position can indicate where and how change is to be experienced.” 

Next, I will point your interest to n/Venus at the IC.  This is a common indicator of “death” for the subject.  While this is not always so (I have seen love affairs start with this position), when the context of one’s actions warrant it, this is a common result.

t/Sun-t/Mars bracketing the MC highlights the subject’s focus and goal on enacting his current will and focus with force.  That force will be sudden (t/Mars-n/Uranus).  Note, in connection with this statement, that t/Uranus squares n/Mars.  In effect, this is a doubled up Mars-Uranus combination and it is very forceful.  This whole chart is bursting with energy.  In these cyclic charts it has been observed that Chiron often seems associated with ‘adjustments.’  Chiron, in natal charts, has been linked to past hurts and injuries that one needs to cope with.  In this case, his early upbringing and his observations (during his adult life) has indicated his dismay and  hurting over political developments.  This is the driving motive behind his choosing to attack the Republicans at the public practice prior to the June 15th charity game.  He was trying to ‘adjust’ the way Republican’s acted.



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